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Tiberian Dawn - Threatened (Single Player)

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This is my first Single Player map (though certainly not my last). It's a relative simple map seeing as I didn't want to do anything fancy, more or less I wanted to know if I could even script an AI that was intelligent without being too hard. (My first internal version of the map was a slaughter  :laugh:)



So here are a few pictures... The objectives and some useful info are in the 'Mission Briefing' within the map.








NOTE: This map has undergone changes multiple times (internally not publicly). I do not think there are any bugs, but if you find one post it here. This map should have been larger but it wasn't, it is after all my first map. This one felt a little small while playing but there is no shortage of anything. (detail,trees,tiberium,rocks,etc) It is worth playing, comments are appreciated. So are compliments and complaints  :P




Map Name:  'Threatened'

Map Size: 'Height=32 Width=41'

Side: 'GDI'

Tech Level: '11'


Installation: Simply extract the folder and copy+paste the contents to your C&C folder. If you are unsure of where your directory is, right-click you C&C95 shortcut and click 'Open File Folder'. That should take you to the directory. Alternatively this could be: 'Program Files>EA Games>C&C TFD>C&C95>' or something similar.



Hope you enjoy it, I enjoyed making it :)


Important: This is the third version of this map, if you downloaded it before 7/31/2011 8:26 PM (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) and you want the next version then download this one. It is 'SCG81EA' instead of 'SCG80EA' this way you know which is the new one.




Version 1 'SCG79EA':

Map added in first public form.


Version 2 'SCG80EA':

A few trees added to improve look.

New tiberium field added.

AI team 'Auto7' 'fixed'. Credits to 'Solo' for finding it  :)


Version 3 'SCG81EA':

A few patches of tiberium here and there for better look.

Another bug addressed thanks to Solo.

The Nod base now has 2 SAM sites to help protect it from A10 strikes and Orca raids. These do NOT need to be destroyed to allow for Air Support. Something I always disliked about Westwood's missions, by the time you got that far in their base Air Support was useless. It is simply there for the AI's protection and they WILL rebuild them.


If you encounter any more bugs do not hesitate to inform me here and I will fix them. Look for my next map (Nod mission) coming soon  :D



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:laugh: the moment of truth. Seeing as I forgot about 'ctrl-s' I used FRAPS and every time I took a screenshot it would center the screen on my Con. Yard. So I took a video and went to Windows Media Player and took a screenshot there  :P


Yes I know that was a stupid and ridiculous way to do it but who's going to download a map with no pictures or eye candy  ;)

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I got a crash: IA - 004ad351 @ 00000005

I believe this has happened due to your teamtype AUTO7, which has a mispelling in the command "ATTACK BAS". There is an "E" letter missing. You might haven't foreseen that since it is a random trigger.


Your teamtype AUTO5 has an extra "1" parameter that, if you don't put there by accident, we would like to know if you have discovered something we don't know.

Try this to check out your INI parameters.


I didn't finish your mission yet, but I can tell you some things based in observation of hundreds of missions.


One first thing I can tell you: In SP missions you have to plan the credits for THE BEGINING.

Basically, you put a lot of credits for the human player if you're gonna have an early tough fight/invasion against your base and units for a long period of time. You will find this situation in missions like DEFEND of T Kihara and QUADROPHONIA of Franz Kohlrus.


In the other hand, you start/put low credits if you want to make the mission extremely vulnerable or "dry". So you need 300 for barracks, 300 for NUK, 2000 for PROC and a bunch of credits for some infantry. The player should be able to last with the few units up to the first rounds of harvest. If, instead you put 6000, well, this is a lot of money, if few things are going to take place in the beggining.


I would say also that the credits for SP missions tend to be much lower than the credits for MP. Whenever I've tried to start a MP game with, let's say 4000 credits, people spranked me asking for the usual 9999 credits.


Other thing I've noted is: there's a lot of units and the infantry is too closed, for the human player. Without effort I was able to take down 3 chem-warriors and 2 minigunners with 2 grenadiers.

Maybe one Hum-vee less and this sort of thing.


Later I'll tell you more and remember, these are personal opinion. You have to "hear" more people.


Now, i'll try it again.

