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  1. who gave their special child access to the internet again?
  2. lol dont get me wrong, i love a good old mod game, but when the gameplay has now turned into a nod camp orgy sam site fest, it sorta takes the fun out of it lol its been like that for years though, and i dont even know if people still play battleday anymore, that was the last shit mod that i actually ended up liking.
  3. is english your second language? there must be some alternate meanings to everything that has been said because youre really having a hard time grasping the concept.
  4. that's good to hear, you know i'll contribute with ideas and organization when things get rolling.
  5. im not understanding what you dont ascertain from this whole problem, chill. you made up a fake tournament stating that i was organizing it and perpetuated this on the forum.... do you not understand that this doesnt make sense?
  6. wuss, lord of mods not wanting to play battleday!? :X
  7. Can one of the admins please warn this person for making false claims about a tournament that I've never even heard of? This is the second or third time they've done this and it's utter bullshit. You can't tell people that I'm hosting a tournament when I dont even know who the hell you are, nor have I ever discussed anything regarding hosting a tournament.
  8. I was never even spoken to about this, but if you wanted to speak with me/humble to help organize something, I'd be glad to.
  9. well... A. NUMBER OF PLAYERS- unless there is a high enough number of players participating, there won't be any interest. added to that the fact that some of the players that would want to participate are afraid that there would be no point in entering because one of the better players will just win anyway. To avoid that, there should be multiple maps played and/or a 2v2 or 3v3 tournament with teams of one good player, one average player, and a newer player having to work together or something similar. B. INCENTIVE- nobody will want to play unless there is a prize of some sort, even $10 or something would make people want to play a tournament on a free game. C. AVAILABILITY- because players are from different time zones, the tournament organizer would have to be vigilant at keeping the times coordinated or figuring out when different players are online at the same time. This could be done by having players submit the times during the week that they will be on ts, and from there the tournament organizer will set the times and make sure players remember/adhere to their scheduled game times. D. MARKETING- if nobody knows about the tournament, nobody will be interested. Also assuring fairness as far as evenly balanced teams and multiple maps (including some mods) will incite interest among all sorts of players. Having a few people as designated observers will prevent people from lying about wins, and they can also record the games or take screenshots throughout. E. DEDICATED ORGANIZER- if the team organizing the tournament decides one day that the tournament isn't worth their time/effort, it is failed from the start. Not only will those responsible for organizing it need to be committed to ensuring that the tournament is finished, they need to ensure that the players will finish it as well, even if it means disqualifying players that go missing or end up not playing their games.
  10. if you could format it and figure it out i would be happy to help/participate humble.
  11. why would you want to disable options in the game and limit what can be done? firestorm wall kills both hunter seekers and missles if it's done correctly...
  12. Thank you for all of your work as these bugs have been an annoyance ever since the beginning of the game.
  13. exactly... choosing whom you play to avoid losses defeats the entire purpose of the ladder.
  14. c0rpsmakr

    two errors

    bump. i still have this problem. the disconnection screen that comes up keeps the countdown at 32 and doesnt show any changes in connection or any graphics changes at all, but all of the functions still work. basically the screen doesnt change at all until the end of the 32 second countdown or the disconnection issue is fixed/someone is kicked.
  15. if you join games where the map is set to "Terraces", you should spectate so you can watch what people do. at the beginning of the game, the most important things to do are scout and not be scouted, as well as set up your economy for the rest of the game. you should also learn the functions of units and what they're good/bad against, as it seems you dont know what units counter others yet. wolverines, cyborgs, and attack buggies are useless units and you shouldn't even consider making them aside from being for scouting purposes. placing refineries right next to tiberium, keeping watch of your opponent's base so you can see what they will attack with, and placing groups of 3 light infantry around your base to kill incoming scouts are all fundamental tips to start practicing. avoid playing modified maps for now, as they are made to be easier than westwood maps, and you will adapt to only being able to play with the free radar, massive amounts of easily obtained cash, along with other alterations they offer, and you will feel discouraged to play on official maps because they take longer to become familiar with and are more challenging. i'd be happy to help show you some thing when im online, my login is c0rpsmakr.
  16. Happy Holidays Fireworx, come back to ts
  17. c0rpsmakr

    two errors

    the screen stays at 32, but it does kick the person that disconnects, and i can kick people, it just doesnt show the screen move when i do anything.
  18. c0rpsmakr

    two errors

    1. I can't ever load in a peer-to-peer game, how can i prevent myself from disconnecting during the load? 2. when someone disconnects during the game, the countdown stays on 32 the entire time and i cant see who is being suggested for kicks or who is still in the game.
  19. wow.... throwbacks. wasn't the clan n2ke? here's one from 2005 https://web.archive.org/web/20050512005551/http://www.cncgamer.com/ and one from 2008, god... 2008 was 7 years ago... https://web.archive.org/web/20081221003347/http://gamerwarzone.com/forum/?showtopic=15256
  20. There is a way to prevent this from happening... place same-color waypoints on your pads and have the final waypoint placed on the ground, then command your bombers/bans to land on the pads by clicking the waypoints. Once your planes have reloaded, they will land on the ground where the waypoint marker is, and the next empty plane will land on the pad, and this pattern will continue until all of your planes are reloaded and sitting on the ground.
  21. Randomly selecting players to play eachother is the only fair way to do this, which is what wuss suggested a while ago. When I do come on to play, I get less than a handful of people willing to vs me, and i know its a problem for several others. 3 matches a day for players to vs eachother is fine in my opinion PS: Thank you cncnet for providing a ladder and working to maintain/improve it, it's very much appreciated.
  22. hey, so I was playing ladder games two days ago, just fine, and now when i try to make a game, there is no option for a ladder game, just private or normal. is there another way to set it?
  23. you should also not dodge other players sexpro, as you've done twice.
  24. lol educate him reid, def not the plains of africa
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