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C&C: Red Alert - A Path Beyond GAMMA [Release]


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On April 9th, 2011 finally after 2 and a half years an updated version of APB has been released to the public. Players and whole communities worldwide have awaited a long time for this GAMMA release. The older BETA release which stayed online to the public has had a lot of bugs and glitches for many years.


With that current GAMMA release, those have been erased and supports a fixed network code as well. You are able to play it without any lags, crashes and/or frame losses and will have an online ping of ~60 instead of ~240. Also it brings a better texture patch, new sounds and new animations for playing. All multiplayer maps have been converted into latest standard with new landscapes and better vegetation. Also you will find additional multiplayer maps and updated structures as the Advanced Power Plant and more. You will have a lot of new ingame features and advanced options, too. Have you got an 1080p (wide)screen monitor? No problem! It finally supports resolutions up to 1920x1080 pixels.


What else?


For those of you who dont know this free standalone mod, here is a quick explanation:

It began as a mod for EA's First Person Shooter C&C: Renegade and inverted the Tiberian Dawn universe into the Red Alert universe. You were able to fly Allied Longbow Apaches and Soviet HINDs instead of GDI ORCAs and Nod Apaches and to drive Destroyers and Submarines in water as well. It converted Nod's Obelisk into a Soviet Tesla Coil etc...


Later the modders as a new modding crew founded the Bluehell Productions. They released a standalone mod within a contract with EA (am i right? lol). So you didnt need to buy C&C: Renegade anymore to play the APB mod. The Bluehell Productions have updated the mod since today and will continue to update and upgrade it for future. They plan to include flying MIG's, Yak's and other missing stuff as structures like the Chronosphere and Iron Curtain into this "game" which you can finally fly, drive and enter.


All i can say is now: "Check this awesome FPS Mod now!"

IMHO it is the best FPS mod which has ever been released on this planet, if you are a C&C fan. Here is the stuff to get it now:



C&C: Red Alert - A Path Beyond GAMMA - An earlier YouTube Trailer by Bluehell Productions


Download & Homepage: http://www.apathbeyond.com/

Faster Download: http://apb.game-maps.net/index.php?act=view&id=359

The APB community and server provider: http://forums.mp-gaming.com/

Online Ranking and Ladder stats: http://apb.mp-gaming.com/ (Only works on MP-Gaming Servers!)





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Welcome back N3t!


I tried out APB Gamma and I lagged even more than on the former release of APB. In addition the game looked more pixelated than the earlier version of APB. I might have done some configuration errors though.


As for game-maps.net having a faster download of APB was untrue in my case as the official download was 100 KBps faster (1300 KBps vs 1400 KBps). This off course depends on your location in the world.


And old news...16 days....

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thank you and for the rest of your message: right!

you need to setup correct configurations for APB, also to launch and restart the game after setting those.


About the download: truly, it depends where the server's location is and how much traffic they need. Hm, about the lag.. no comment.

CU later and/or ingame.


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Hey Net, welcome back, nice to see you still 'around'! Just on a side note; can you take down all your old CNCnet youtube videos? They are for the old version and can probably be quite confusing.



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Hi Ladies & Gentlemen.


I have openend a new Steam Group for C&C: Red Alert - A Path Beyond GAMMA. You may invite all your playing friends into this group since it is an official one. Why to use a Steam Group? Well my idea was for Steamusers. I have placed a shortcut of APB into my Steam to launch through it. Everone who is online can see that i am playing APB right now. Same will happen with you, too. Also you can easily take screenshots of your gameplay with steam and host it thruogh your steamcloud to share your nice moments to other players who surf through your steamprofile. here is mine for an example:




Join this group to play APB within your friends, to live chat (ingame) and other (steam-based) things. If you like, i will provide some announcements and/or some upcoming Events for APB especially for MP-Gaming Servers only. Become an active officer to be able to do this as well. You know how it works on steam. well... here is the link to join this group:




For any questions or answers post them here. Thank You!




you need to wait a bit 'cncNetServer'. youtube only allows to login within a google account. my google account is actually merged with an other youtube account from me. and i dont have a mobile phone at this moment to register a 2nd google acc. i am sorry. but i will change this asap.


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