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Cold Sweat Reborn


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Cold Sweat Reborn

Players: 2
Size: 28 x 75
Money: 67,875
Game Modes: Standard, Meatgrind
Edited By: Ndesguise

Remake of an old map.
Only edits I made to this map was repair a couple cliffs and ramps, added 2 squares to width in doing so. Took the build option for shipyards out since they are not needed.


Buildings on Map:
Tech Oil derricks
Tech Airports
Tech Machine Shops
Tech Outpost
Civilian Structures


Cold Sweat Reborn.jpg

Cold Sweat Reborn.map

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I have modified that I'll be uploading a revised copy in the next day or so. On the north you could build to the cliff and build a barracks on the cliff, build units and capture airport, I tried it and it works that way.

Edited by Boggle04
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