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  1. lol wuss, well that's why i made this topic. I'm looking for players that are either just starting off learning how to play official maps or that want to learn how. anyone already familiar with how to play won't really be much of a project.
  2. this topic has nothing to do with you trz, if you want to coattail on to my topic, do it elsewhere. your attitude isn't welcome here, nor will i respond any further to you. this is not about battling you or pitting players that are taught against eachother, this is for the good of the community and i don't want you to have anything to do with it.
  3. With the somewhat spike in activity, I've decided that I'll be willing to teach two people how to play, and I'm willing to teach everything I know. It would benefit me to help create some more competition on here for fun and to bring a little more life to ts, along with the fact that most of the people that I've taught have either stopped playing or turned out to just be a nuisance to the community (carnage aka electrjcs when i taught him before the ego, and mikerara). I'd like to see who would be interested in learning and improving here. I'm free most afternoons, 3:15-8 Pacific Standard Time, and I'd like to pass on what I've learned over the years. I've competed against the best of the best over the the last 9 years and have a wealth of knowledge to offer. But as stated before, I only have the patience to teach two people right now, at a time. Let me know if you're interested.
  4. axel1212, mechacaseal, stej, spawn1uk, nodrescue, eatme, chick00, huegel222, my cup of coffee, donald duck. honorable mentions: phenomena, gstery2k
  5. hi fir3 . bring them here! and show them the youtube video that you made of my tutorial
  6. this topic has been done more times than you've deferred talking about the ladder system on cncnet. it's redundant and pointless, there aren't enough players to worth mentioning in a "top players list". so yes, i think that a topic that has been beaten into the ground on a game with fewer good players than can be counted on one hand should indeed be closed.
  7. another stupid topic with someone's recollections of who beat who. sidenote: who the hell is this "benny"?
  8. close this spam topic please, thanks.
  9. it's been a while, but i'd be interested sky.
  10. I liked your story zeoinx. there is a map on ts called forest fires where i've had 4 hour long games vs people and the entire map is cut in half along the river with sams, firestorm, masses of titans and bombers. very fun ones. if i find the ss's i'll post them
  11. I'd be happy to help you out, my log on cncnet is c0rpsmakr (maybe with an underscore and a number afterwards depending on how many times my wifi disconnects me), so feel free to message me.
  12. emp is VERY important, but not a MUST unless they have an obscene amount of things, or you know they will be sending units constantly to where you wont be able to defend without it. ticks, rockets, lasers, hijacker, all very useful vs tits. artillery are good if you can control them, but id rather have ticks vs tits early on in the game, artillery are great for longer games, not shorter games. and anytime you want some help just IM me on cncnet, ill be using c0rpsmakr, i have a wireless connection that gets disconnected sometimes so it will show my name as c0rpsmakr_0,1,2,3, etc until i relog back on.
  13. your titans are basically dead and i had a cyborg commando coming out. and you have no mcv or expansion, you invested all of your early game funds into a failed ko. instead of blabbering incessantly and not knowing what you're doing, you should watch some other videos like sol, movieno0b, or kapa and learn some things...
  14. you are absolutely dense if you think you were remotely close to even ko'ing me..... you are still learning the fundamentals of how to play the game, so it's best that you save your trash talk for after you do. id even teach you, but you come off as super pig-headed and i don't think it would be a useful investment in my time...
  15. im actually embarrassed that you even got my mcv.
