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  1. I have a single name on the ladder, you have 3 with nearly double the amount of games I do. K...
  2. c0rpsmakr

    harv bombs

    There is nothing more to say on this, you clearly have your mind made up and made this topic to fight with people rather than actually see peoples' perspectives. Everything I've said remains valid and won't bother with this circular discussion anymore.
  3. c0rpsmakr

    harv bombs

    As mentioned above, they're very difficult/impossible depending on the bo to stop them early enough in the game, as mobile units would need to meet them outside the base to prevent them from destroying half of someone's base. It's very easy for the person using the harv bomb to do a bo that allows for the loss of however many harvs to use as harv bombs without affecting their econ much. They can literally be made and sent to an opponent as soon as they have their first ref.... that's impossible to keep outside of your base without going 1 ref mech units or spamming rpgs. If they're not kept out, the player falling victim to them will have one/two main buildings destroyed, or a ton of smaller buildings. In short- it's overpowered and cheap.
  4. Appreciate that objectivity MJ
  5. Firstly, noob2, I'd like to thank you for donating your time, money, and energy into something like this, regardless of the outcome. This is quite an undertaking and committing to it alone for the good of the game is something that I hope everyone appreciates and is willing to contribute to in whatever way possible. Secondly, if you would like any input I would be happy to give whatever support I could lend.
  6. Please post links to these said wins vs me that you have. Also, I will be on Thursday so you can attempt to study my patterns and eventually beat me every game.... 🙃
  7. Frz, since you want to suddenly be a foul little hobbit, I'll play: you've never been anything more than "okay" in the entirety of TS, nor will you, even after me attempting to help you approximately a year and a half ago, which is astounding since you're "so much smarter" than I. The ONLY time I can even recall losing to you in any 1v1 was on a map I had played less than 3 times, which was tournament rift, as nod, not that any of these fucking anecdotal game stories from anybody mean anything whatsoever, since I'm willing and able to demonstrate my abilities vs ANYBODY on this game as both factions and on any map. Aside from the fact that there are barely any even decent players left, which makes all of these lists cringeworthy, it's really hilarious to me how extremely biased and subjective they are based on if the person likes someone or not. Very few are actually able to legitimately give an opinion based on observation, rather than an emotional perspective, but this doesn't come as a surprise. There are fewer than 6 players that even know what to do in a long game anymore, which by the way takes far more skill, patience, and understanding of the game than any 5-10 min all out balls-to-the-wall ko attempt before expanding. So regardless of whether any of you find it "boring", the fact is that it requires far more macro and awareness, as well as actual strategy, as opposed to controlling a few units and relying on early game surprise. There's just so much more to fucking do AT THE SAME TIME and know how to do: watching your harvs so they're not being hunted while attacking this section of your opponent's base, controlling your cash flow, planning when the most opportune time to use your emp is/where to use it, controlling this group of units over here while doing so with others in another location, continuing to expand to the next patch, middlefighting [which is a whole beast in itself], knowing how to control the tib patches or take control of them from your opponent, all of these among many others, along with the sheer speed, attention, planning, and skill it takes to do all of these simultaneously. That's why the best players on other similar games such as Starcraft aren't the constant cheesers, they're the ones with strong mechanics and can anticipate their opponent and play the game at any point in its duration. Players that are able to transition from short game to a solid long game are impressive, and there are almost NONE of those left. Aphrodlte was a major twat, but he was able to do ridiculous rushes and transition into a very strong long game. The 3 most notable best players in TS history after the meta was established and the game was figured out were all econ-based players- Mega, Schaf, and kapa. If people maybe took the time to actually learn how to play long game (especially since I'm always willing to teach others), they might find out how intense and enjoyable it actually is. This is the last I'll say on this topic.
  8. I actually made a few maps, probably 10 years ago. There are many decently made maps available now, but ones with severely skewed options such as 10000 power off one powerplant, $21304235 from one harv load, large maps with one entrance and creating rules to prevent expanding really don't help anybody.
  9. But you're not, that's the thing. "Skill kiddy unable to play other games", way to make an assumption... "Crumble if they run into something that they haven't encountered before", yeah, no. Unnecessary to respond any further.
  10. If the mods you refer to were actually made with an ounce of consideration for fundamental skills needed to play ts, rather than trample all over any need to expand, make more than one powerplant, and use every option (no engs, no build out, no gate bombing, basically rendering gdi absolutely useless if nod actually knows what it's doing), then that may be a fair perspective.
  11. Excuse you Frz? I honestly have nothing else to say aside from that being utter bullshit and quite a surprise coming from you, not in a way where I'm insulting your skill, but just surprising that you'd talk shit about me, but k.
  12. I was actually gone for a month, but honestly there's not another game like TS. I just realized that it's mostly the toxicity of the players that made me not want to be on, so I'll avoid playing with the like.
  13. Where in my post did I claim that I was anywhere near decent pre 2006, what is the point of responding with such a catty remark? Everything in my post still applies, aka there aren't enough players left to have such a list, just as there weren't even 7-9 years ago. The remaining decent player pool the last time I recall, at least in 1v1, omitting myself from the list: Tigerr, Toprush, ollie, you, and trz.... If I were to include people who play once a month or less: avan, i0nst0rm, phatmouse, tight4lif, finecigar (maybe as I never got to see him when he returned), cambria, and maybe skylegend. No other players have a 1v1 that could come close to a winning ratio vs anybody mentioned above. Outside of those, the players that could hold their own in a 2v2: energy, NME, humble, steelcore, sexpro, frzflame, wuss, mjvd, nate, greyhonda, trooper, jesuschrist, powerush... The people that wouldn't get kicked due to lack of players: dogshigh, spyder, and maybe 3-4 others that I can't think of at the moment. That is literally the remaining player pool on official maps, which includes those that are almost never on. That's approximately 30.... No point for a "top 10" list.
