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  1. Why is your map file size so large? Try reducing the preview image size if you're inserting it into the map file.
  2. More like, "help us help you".
  3. It's amazing how you've managed to write a lengthy post without actually going into any detail of what's actually happening, besides "it doesn't work".
  4. The reasoning for limiting the players to 1 nickname per month is so that... All ranks are represented by actual player skill. No rank busting from highly skilled players on lower point nicknames. Pushing for points is easier to spot due to all players using a single nickname. Players can't avoid competing at their own level by switching to a lower nickname.
  5. Not just FFGs when YOU Yourself bet money on the games.
  6. But still lost $150 to the greatest of all time in that tournament where you couldn't avoid skilled players.
  7. No links, we can play them together, just let me know what time you're usually on. You should join the Yuri's Revenge Discord too : https://discord.gg/z6bRD7j
  8. @F.E.A.R. I have a few mod maps where I tried adjusting and balancing the game further.
  9. You need to use the mix editor that was installed with the mixer.
  10. Which QM maps do you veto and why? Please answer the above question so that I know which maps need editing and in what way? Include the map name and a descriptive reason why you've chosen to reject the map.
  11. You need to insert the map preview into the map, by resizing the rendered image to be small, check map file with notepad to see preview size for reference, then convert the map preview to TS map preview with XCC mixer and copy the resulting text into your map file with notepad.
  12. Yeah, you can use it extract sound files. This was your only question...
  13. Yes, it is possible, you'll need to extract the sound files from YR and edit the RA2 ini settings for sounds. You can find more info on https://www.ppmsite.com/ Don't ask me to do it for you or what how and where.
  14. 😏😂🤣 @Fu3lman Please don't change map preview aspect ratio it broke my brain.
  15. Malibu Cliffs LE This original Westwood map has been rebalanced for 1v1 and team games. What's new on the map? Moved top right gems from the cliff closer to the starting spot to even out the distance with all other spots. Moved bottom left gems from the cliff closer to the starting spot to even out the distance with all other spots. Moved bottom middle gems next to ore patch and closer to the starting spot to be more fair in 1v1 (BL vs TR). Added a new pathway and ramp near the top left position to add more opportunities to break defensive plays at the top bridge. Added a land bridge at the bottom right position to stop Allied factions from abusing the bridges with C4 which gives Soviet faction improved odds of winning. Added trees to the bottom right cliff slope to make defending that position easier. Edited terrain near bottom right cliff to allow base walking up the cliff to the small ore patch. Lighting and minor visual improvements to make them map easier on the eyes. How to play it? Download and copy to Cncnet\Maps\Custom. Open cncnet and browse the maps under the "Standard" game mode. Play it now! Download malibule.map
  16. Because you were playing "YR Refined" an actual mod, not "pro edits". The mod maps have the words "YR Refined" in-front of their names so that people can clearly see that they are mod maps.
  17. But you sure come back here to cry very salty tears. TS has always been less popular and least active, move on and deal with it.
  18. He's quite useless as a point of authority, especially when he needs to flex it or pick a side.
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