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  1. The TD map editor can be downloaded in the download area of the site Click here The RA1 one will be uploaded soon.
  2. Tore

    XWISC Tool under Vista

    Thank you for posting this, it will be handy. Stickied Aro: That's an 'I', Not a 'Y'. Tore: blame the spell checker.
  3. *This is late* Welcome to CnC Comm Center everyone! I forgot to introduce my self. lol I'm the site manager of this site. If you got any trouble post in the repair bay forum.
  4. This map looks great Ixith. The attachment system here is kinda like the one used on PPM.
  5. The title says it. Mine is starting in one day!
  6. Still a bit to large isn't it.
  7. Tore

    Cant Login

    There is one already. Why another one?
  8. I think thats just TO BIG to have as a signature Aro, I will make some new ones. Moved to The Barracks as well...
  9. Tiberian Dawn: Flame Tank, Mammoth Tank Tiberian Sun: "Shoebox of Death" , Who needs a Mammoth Tank, when you have a Mammoth Mark 2? Tiberium Wars: Flame Tank, Mammoth Tank
  10. Sorry, SyS said that sole survivor will not be supported by AWOS, WChat will neither be supported..
  11. I don't understand a word lol...
  12. Here you can request tutorial's. Please note that its not only the staff who can post tutorial's. Members can do it as well.
  13. In this forum you can post questions on how to make a map. You can also show off a map you created by posting a "Work in Progress" (WIP for short) topic. In these topics you can get comments before the release of your maps this can make your maps better. The Rules of posting a WIP: This is how the subject should look like: <game name> - <map name> - WIP The post should have some pictures. Posting unfinished maps: This is the place to post unfinished maps. So don't post them with the finished maps in the singleplayer or multiplayer map sections.
  14. Welcome! You have made the right choice to read our forum rules. While our rules do not differ much from the rules of other forums we do have some rules you might not expect. Strict Rules: Do not post pirated software or other illegal items. Do not post pornography. Do not discuss hacking with malicious intent. Do not discuss religion or politics. Violating any of the four rules above is grounds for an immediate, and depending on the circumstances, permanent ban. Common Rules: Do not spam Do not double post unless at least 12 hours have passed. Do not insult or otherwise attempt to incite negative reactions. Use the report button to report violations of rules. Please use common sense. Please post in English. Please refrain from posting in topics that are more than two weeks old unless you have something valuable to add to the discussion or you are the original poster. Violations of the "Common Rules" might not incite any reaction from a moderator at first, but repeated violations will be acted upon. Warnings: 1st Warning: This is a "friendly" Warning, You may get an PM about the problem. 2nd Warning: If you get so far you may get a not so friendly PM, and a 3 day suspension. 3rd Warning: 3 weeks suspension. 4th Warning: Ban. Signatures: Length: The combined width of your signature must not exceed 750 pixels. Height: The combined height of your signature must not exceed 250 pixels. The combined file size of the signature must be no greater than 750kb. We're not very strict on signatures here. However, you must still be reasonable while picking a signature and your desired size. Security Do not give your password to anyone. If someone is asking for your password, please report them.
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