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Builders vs Destroyers [MAP]


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This is the original idea of Deserted mountain and is why it was made.

This is a 3-vs-4 / 2-vs-4 map where the middle players will receive a special slave miner that can deploy to yuri mcv. And they must destroy the enemy players at each corner to win.

Objectives :

Builders : Kill the Destroyers

DestroyersYuri " : Kill the Builders.


Positions :

Players at the corners are Builders.

Players in the center are Destroyers.



This is a normal map with a few edits!


Whats different for Builders :

1 - Builders can build walls as soon as the MCV is deployed.

2 - Builders can build walls very far from their base.

3 - Builders MCV, Power Plants and Tesla Reactors have a long range Sight.

4 - Choosing Yuri as a Builder isn't allowed so deploying Yuri's MCV will cause it to change to Soviet Construction Yard.


Whats Different for Destroyers " Yuri " :

1 - Destroyers will have to wait 1 Minutes until their Slave Miner"MCV" arrives. (3 minutes in-game time)

2 - Destroyers Slave Miner"MCV" dmg, health and speed are increased.

3 - Destroyers Slave Miner"MCV" is not capturable.

4 - Destroyers are not allowed to build walls.

5 - Destroyers Slave Miner[Building] is removed and replaced with Oil Derrick / Slave Miner[Vehicle] is removed from warfactory.

6 - Destroyers Bio Reactors gives +250 Power. Bio Reactors Occupation is disabled.

7 - Destroyers Slave Miner"MCV" cannot go or attack through Builder's walls until it is reached to Elite.

8 - Destroyers Slave Miner"MCV" can self heal.

9 - Psychic Beacons which are given complete Immunity are given to the Destroyers for enabling short game mode.

[Important] :

10 - If the Destroyer's Slave Miner"MCV" is destroyed the player will lose all his base.


[Map editing info] for Other Stuff :

1 - Oil derrick income is : 30$ each 2 seconds.

2 - Oil derrick's explosion and rubble are disabled.

3 - Builders wall costs 20$.

4 - Chrono Legionnaire neutron rifle can only freeze the target unit. Damage = 0

5 - Miners [Chrono Miner + War Miner] requires War Factories.

6 - Yuri's MCV Vehicle and Slave Miner are removed from crates.





Added bvsd43 (now its 4v3 instead of 4v2) :   [4] Builders vs [3] Destroyers 










FIX : No longer Death sounds when a destroyer dies.





Edited by Roooo/nunName
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Files reuploaded ! 

Found bug : Using Chrono Legionnaire on Slave miner will cause map to crash. Chrono Legionnaires Neutron Rifle can only Freeze the target without destroying it.

Found bug : Soviet War miner has the same damage as the slave miner, but not anymore. FIXED.

Edited by Roooo
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This time! :

Map name is changed to [4] Builders vs [2-3] Destroyers [Final Version]  To avoid confusion in knowing which map to create when having the same map more than once with the same name.

If a player decides to "Observe" Before the timer ends. he will not receive  an MCV!

Edited by Roooo
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Map name is changed to [4] Builders vs [2-3] Destroyers [Final Version-2]

A gap generator is added in the middle of the map to prevent builders from surrounding miners with walls before the timer ends.

Edited by Roooo
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