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  1. i see ur quitting lasted all of 3 weeks, and u made a bunch of smurf logs. youre a funny guy. now u can redeem ur last loss though vs me!
  2. Im much more involved in ts than uve been and competed at a higher level ive never once seen schaf or kapa deny a game because it wasnt terrace. No diff than if u asked me or mola or anyone. I DO REMEMBER u setting biased mods maps....
  3. Schaf played all maps. Not just terrace. Your skew of that realm of things is evident to any real top ts player. He was a beast as u put it, but at allllll maps and gdi or nod. Uve accused me of only playing terrace even this year. LOL. It makes me question your view on ts. Kapa would not only play terrace either. lol. Ive said other map to him 100000000x and he was all for it. I dont buy that aspect. The king of ts now all maps gdi or nod is mola. Schaf or kapa were even more so and even more so ready to play. That is bs. I can attest to that. And on top of what you said about me and those non truths . makes me wonder ;[
  4. Mola (weaponx) Cambria (Netteine) Toprush Tigerr Sexpro (RICH) en3rgy Steelc0re Greyhonda C0rps, Ray, Tight (all people who havent played in a month or so) AND BIG DADDY THAT CONQUERS ALL <
  5. I may try ra soon. I'm a top tier cnc player mainly tibsun, formally cnc3 as well. Anyone want to try to get a rookie his bearings ?
  6. I'm probably at like 50 apm.
  7. Ah mjvd what was your log? I played at a very high level of cnc3 for the first few mths. When pilbots, skynny, dackel, technique, apollo etc were runnin the game. I actually owned apollo often so it was kinda sad to see him win the wcg that year when it was in my hometown lmfao but my gf at the time had a huge issue with my gaming time. My log was Chameleon or Scrinstar on cnc3. And i was in a clan with skynny and Dmraider, etc whom I met on gamereplays I used to play with Voddy9 on ts and cnc3 as well. Fun times. We probably did play on tournie arena. The Tournie Rift map on TS was my idea, brought it from CNC3 and had Skylegend tweak it.
  8. Ah memories. Like it was yesterday. He will be back ! Besides his very last 1v1 vs me (although fitting) was a loss for him as BL GDI vs my TR NOD. So he needs to fix that. Also he did all this complaining about the vet maps and the final games were all set a the vet maps by his choice...
  9. Theres a difference between fixing bugs and glitches and changing the games dynamic
  10. The first 2 people that replied agree with me.... lol
  11. Theres clearly many people that agree thus the community is divided. When did i suggest that everyone take on my views? My opinion? You're adding context to my posts. I saw proper competition for 20 years with no changes. Far more than now. Symmetrical maps arent ts
  12. Nobody is saying dont have vet. Just I think it should be only an option thats clickable as some others have said. The ladder shouldnt be tibsun half time, firestorm others, vet some, vet not others. Like what the fuck. I cant keep track of that shit. lol. And symmetrical maps like yall keep wanting isnt what ts is about. Ts was always about different spots and diff tactics. Thats why I love TS
  13. Changing RM on ff was a mistake as was moving br. Bottom right is not that bad and 2v2 or 1v1 is fucking legit as a spot. Part of playing RM or BR or whatever was the thrill of having to be diff and try diff things to overcome. Moving tib? Moving the starting spot? Moved the tib bl etc. Dumb in m opinion. This is Tiberian Sun not another game.
  14. Part of the reason I like TS is that it isnt symmetrical all the time. I like that TR vs BL takes different strats. That is Tiberian Sun. Ffs, I dont mind the vet maps etc. There should just be both as an option. Right now I cant even keep track. half the time vet, half not some fs, some not...im like wtf on ladder. All we really needed to do was fix some bugs and obvious glitches, and then a few thinks that make sense logically like aimable sams, shared control is fine, the auto harv to tib, the clicking building instead of alt. Some of these things took getting used to for me, and I was annoyed at first but changing so many aspects of TS especially making tournie maps symmetrical ...i dunno bout all that.
  15. Ill be next if they continue to limit my posting abilities here to moderator approval. Then TS can just lose all its best most active players.
  16. Wont matter when nobody is playing now. Im out til yall stop running this like some dictatorship. You cant even tell me why youve limited my posting abilities .Have fun guys
  17. Yes, and for what? What forum rule was broken or what warn was placed on my name? There is no justification, only bias from someone that didnt like what I had to say. Id love to be quoted by post - to see what exactly got me put on limited posting.
  18. IF you do really quit. In all honesty. We had some good games and you were one of the more fun people to play against despite our not getting along we have a mutual love for this game, 1v1 and to get better. You have to this point in the game probably the best economy control ive ever seen barring maybe just atombombu. You were nearly as good as megaf0rce at his style of playing which was more methodical and campy, or a counter player if you will. If you go to another game id suggest you not take it so seriously and you give credit where credit is due and not constantly make excuses. I actually hope you dont quit forever because I enjoy playing anyone top tier, which you have been for quite a few years now. GGs
  19. We said this 100x. A few people we know who they are decided to change the game without consulting the majority.
  20. As predicted I was 100% correct and rule change domino'd...and u lost many players on the ladder. Go to the previous months and ull see that there were more players than u think. A bunch of cry babies get on here and booommmmmmm.....
  21. That is actually a great fucking idea. Mobile obelisks. Id keep them exactly as powerful as they were. And lower the power (energy needed) a tiny tiny bit, and make them non carryable ^
  22. 600% decrease in activity . Apparently it does matter. I know yall cant wrap your heads around the variables that smurf logs bring to activity . I've gathered as much. Now the ladder that was booming after years of no activity is dead once again. If you cant understand smurfing and what it entails I'm sorry. The 2 best players maybe ever on ts were huge smurfs. Schaf. Obvious and kapa on testnewbo log and others to practice And now same as then mola is the best prob 1v1. Its part of rts.
  23. nod is fine. as one of the 3 people that play it. i say its fine. me and mola agree on most not this. few changes maybe. but its good
  24. C0rps u wish u were me Then u could throw a ball 😂
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