  14. There haven't been 10 active good players left for years, and unfortunately this will only decline at this point in TS' life cycle. This may be hard for all of you who started TS after 2015 to understand, but having more than 4-6 actually skilled players online at the same time hasn't happened for a very, very long time. People don't even know how to expand safely/properly or understand how to manage their funds. Something I posted way back in 2012 that applies even more since 7 years have passed: these lists keep getting more humorous progressively. the "top 10" are far worse nowadays than they used to be, speaking as one of them and as someone who has played against all of the best players on a regular basis for the past 4/5 years.we have all had less practice at a higher level since kapa, megaf0rce, hotdiego, movieno0b, idioty2k, phatmouse, cambriaaa, w0dkabull, tight4lif, elitefox1, katsemoto, aphrodlte, summ3rsun, avancado, and dachschaf stopped playing. having a "top player" list nowadays is moronic, as there is literally, borderline NO competition.
  15. That's not the case with the ladder, you don't have to have the same logs on the ladder that you do when you play regular games. So if you never log in to play a casual terr/ff game with whatever ladder name you're using, it won't show it in the names list.
  16. naw m8, you just missed me lol
  17. I definitely appreciate you and your thoughtful way of conducting yourself and always have "growing up" with you on ts from our noob days. You've been a pleasure to play and chat with m8, I will indeed miss you and the other great people I met and got to know over the years.
  18. not into games that have fps attributes, unfortunately I'll be on for the next few hours if people want to get some last games in. If not, bye!
  19. Firstly, the maps aren't supposed to be symmetrical. I'd argue that MOST of the maps on the ladder are nod-favored, having one or a few narrow entrances, map teeming with tib veins/obstacles making it impossible for gdi to use ground units early, long distance maps with ion storms. All of these favor nod, so if you don't want to play it, reject it, or convince the admins to limit the ladder to solely symmetrical maps (which would be fair, but boring). Secondly, you definitely don't have even close to a winning ratio or even matching win/loss vs me, including on your hiding logs that you made to abuse the ladder, so let's not go there. Just because you record literally every game and post every single win you've ever gotten and I don't, doesn't mean you can construct this false narrative to try and back up your point.
  20. Now we've delved into name calling/baseless insults. It's clear there's no more possibly productive discussion happening on your end. I won't engage with children.
  21. I don't care that you never liked me, never have I cared, nor does it matter. My "vote" and voice counts as I have been a part and contributed quite a bit to this community. You don't have any idea of the number or names of people I've taught, whether or not it's by working with them from the very beginning of changing resolutions/hotkeys, some reading guides I've made over the years, watching my games, even being given one or two tips. You saying something moronic like "everyone you've trained failed hard", as if someone has to be near decent to have a good experience learning and playing ts, clearly demonstrates how negative of a perspective you have. Also, my points are all valid. I still play and will be until September.
  22. It doesn't matter that I'm leaving, that doesn't make TS yours or anyone else's to mess with for everyone else. I still care about this game, which is why I've spent an immeasurable amount of time teaching so many players for YOU, mola, and the rest of the community to play with after I'm gone. Nothing you said is a sensible response to what I pointed out; if you and the people wanting to make changes want to play with your veteran upgrades, cool, make your own mod or set your ffgs and do so. Also glad to see you back mjvd :). (Sidenote: i completely forgot/miss cactuar)
  23. I was questioning if sams in general shot further, because bm was gdi, yes, it seemed as if it shot further but it wasn't a 100% matter of fact thing, but I guess that's not the case. Regardless, that's not what I'm concerned with.
  24. I've already said everything I've had to say for the most part three times over in the past. But I will address the fact that you, Humble, said that I'm stubborn or close-minded, suggested doubling nod's power, and said sam site range is upgraded, when in fact I'm neither close-minded and never said either of those. What I SUGGESTED probably 3-4 months ago, when you all were trying to yet again change the way ts has fundamentally been for the past 20 years, was if I were to mod my own version of ts with any balance updates, I would ENTERTAIN the idea of reducing nod's power plant costs by $100, so a standard pp would be $200, and an adv pp would be $400, which is a slight change, but possibly enough so to allow nod to have extra time to make other defensive structures, being that nod has no early powerful defensive structures (gdi's rpg), in order to compensate for the need to pop out additional static defense. But yet again, this was nothing but an idea for MY OWN MOD if i were to ever make one, and not force it upon everyone else. The thing that those of you feeling the need to make alterations dont understand is, none of you have the "right" to make a game that's been the same way for years suddenly different. You are not the creators, this isn't your game, and as much as you think you know what needs to be done to improve it (balance changes, veteran changes, whatever aside from obvious game glitches/errors) it is your opinion. TS isn't any more your game than any other player, whether they pick it up tomorrow or someone who's been playing much longer than you. If you want to set your own games with these maps that you created and try to influence others to do the same, fine, but make sure it doesn't affect the ladder, which should be impartial to anybody's preferences (aka unaltered, regular maps).
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