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  1. Ok, poor example on my part. So it would be DoS RA1 essentially, but in high res?
  2. Does this essentially mean the icons would be without text and house coloured ALA Dos C&C95, yet still running at high resolution? Icons something like in the PSX version below?
  3. Ah, well palm my face.. Still, looking at the picture in the PortableRA thread though, the ore mine itself could do with a touch up in photoshop to remove the dark pixels. But yea, the shadows are much smoother
  4. The AI doesn't spam OTs anymore which is good, only the two were present on the lower ore field. But, when I found them, they weren't mining ore, they were just sitting there. This meant I barely got attacked again. When I ran a bunch of units through the lower base the OTs started to move as normal though. Only other small detail is right at the start (even in the original) when the TT zaps the church building, you hear a civilian death and tanyas death as three civilians run out. Since tanyas death sound is unique, perhaps change that one to a different death sound.
  5. Yea works fine now, infantry can shroud reveal. Only other minor issue is that volkov can infiltrate the power plant to give a mission loss.
  6. In my humble opinion.. The shadows on the trees are very harsh, and the outlines of the trees seem jagged and pixelated, especially in contrast to the very dark shadows. And when on ore, make the ore really pixelated. This tree has almost no shadow so is really weird on the eyes Also some edges of the ore mines have black pixels making them catch the eye and contrast with the terrain abruptly. It also kinda looks like the bottom edge has been cropped slightly too close giving a cut 'edge' effect. I have tried to show some of the darker pixels that catch my eye (think its 400%). IMHO I prefer the Tib Dawn Desert trees. They seem to blend nicer, the shadows are nicer and they scream African savanna. The trees in use give the map a south america feel which is fine, but some still feel wrong even for that environment. A little too leafy. And considering Africa is a stones throw from Europe (where RA1 occurs) compared to Central America, I just think it would be better in that respect too. I hope that doesn't sound too OCD, but RA1 and C&C95 have lovely smooth spite graphics, so those little details really got my attention. Apart from that, the map looks nice, everything else works.
  7. Ok saved men do not attack the phase transport, and demos come in this time which is cool. I also like the fact the prison has a shroud reveal showing the enemy (although might be nice if it occurs when you are in the walkway going into the prison). The odd thing is that the infantry from the prison cells can't shroud reveal properly? And I still don't understand why I would take out the power, its a complete hindrance O_o scu08eb.ini works fine, no allied flamethrowers. One question though, does game difficulty affect mission triggers? I remember in the original on hard, attack groups of boats and tanks would attack my base, but this time on easy I don't think I actually got attacked.
  8. Ah ok, that explains that. And glad the demo truck reinforcements have been fixed. I'll test a load of these maps soon and report back. Good effort.
  9. Except you don't see or hear anything. At all. Straight after the first 'Reinforcements' audio cue I rushed the exit (which does have a small shroud reveal). There are no pillboxes and no demo trucks, or anything to show for those audio cues. What you do get are groups of allied rifle/rocket soldiers spawning from the exit as well as the three allied tanks and a mech at the intersection. There is also a part where you can turn off the power for 5 minutes where auxiliary power comes on afterwards. All this does is turn fog of war on. I'd have to test, maybe its linked to the gas chambers, but i didn't do that to save the soldiers. Perhaps you could show the mission map and where the pillboxes are? There were only two I knew of along the top of the map, and they are destroyed at the terminals.
  10. Is there any chance if a shroud reveal around the two pill boxes at waypoint 49 and 30 at that point? I had no idea what was going on, at least if I miss the explosions the patterned scorch marks would let me guess what happened.
  11. IMHO I dont' find the APC oversight as annoying as I see it more just as a general transport (perhaps chinooks?) unlike allied flame throwers (side specific weapon type). I am almost certain the APC is seen escaping in an FMV for a soviet win anyway. Although I agree with the idea in principle, having four supply trucks might confuse people or make the mission unintentionally harder. WW made so many glaring oversights. The Soviet Hind attacking the soviet Mammoth on the box art is the worst. Although I do love the photo-shopped Kane faces in the screenshots (if you find the high-def greyscaled versions.)
  12. I have two more requests and willing to test; Soviet campaign mission 9, Elba Island, the allies build flame throwers Allies Aftermath mission 'Time Flies' the AI does mega Ore Truck spam.
  13. Ha these are awesome. Its the kind of stuff lost in time that should be remembered somehow
  14. I like RA1 for the grittiness, ridiculous-but-plausible weapons, the skirmish AI, campaign and most of all, the insanely easy pick-up-and-play concept. Only game I can play the entire way through one handed. As for the balance, its dreadful. Aside from your basic rush vehicles, naval and a few odd strats, most units are utterly useless, even those added in aftermath. I always felt a mod that would fix / enhance these features would make RA1 awesome, but now I'm playing it through, I kinda like the fact its essentially half broke And really, RA2 fixed most issues I had, but I hate voxels so so much. And giant infantry. But better inf, superweapons, air, UI features etc etc
  15. r34ch

    soviet mission bug

    Cleared up is Iran patching the brief text to be more clear
  16. Awesome :3 All I ask for now is some sort of version numbering system for the installer exe and on the download link, so users can see at a glance when they visit the webpage. I.e. Download 'PortableRA_Full_v1.02.exe' When I visit the website I just see "Download game installer from Dropbox" and the saved exe is equally as blank. Keep up the good work
  17. Has Iran updated his installer or is the sidebar elongated in on-line play? I'd love ardas longer sidebar in singleplayer and skirmish.
  18. Can I just say from myself and all my friends, Iran, THANKYOU. We have been waiting YEARS for a hassle free, all-in-one installer and launcher for modern x64 systems. And finally it is here. Your exe now rests next to nyerguds awesome all-in-one. <3 <3 <3 All I hope now is that someone can fix the skirmish AI to build more high tech stuff and helis. The only redeeming feature of Retaliation on PSX was that the AI was marginally more intelligent.
  19. Ahh thanks. I made a shortcut to the exe and the target line finally appeared. However, now it just says 'Error - unable to set video mode' I don't think it supports my resolution, tested it on 1280x720 and it works fine.
  20. Hi, I just got the new RA1 hi-res patch downloaded and running and I must say its awesome even after all these years. However on the site it says the exe takes in two parameters -w -h. I have tried numerous times but I cannot get out of the default res apparantly. My launcher is as so ra95-303-hires-launcher-alpha2 -w1440 -h700 Can someone save me from my noobish ways I tell me what i'm doing wrong? Cheers.
  21. Words fail me. This entire world is a joke...
  22. r34ch

    RA1 on W7x64 Freeze

    Oh yay, I fell like a tit now. 98/Me settings worked perfectly. I have no idea why I tried XP and 95. Thanks
  23. r34ch

    RA1 on W7x64 Freeze

    Ok so I installed FullRA+ and after replacing RA95.LCF to finally get FullRA running, applying the colour fix reg and even the hires infantry mix, RA1 freezes every time after about 8 seconds into a map. This happens too when I install using the RA1 98 installer and original CDs, even after patching and compatibility changes. I am assuming this has to do with having a dual core processor and x64 version of windows? I have no problem on my single core computer (200 miles away) running x32 XPsp3. The question I am asking is has anyone found a way to run the game without needing a separate program to slow down CPU clock speed or disabling a core?
  24. This solved my problem I was having for ages.
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