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  1. Good that I'm making a mod then which ain't a lot different from vanilla.
  2. Those are some impressive maps. I look forward to trying them out. Really nice work.
  3. Match #4 between Marko and Matt up now!
  4. I'm going to try to record for Youtube at better settings than I stream with 1080p 60fps Extreme quality. I reduced all settings a while ago to allow more people to watch the stream as they got buffering problems.
  5. New videos up from games between Matt & Marko, two top players. Replays added every day, make sure to sub.
  6. Hey guys, I've started a new Youtube channel to post my game replays to as some of you have been requesting for it due to the geographical restrictions of Twitch. What can you expect to see on my new channel? High level players challenging each other in 1 vs 1 series and team games. Commentary from experienced competitive players. High quality videos loaded with original content. View the opening premier of the channel now!
  7. Also how about getting rid of those IRC chat client style messages at log in and just make it say "connecting to chat". Lastly the most important thing would be to make some feature road map and then create a UX roadmap around those features. User experience needs to be overhauled on the website, client UI, ladder. Once a roadmap has been made I don't mind researching and doing the UX design part of it.
  8. I don't like it because 99% of the time people talk about how much better they are than the other guy and how many times they beat them over a decade back. Nice job trying to put words in my mouth though.
  9. Don't join, it's the most toxic Discord server on CnCNet!
  10. Once the map is good enough, I will and more others will too. Quality over quantity.
  11. Don't only think, test, try, experiment, experience, change things. Не только думайте, тестируйте, пробуйте что-то новое, экспериментируйте, переживайте, меняйте вещи.
  12. I like the first one the most and the last one "Farlake" has potential, but there are too many gems, too little ore and all the garrisons seem to be squeezed on the bottom half of the map. Pro tip, use different cliff tiles to make cliffs the same repeating tile makes the map look like it's full of graphical errors.
  13. Message me on Discord with a time when you'll be available so we can play test.
  14. ========================================= Updated the first post with version 1.31 change log. ========================================= Also added reasoning notes behind changes.
  15. So would adding the Yuri Rebalance Patch into the QM.
  16. Soviets can use sea scorpions/choppers to scout the map, Allied players can use destroyers & rocketeers. You should add smaller islands with ore on them if you want the map to be a bit fairer.
  17. All of my maps have sound effect triggers. When you start taking feedback about your map seriously and remove things like spysats.
  18. That might work, give it a try and playtest it. Always playtest, that's where the real answers are. Maybe only do this with the middle oil platforms at the edge of the map, you don't need a lot of ore, just some (3-4) ore mines on a small patch of ore. Balance these with the numbers at main bases so players have a reason to move out to take them. 5 ore mines are enough for 1 player to have a reasonable economy.
  19. It didn't go anywhere, it's still part of the original game, though I'm sure the CnCNet client can't read those files.
  20. Agree on #11, but on a serious note, no one is going to get enough points 1 mapping, a map% rule can be put into the ladder to disqualify players who 1 map.
  21. Add a none option to both sections because I don't feel the need to vote for any of the casual 'balance' changes.
  22. I use that same version too, but there was one earlier version that had fewer bugs AFAIK. I checked your map in the editor and it looks fine near the bridges, shouldn't be a problem. However seeing the map close up in game, you should consider making some areas less chaotic and add more space between buildings or fewer buildings on the map entirely. As all of it tends to lean towards information overload. When placing structures carefully consider how each one affects gameplay. For example, on the oil islands, the double cistern silo would force engineers to go around the oils rather than straight through the middle. When players are harassing the oils from both air and sea, this might cause frustrations, especially with the explosive oil barrels nearby. Lastly, the oils being on islands gives Allied factions a huge advantage, due to their transport chopper, which can get to the islands fastest. Personally I only ever see ore and gems being fit for islands, not tech buildings. Consider expanding the terrain on islands and adding ore and buildable space.
  23. Both links work now. You've got a possible terrain error on the bridges, the small ' bridge support' islands on the top right corner, the tile is glitched on the render, you should check that the pink like is connected properly. As you've possibly overwritten a tile that's part of the bridge tile which can cause nasty movement (pathfinding) errors.
  24. Triggers are probably being implemented incorrectly which is why your map crashes. Your high-resolution preview link is not working.
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