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I Can't Open my games since agust 2018, "Method Not Found"



"Method not found: 'void PreviewExtractor.MapThumbnailExtractor..ctor(Rampastring.Tools.IniFile, Int32)' "

i've tried to update my CnCNet but still didn't work, can anyone help me plz?

plz i really miss this game and want to play online :((


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I had the same issue recently while working on the installer, it just went away randomly...

Try the following:

Get the latest YR installer and run it https://downloads.cncnet.org/CnCNet5_YR_Installer.exe


If the error still happens:

Go to your game folder and run "Uninstall CnCNet" (this should clean up your game folder)

Now run the YR installer again


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