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The Command & Conquer Communications Center is 4 years old!


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I know I'm 4 days late, last year I was 3 days late...do you see a pattern emerging? :O


4 years ago I created a little website for the C&C classics. Some people called the idea stupid, yet this website still stands and their sites are long gone...


Now, whose getting the late cake?


Happy birthday Command & Conquer Communications Center! Maybe next year we will have something extra special for you! :D


As for another important thing hifi has initiated a public beta for CnCNet v3. It looks neat and I suggest you people take a look! I must add that once CnCNet v3 becomes stable CnCNet v2 will shut down. So if your mod or game distribution uses CnCNet please update to CnCNet v3 unless you want a useless DLL in your gamefolder. 

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Hi Tore,


I'm still new in all of this, but I must say "Congrats on your innitiative!"

I'm sure that the number of CnC fans are greater than just those who come here to write, debate and play games.


We are in a world that more and more people are in doubt of their own personality. As time pass by they realize they have to do something about their lives, or the lack of it.

Maybe this is why we have been noticing more and more players on CnCNet.


Thanks to you, HiFi, Nyerguds, Myg, Godly-Cheese and others we have the privilege to still play consistent games nowadays.

At least, this is the impression I have and I gotta be grateful for that, the accomplishments of you all and the spirit of companionship.



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