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  1. Why would we want to punish players who have a fast tech style? If they can pull it off successfully then they deserve to be able to, playing against Yuri would be near impossible late game without supers, a competitive scene shouldn't have random elements, especially in terms of settings. Destroyable bridges are on... Everything is set-up like the original game/WOL. Dogs are less luck than you think, also it makes engineering easier. The engineer rushing only plagued lower skilled players, the top players can easily stop engineer rushes 90% of the time. Those are not such 'crucial' options besides moving the game away from the original, how the developers intended it to be, which is how most of the CNCNet staff wants the experience to be like.
  2. Then we should make it more intimidating for them, right?
  3. In the masters? Yeah, contenders, no. A lot of players I've never seen before. And you can't say always the same when the qm is out in public for less than 2 months.
  4. Plenty of maps so newer & returning players can get frustrated at the amount the will have to learn. The maps are already picked to provide the best variety and balance.
  5. Some maps will be swapped out on a monthly basis, so there's still a chance of seeing them in QM.
  6. It's as simple as copy and paste to install it, with a no-cd executable. Getting it to run is another story though.
  7. Everything is being worked on and experimented on simultaneously the maps list will be changed up a bit every month to keep it interesting and fun. Just report any of your system/client issues in the testers forum in the QM feedback thread, with clear bullet points so it's easier to keep track of.
  8. So everyone is happy with the map pool?
  9. RaVaGe

    qm map pool

    Excuse me, but, do you have issues? You sound like a 12 year old stoner trying to make a reply while still chewing the last hash brownies from his uncle's stash.
  10. I would like to see a fix for this as well. Also, the game doesn't seem to save settings for me anymore when I host I always need to turn off crates when in the past it would remember what settings I used.
  11. @Grant Should add this to CNCNet's FAQ!
  12. He seems to think that what he just said makes him look cool. Rather ironic really...
  13. Here's a list of the currently proposed maps in the ranked match map pool. QuickMatch Map Pool.pdf Please post your opinions regarding the balance, map diversity and explain the reasoning behind it as well.
  14. Yeah, I found out who it is last night.
  15. Thought that FalseGod was Sunny's nick. Believe he used this nickname on XWIS in the past.
  16. Noticed this after I played him twice.
  17. I think language options would be a great addition. Unfortunately, I only had language files for RA2 and not YR. As far as I know, there are translations for the following somewhere on the internet... German French Russian Chinese Philipines Arabic @Grant what do you think?
  18. 2 shots if you don't notice, hit and run.
  19. Done it before, where's my £500?
  20. Really? First time I hear that you must have invented that seeing how convenient it seems.
  21. Actually, seals and seal IFVs are great vs Terror Drones, heldro suggested to me to use drone to kill seal IFV, at which point I laughed. Also, seal IFV can usually take out 1-2 deployed desolators.
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