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This is my first map and if was perfect then even I would be surprised  :P


Strangely enough that team doesn't even have any units in it?! And I didn't manually do that... I done it using CCMap and I want to say it's the program's fault but I don't want Nyerguds to behead me for it so I won't blame it on the program.  :laugh:


I will sort out the bugs and re-load it. I add credits/Blossom Trees my own special way. (well most mappers probably do it their own way)


Thanks for the feedback it WILL help improve the next map. I will re-upload it as soon as I get time. The map was to darn small anyway to be done properly which was my stupid mistake at the beginning  :ranting:


I will have to go over this some when I get the chance but I'm not going to completely 'revamp' the map which isn't what you said anyway.

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Strangely enough that team doesn't even have any units in it?! And I didn't manually do that... I done it using CCMap and I want to say it's the program's fault but I don't want Nyerguds to behead me for it so I won't blame it on the program.  :laugh:

Quite the contrary. I'm more likely to assault you for not doing your scripting manually in the first place. As I said in the rebuilding thread, [base] is about the only thing I don't do straight in the ini file, by hand :P


Seriously though, for anything besides placing down waypoints and celltriggers, and generating the [base] section, these editors suck at scripting-related stuff. There's a scripting guide out there... use it :P

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Hey Trailhog250,

Final feedbacks. This time more useful, I guess.


I still got the crash, then I noted a more basic mistake: your team NOD7 is not set to "badguy" side. Right now is "None".

Just to guarantee I've changed your team AUTO5 and took away the misterious "1" in the line.


So this is it:

auto5=BadGuy,1,0,0,1,0,15,1,0,0,2,LTNK:2,BGGY:2,4,Move:0,Move:1,Move:2,Attack Units:50,0,0

nod7=Badguy,1,0,0,0,0,15,0,0,0,2,E1:2,E3:1,3,Move:0,Move:4,Attack Units:50,0,0


I believe it is NOD7 because it crashes around 75 time units.



You could put a single SAM site inside Nod base without the "AIR1" trigger. And also, a bunch of bazookas spreaded in the corners of the base.

If there's no harassment to the A10s it will be absolute air superiority (meaning "not fun").

I would have to study what is the techtree so your HAND of Nod would produce bazookas, but I don't know now.


Also, you can put celltriggers+Nod airstrike in front of the HQ, to prevent being captured unpunished by engineers, since you want the player to destroy it.


You should consider at least one more NUK2.

That and a bit more credits to Nod (AI) will make all the Nod BASE more resilient. Any building is coming down in the airstrikes.

Even with 2 Orcas it's possible to destroy buildings that  in other situations would require 4 Orcas.

But still, this is a suggestion, can't guarantee it will work.


Positive things

Yeah, your map is a good one just because it is simple.

There are some bottlenecks for GDI to manage also, meaning you gotta be always taking a look in your moving units.

I consider bottlenecks a small detail very hard to handle in mapmaking. And by "small" I mean easy to underestimate and quite essential for a good map.

Base section is working. Also the teamtypes are well teamed up.

You should consider a version with the slaughter mode (small time intervals) you mentioned earlier, because the real good players will simply find this feature a basic thing.

I mean, your mission already has a solution, so speed it up.


One last idea for your next maps, but you don't have to change in this one:

- If you put a way point in the south and you set the AI to "attack units" or "hunt", the AI units might cross the heavy fire and die before reaching the most northern unit.

One way to solve this is to set the units to "Area Guard:99" or "Guard:99" after the last MOVE action.

I mean, the player base will be set somewhere and the "area guard" in 2 or 3 different waypoints will guarantee a good combat for the AI side, because it will attack the nearest units.


Overall, you did the most difficult, it's worth playing! :beer:

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Thanks again for your feedback I will change some things and re-upload tomorrow if I have time. I don't think the HQ (Comm. Center right?) change is necessary... It says in the description to destroy it. But then again I may change it so that it gets destroyed either way. But it's simply not logical to capture it, defenses right there would get in the way more than anything so it would make a poor barrier for the player. I have found it from testing to successfully defend you need active units/Repair Pads + Guard Towers. I will implement your 'fixes'. I will give them some more AA in their base as well. I had hoped I used some creativity in the teams so thanks for noticing  :)


By 'Slaugter Mode' I guess you mean reduce the 'Time' for 'Teamtypes' by say 50% for more hardcore players? Ok, I might decide that would make a good addition as a separate download.


I don't understand why you got crashes and I didn't though :O

But I will fix those anyway. I did beta-test it so I'm surprised I didn't get those bugs... Tomorrow I will fix it and re-re-upload it  :P

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