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  1. There is a lot more activity lately and I would like to help foster the competition by teaching those who would like some help learning how to play. My name on cncnet is c0rpsmakr, and if you'd like me to show you some things or have some questions, I'd be happy to help. Feel free to send me a personal message on here if you'd like a more one-on-one tutorial and I'll set something up with you. Let's play
  2. This whole topic is stupid, someone please close it.
  3. please put me with axel1212, if reid is on my team, i forfeit. otherwise i like this idea punker, would you be the one organizing it?
  4. i like the idea, ss's should be taken though for proof of wins that show all the players in the game.
  5. c0rpsmakr


    you're back again!? message me
  6. so you're telling me that it should be possible for some new player that hasnt even grasped the fundamentals of the game to be able to get rank 1 by playing a bunch of games on nazi world war 2000 or waterworld? um.... hell no. what kind of incentive is that for people to even bother playing the ladder if they're up against someone that can play some chopped and screwed maps and be able to win over people that have put time into learning how the game works and playing maps with standard settings? that's horse shit.
  7. I guess it is somewhat selfish to want only official maps on the ladder, regardless of if it will force players to adapt and become better. it isn't elitist to want to foster the competition on ts and TEACH players, which is the intent behind why players like punker and I wanted an official map only ladder, which IS meant for the COMPETITIVE community as the players whom solely play ffgs won't touch a ladder game. If mods were never added to the map pool so many years ago on the ladder, then I wouldn't budge on my stance in saying that there should only be ww maps, but since it has become a part of ts over the years, they should be allowed. I do, however, still feel strongly that the mods that are allowed on the ladder have requirements that must be met.
  8. I haven't posted in this topic yet because I was considering how the mod map players would feel about a strictly ww map ladder, but I think that I am inclined to agree with punker. Unless the mod maps that are put to a vote to be included in the ladder are ww style, where you have to expand, don't have free radar, dont have an EXCESSIVE amount of cash and tiberium trees to start off with, dont have 1000 power off of one powerplant, among other criteria, then they should not be allowed in the competitive scene that is trying to be cultivated here. The ladder is meant to showcase ranking among the competitive community, and allowing maps that kill off the need for entire skill sets just contradicts that. There are NO skills used on a mod map that aren't already being put to test on a ww map, while the opposite is not true. I do agree that the ladder players should be required to play on a variety of maps, but mods, unless ww style, don't belong.
  9. Kill2wice, southvibe, destroy3r (actual one), limemouse, machida, hypert1b7
  10. yes that is basically how it works on ts as well. pink always is a bottom spot if on terrace, and is either tm and rm on ff in 8 player games. in games that aren't 8 players, the colors tend to be a little more randomized as far as starting locations (aside from pink), but in 8 player games, there are always a few favored spawning positions for each. Why would you want something changed that always has been an aspect of ts, especially since it can easily be circumvented by choosing your location with the spawning position drop down box?
  11. yes that is basically how it works on ts as well. pink always is a bottom spot if on terrace, and is either tm and rm on ff in 8 player games. in games that aren't 8 players, the colors tend to be a little more randomized as far as starting locations (aside from pink), but in 8 player games, there are always a few favored spawning positions for each.
  12. c0rpsmakr


    @ energy, the tiberium below the cliff isn't dense, and is utilized in very long games. if all players are battling to secure the middle, it drains tr's funds to try to fight in the middle, as well as expand all the way to tm. but tr should reserve rm tiberium for br until they're certain that br doesn't need it against bl, which is why i always expand to the left first (along with it being closer than rm.
  13. then you haven't seen any sort of decent game of tiberian sun if that is your perspective. games can go from 5 mins to 2 hours with a huge range of situational tactics and intense micro+macro control....
  14. c0rpsmakr


    im not going back and forth with you. i wasnt the one that emp'd "30 secs" before. my emp was less than 5 seconds away, say what youd like about who had what, it really doesn't matter.
  15. c0rpsmakr


    theres nothing delusional about all of tight's units about to be empd.... you were kicked out of middle, regardless of how much you were floating.... in fights for the middle you can have as much money as you want, but if you cant sustain it its useless, especially if your opponent has more units than you already and owns the tiberium trees. that's some long game knowledge for all of you wanting to learn how to do it by the way.
  16. if you turn barracks off after you make the jj and turn it back on it tends to not happen as much, but it still occurs about 20% of the time even if you do that.
  17. mega was up until like 2009, then kapa came along . but yeah, everything you just said, dan, ive already repeated 300 times on these stupid topics but people continue to rehash them hoping to see their names in these lists after everyone that was good competition has left. most people that join games would still be getting kicked if the amount of good players would be even as high as it was in 2008 (which was still basically dead).
  18. Our community has been revitalized thanks to your work with cncnet and giving us a well-done and supported server. There are a few small things that could be added (such as a kick button so that when people go afk in game rooms you dont have to remake the game if they return before another player joins), but everything so far has been satisfactory. Thanks and keep going
  19. youre an awful player and have a terrible attitude, therefore you should not be commentating.
  20. just wondering if the ladder/clans are being worked on or is this everything that will be on cncnet?
  21. what the hell are you talking about frodo? the only person who talks that way about people is trz, and when hes referred to me ive just responded to it. and what does that have to do with this topic anyway? i wish the cncgamer site was still up
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