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  1. Just once david copper fieldcan u not post wit my name FUCK, and no1 cares about that lil ra noob Sorry to burst your bubble btw but there were a lot of active players believe it or not. It domino effects. One doesnt play the others dont get a game. C0rps ur a noob I suggest highly u keep practicin and u come back when u can beat mola more than 30% of the time. Kk
  2. Blame for? For what custy? Lol. Wtf
  3. In the end activity will not be near same level on ts with this rule. If thats what yall want so be it .
  4. Different games. Rules arent the same. Anyone who knows anything about competitive games esp rts knows it will kill activity this rule. I said as much and look just like magic ladder died the minute of the rule change
  5. I actually just pieced together who dkeeton is and he should know better. Hes actually done a LOT A LOT! for this game. But this was a dumb decision and the ladder took a huge hit right away. Nobody is playing now. And c0rps u literally made a topic crying about this very matter then boom change to the rule. The ladder at more activity than it had in years YEARS and then u guys went and changed it. Now nobody is playing... -_-
  6. theres been like a 600% decrease in ladder games since this rule started.
  7. the jacker should just be able to pop out of vehicles and reqlinquish control back to the opponent or make it a neutral ai unit
  8. To avoid dodgers as u can still see who u r playing in game and people r surr n leaving. To play with friends on ladder. To get matches with other people than who you are usually matched with, or to practice the other factions or different strategies. Really there are lots of reasons, smurf logs exist in any major competitive game especially rts. look at sc, or LoL. and how many pros use smurfs. Tiberian sun itself had 9+ logs since wol, to xwis, etc then a few people cried about getting beat by mola on various logs and now we have 1 log and i think ull find ill be right and activity will dwindle at an increasing rate.
  9. A zoomer? Most tiberian sun players are not on discord
  10. lol its like a ts singles ad
  11. The problem is becoming we are changing far too much
  12. Why r the ideas not discussed on your official forums. Here. Where the vast majority of ts players communicate. This is what im talking about. -_- I dont see a thing about tiberian sun there either
  13. Aaaaaand there goes the ladder again. Dkeeton u just don't get it do u. SMH Gg ladder. Was fun 2 mths lmfao. This is what happens when people cry and then people that don't even play a game make decisions. Steel/Tiber is right. Damn.. We play a game for 20 yrs where you were allowed like 9+ logins now its 1 and if u get dodged, or u want to practice, or u get dc by some random noob and all of the other problems that come with 1 log, u can blame c0rps and the other crybabies, or the decision makers here that don't even play the game. It should be 3 logins at least. And mark my words your 1 login decision just killed the ladder.
  14. I think nod is fine. Id tweak a few tiny things. They arent supposed to be even. Nod is supposed to be the underdog and require more skill. Most the wins on ladder are nod. That being said they need to get someone competent to do the ladder maps. Youve got br vs bl terr? Part ts maps, part fs, part vet part not. I mean... -_-
  15. Few ideas , was looking for input. 1) Limit ladder logs to 3 a month. Option to delete a log after 30 days. 2) Make the fs maps not fs game based but keep the maps. Makes no sense this is TS and we haven't attempted to balance fs. Same fs maps no fs units or gameplay. 3) Get rid of the small tiberium creature laced maps. A few of these maps are such a luck fest. Ive died at least 10x stuggling vs random tib creatures on the super small maps. Its like pure luck and ruins a good game. Bring back area 51 or humbles other maps even. Ill look over maps soon post which im talking about and suggest new ones. 4) Do something about players leaving in less than 10 sec via the bug that allows others to see who is who in qm.j Ive pmd dkeeton about this. Other ideas?
  16. So why did you include my name in this discussion when you've done it more than I have and you're writing your own narrative by being a hypocrite and using my name where has no place to be. You used my name specifically for something ur doing.....lol? C0rps im very confident most of the big dogs on ts prefer me to you on here.
  17. How did i do anything underhanded? You have played more on multiple logs than me 1000% .Adorable. Why not 1 log? You recently made the 2nd. Cuz mola humiliated you 7x in a row and you made a lobby log matt23xz w/e. C0rps u dont fool me with your hypocrisy and insecurities. Lol @ clown, calm down you lil sprite. I have used 1 log on ladder far more than u yet you saw fit to include me in your cry baby post about multiple logs. Youve played way more on multiple logs attempting to hide. Even trying to go undetected making a dumb matt whatever log. You are funny. Next time you want to make a cry baby post about multiple logs on ladder and include my name, dont, youve done it far far far more than i. Ill quote your bitch post and refer you to the 10x amount of games youve played on multiple logs. Admin can check. What are all my logs? You and your 2 and your games , more than me lil fella.
  18. Point made As bad as c0rps cries about smurf logs. Makes posts then makes a smurf ladder log and normal log matt24xz whatever trying to hide.
  19. You deflecting trying to be funny doesnt work kiddo. Cant see screen that minimizes when theres a fail safe and you have to see it to dodge as you do.
  20. I know thats it. Your story is bs because the fail safes, and you surr the screen is there.
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