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Badgebomb's Map Pack Version 4.0 (little fix)


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Version 4 Map Pack!


Version 4 of my map pack is now completed with 4 brand new maps! :D.

You are free to try my map pack all you need to do is extract the zip file into your C&C95 directory and your set for playing this map pack

If anything is wrong, feel free to tell me and I'll try to fix any problems.


Thank you for your kind patience and have fun :D


Maps list:


Cold Fight(6P) (New)                         [scm152ea]

Close Encounter in the Snow{6P}        [scm153ea]

Mountains of Tiberium{4P}                 [scm154ea]

Final Fronteir{2P}(Modified)                [scm155ea]

Tournament Map{2P}                        [scm156ea]

Desert Control{4P}                           [scm157ea]

Imitator{4P}(New)                            [scm158ea]

One Last Chance(4P) (New)                [scm159ea]

Team Work(6P) (New)                        [scm160ea]




I had edited some of the maps making them slightly different , but they look the same only that some have more Terrian objects and eliminated the GDI buildings in one of the maps












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Yes, I have to agree with Tore there.


Your maps are getting better as they go on. One thing I must note is you should put more detail in your maps, such as dirt, trees, and other things such as roads. It would give the map a whole finished feel to it.

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I just realized scm155ea uses Multi1. You kinda can't do that... it means a player gets those buildings at the start.


Not to mention, these Nod units in the base will immediately pulverize the most northern player. All armed units put on a multiplayer map, including civilians, will immediately attack the most northern enemy.


Also, I'm fairly sure the civilians count as enemies, meaning they have to be killed before the game finishes. And they're kinda sealed off.

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