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Should all map making and mod devloptment be stopped until the remasters is made?


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Or at least stop until they decide what it will actually be like?

If everyone is jumping ship and the game engines will be incompatible is there any point making maps or developing mods?


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I don't think the remake will have much similarity with the original game, though I have no further informations about it.

I actually expect a completely new game using a contemporary game engine and modern 3D graphics, where they remake the original campaign and gameplay and fix some issues like the GDI weapons factory. Remember, the original source code for TD and RA is (most likely) lost.

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1 hour ago, redalertfan said:

The original is open source, they will use a completely new engine for the remaster. Both games might share the "red alert" name, but that is all they will share. Keep on making maps for as long as your heart desires.

No, not open source (would have been great though if it were).

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