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What do you think about the map selection being polluted with rubbish maps?


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Maps where the cliffs are all straight, maps where the tiberium is in big square blocks, maps that look like a 5 year old made them or someone new to an editor made them, maps that are massively imbalanced in general and for each faction? (a fair amount of my maps fit this criteria ie noobish maps just made for fun)

Should it just be left as it is and only the maps people like will become popular?  

Or should there be some form of quality control? Where the community/mods decide if a map can be uploaded or not?

Im thinking we can easily set a high standard now since there are so many professional level maps but should we ?



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Having better search options would also be good.

2 players, 3 players, 4 players, 5 player, 6 players, 2v1 specific, 2v2 specific, 3v2 specific, 3v3 specific.

mod approved, standard maps, money maps, "the rest"

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I'm pretty sure the client supports both folder-based and name-based search currently, so it's a matter of simple file arrangement. Just slap an 'official' tag on the maps or create a 'CnCnet approved' folder or something. The bigger problem, as was pointed out in other threads, is the actual selection.

This is also one of the topics that regularly come up and find no real solution, but yes, the system where everybody can publish an infinite number of maps and variants thereof is indeed turning out to be a bad option. Maybe have the client keep 'approved' maps up and clear the custom folder once in a while like a cache, IDK.

Also, the fact that maps get crazy names when downloaded in the CnCNet folders doesn't help with the manual weeding out of unnecessary ones.

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