  16. nod can really only attack once it's "teched", meaning it has made its tech center. nod's 4 attacks consist of subs+engs, subs+cc, banshees, and missile. nods other units are mostly defensive, or are far too easy to kill to be offensive units (eg devil's tongues, cycles, stealth tanks) unless your opponent has little to no defense in the area you're attacking. early on in the game, men rushes are used, but those are meant to scout the opponent and apply early game pressure to prevent 1/2 ref rush bo's, or to distract the opponent and supplement an attack using a stronger unit simultaneously, (eg sending infantry to kill an opponent's engineer so that they can't repair a building as you fly in a disruptor or cyborg commando) . nod is the more defensive side of the two, and its attacks are more stealthy in nature, and can really only be used in vulnerable areas of your opponents base if they are controlled very well and very quickly (as engs are weak and die easily, once they come out of the sub you'd need to send them inside a building incredibly fast if there is defense nearby). an extremely useful hint is to "group" your units, by clicking the unit and holding down CNTRL and pressing a number, so that you can select the important unit immediately to control it. once you assign the unit a number, you can just press the number on your keyboard and the unit will be selected and ready to be controlled. usually i assign the number 2 to my subs and a 1 to my primary attacking unit (cc or engs), but it's your preference cyborg commandos (otherwise known as a cc) are strong, but against an rpg, a couple titans, or 2 bombers, they're easily destroyed, so they must be used like gdi uses mammoths (ie mks): by popping your sub up (usually along the outside of the opponents base) and picking off buildings or units in vulnerable areas, then retreating (again, best used by grouping your sub+cc). banshees are expensive and take a while before you can really use them as offense, as you need at least 4 to take out a main building (war, mcv, or ref), but until then, they can be used as defense vs disrs, titans, or mks. it takes 3 to kill an opponent's ref that ISN'T being repaired, otherwise it takes at least 4, but if they have an engineer, you'll be wasting your time attacking their building. 5 banshees take out a main building in 2 shots, therefore it takes 10 to destroy a building in one volley. multi missiles can take out any building in one hit, depending on the specific spot of the building that you target, and the angle that the missile is being shot from. generally, the one-shot location for missiles are between the center/top of the building you're trying to kill, so experiment and find out where they are, because missiles are very good to have, as nod can be under heavy pressure and isn't able to spend its money on attacking units like subs+engs or cc, and missiles once built can be continuously used for FREE + they can take out any structure if used right. nod's attacks are best used in combination with eachother, because they're easy to thwart on their own. here are a few examples of combos: -using an empty sub or devil's tongue to distract the opponent's defense while you use a sub full of engs or a cc in another part of their base is a good tactic, because when subterranean units are underground they all look the same to the opponent's Mobile Sensory Array (MSA, the unit that once deployed can detect underground units and stealthed buildings/units), so your opponent can't determine which ones are apcs and which are devils, nor are they able to tell which ones are full of units or empty. -having some devils come burn the opponent's infantry around a building so engs can be used -sending a harpy to shoot an opponent's eng or having a sub popup and squish the eng (by selecting the sub, holding down ALT and clicking on the infantry unit that you want to squish) so that only 4 banshees are needed to take out a building, -if the opponent's defense will kill a cc before it can kill the building on its own, using a couple banshees in combination with a cyborg commando (cc) to take out a building faster -using banshees and a missile together to knock out both your opponent's mcv and war factory. there are many ways you can use your units together, but these are the most common examples.
  17. nod is harder to be good with than gdi, as you have to use a variety of units in different situations, as opposed to gdi, as well as having slower and more expensive attacks than gdi. in any game you play, your setup will dictate the pace of the game, and gdi has far more attack and rushing options than nod. the safest way to start a game is to scout the entire map, and if you are unable to scout inside your opponents base, scout the perimeter around it as close as possible, so that when they have an attack out, you are able to see it coming from any direction. the best defense nod has vs disrs are sams, because if they can't fly freely around inside your base, they won't be able to attack you at your most vulnerable spots. aside from having sams, rocket infantry are ideal vs disrs, as those combined with a couple of sams can prevent a disuptor from even landing, but having too many sams .... well, having too many of anything will cause you to sacrifice unnecessary money and time into units/buildings you dont even need, so the trick is to figure out a happy medium. 21 shots from a rocket infantry will kill it, so making 7 rockets will kill the disruptor in 3 shots, and making a laser when the disruptor lands along with an engineer to repair the building when it is about to die will allow you to kill the disruptor without losing a building if all of your rockets are hitting it. this is just a basic nod tip, but i have to go, so ill touch more on it later if you'd like.
  18. there is a video f1rew0rx or someone with a name similar to that made where i was teaching them how to play that is about 40 minutes long on youtube somewhere. it's more helpful to be able to address questions and explain specific situations on a case-by-case basis, imo.
  19. My favorite thing to teach and play , are you going to be on tonight?
  20. There is a lot more activity lately and I would like to help foster the competition by teaching those who would like some help learning how to play. My name on cncnet is c0rpsmakr, and if you'd like me to show you some things or have some questions, I'd be happy to help. Feel free to send me a personal message on here if you'd like a more one-on-one tutorial and I'll set something up with you. Let's play
  21. This whole topic is stupid, someone please close it.
  22. please put me with axel1212, if reid is on my team, i forfeit. otherwise i like this idea punker, would you be the one organizing it?
  23. i like the idea, ss's should be taken though for proof of wins that show all the players in the game.
  24. c0rpsmakr


    you're back again!? message me
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