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  1. Would need to play test it as with all maps. Visual based balance suggestions are just guesses. Join this discord and get some pro players to play it with you. https://discord.gg/z6bRD7j Larger ramps for main entrances to the player bases, middle plateaus and side plateaus. All your ramps are the same size, ramps affect gameplay a lot, for example how easy it is to defend and lock down an entrance to an area. Having small back door ramps and large front entrances makes games more interesting, they control the flow of the game and what options are available to players. Design them with gameplay in mind, if you put lot of resources in an area of the map you should keep the area accessible so players can easily attack those areas and deny the opponents those resources. Design high risk and low risk areas to add interesting dynamic to your maps. Mirrored / Symmetrical maps are easy to balance and are generally quite popular. Save yourself the headache from taking this advice.
  2. Still too flat, stop ironing your maps! 😏
  3. Ground looks too flat, deform it a bit.
  4. @Ferret CLEAN-UP ON ISLE 5. (Can you remove the overly dramatic spam from this thread please?)
  5. Game #8 between Marko & Matt online now.
  6. Yes, Yuri has a hard time capturing distant Tech Structures due to a lack of transport and having to slowly walk engineers to their target.
  7. Both of these players have played for a very long time, bringing over a decade of competitive experience with them. Marko is the longest reigning Top player with more than 20 Rank 1 achievements on XWIS & CnCNet. Matt is another top player who has achieved top ranks in the past.
  8. Did you miss game #5 and game #6 between Marko & Matt? Guess you forgot to subscribe! New replays daily.
  9. Good that I'm making a mod then which ain't a lot different from vanilla.
  10. Those are some impressive maps. I look forward to trying them out. Really nice work.
  11. Match #4 between Marko and Matt up now!
  12. I'm going to try to record for Youtube at better settings than I stream with 1080p 60fps Extreme quality. I reduced all settings a while ago to allow more people to watch the stream as they got buffering problems.
  13. New videos up from games between Matt & Marko, two top players. Replays added every day, make sure to sub.
  14. Hey guys, I've started a new Youtube channel to post my game replays to as some of you have been requesting for it due to the geographical restrictions of Twitch. What can you expect to see on my new channel? High level players challenging each other in 1 vs 1 series and team games. Commentary from experienced competitive players. High quality videos loaded with original content. View the opening premier of the channel now!
  15. Also how about getting rid of those IRC chat client style messages at log in and just make it say "connecting to chat". Lastly the most important thing would be to make some feature road map and then create a UX roadmap around those features. User experience needs to be overhauled on the website, client UI, ladder. Once a roadmap has been made I don't mind researching and doing the UX design part of it.
  16. I don't like it because 99% of the time people talk about how much better they are than the other guy and how many times they beat them over a decade back. Nice job trying to put words in my mouth though.
  17. Don't join, it's the most toxic Discord server on CnCNet!
  18. Once the map is good enough, I will and more others will too. Quality over quantity.
  19. Don't only think, test, try, experiment, experience, change things. Не только думайте, тестируйте, пробуйте что-то новое, экспериментируйте, переживайте, меняйте вещи.
  20. I like the first one the most and the last one "Farlake" has potential, but there are too many gems, too little ore and all the garrisons seem to be squeezed on the bottom half of the map. Pro tip, use different cliff tiles to make cliffs the same repeating tile makes the map look like it's full of graphical errors.
  21. Message me on Discord with a time when you'll be available so we can play test.
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