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New map, any flaws imbalances or things that could be improved on would be cool to hear.

The map has a hidden subliminal message.





Makes for an intense 1v1 even tho it wasn't meant for that

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7 hours ago, AchromicWhite said:

The spacing between the fields looks good, actually. I imagine this map to be very aggressive.

Reminds me a lot of the balls map you made. The one where people start in the middle together.

You are absolutely right, bikes flamers, grenadiers and barracks knocking at your door all game, very aggressive, very hard map to play.

Yes balls and green acres are closely related in terms of how ive tried to  balance it and for the maps play style, I wanted to make sure troop use was not just part of it but a fully integrated feature (how it should be no more injustice style from me), along with  base creeping, so the gaps allow for refineries etc to be fit between them from any direction, well observed!

Thanks guys for all your help it  is very much appreciated, will try and give back!!




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