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  1. c0rpsmakr


    im not going back and forth with you. i wasnt the one that emp'd "30 secs" before. my emp was less than 5 seconds away, say what youd like about who had what, it really doesn't matter.
  2. c0rpsmakr


    theres nothing delusional about all of tight's units about to be empd.... you were kicked out of middle, regardless of how much you were floating.... in fights for the middle you can have as much money as you want, but if you cant sustain it its useless, especially if your opponent has more units than you already and owns the tiberium trees. that's some long game knowledge for all of you wanting to learn how to do it by the way.
  3. if you turn barracks off after you make the jj and turn it back on it tends to not happen as much, but it still occurs about 20% of the time even if you do that.
  4. mega was up until like 2009, then kapa came along . but yeah, everything you just said, dan, ive already repeated 300 times on these stupid topics but people continue to rehash them hoping to see their names in these lists after everyone that was good competition has left. most people that join games would still be getting kicked if the amount of good players would be even as high as it was in 2008 (which was still basically dead).
  5. Our community has been revitalized thanks to your work with cncnet and giving us a well-done and supported server. There are a few small things that could be added (such as a kick button so that when people go afk in game rooms you dont have to remake the game if they return before another player joins), but everything so far has been satisfactory. Thanks and keep going
  6. youre an awful player and have a terrible attitude, therefore you should not be commentating.
  7. just wondering if the ladder/clans are being worked on or is this everything that will be on cncnet?
  8. what the hell are you talking about frodo? the only person who talks that way about people is trz, and when hes referred to me ive just responded to it. and what does that have to do with this topic anyway? i wish the cncgamer site was still up
  9. just because you're a mod here doesn't mean that your name is known in the ts community. being a mod also doesn't negate the fact that you're criticizing people for trash talking and then doing it yourself...
  10. who are you calling people an idiot when you are..... well you're not even known here. if you dislike the trash talk then don't do it yourself, hypocrite.
  11. still making up numbers and lying, ps i like your new terrible strategy of not expanding and bunking in main and throwing every unit you can and still losing... still drudging up old top 10 topics in an attempt to make yourself look relevant here. enjoy being banned from every game for your idiotic cocky mouth yet again until the ladder is made.
  12. I just moved a month ago and i have high speed internet, its just wifi.... i was wondering if there was something that could be done to where im not disconnecting from the server every few minutes?
  13. why is there a list when nobody good plays except like 5 people? me, kapa, ollie, and cigar as it's been for the last few months since seb left, the rest are decent.
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