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  1. This was talked about in like 3 topics prior. This is an almost completely different game than what was played on wol/xwis. The absolute best players from xwis (mega, kapa, schaf, dlte, gster, diego, etc) would need time to adapt to the lack of delay in unit response time, but yes- if given 2-3 months time of constant playing, the absolute top players would be better than 99%, very possibly even all of us that play now, speaking as someone that played with all of the strong players from 2005 until now. As far as raising the skill ceiling on TS, the top level players can only really improve their micro/macro, whether its upgrading equipment so they can see more of the map, or getting used to using more hotkeys. There are only so many actions one can do, and the tactics/strategies are all figured out. However...... the level of the average player can grow drastically if everyone actually focused on improving and unlearning bad habits, but there's no motivation to anymore. There arent clans or incentivized tournaments that give people the drive to do it.
  2. Firstly you haven't said a single credible thing any time that you've spoken in the entirety that you've been posting on this forum, or in game to be frank, as you always complain about "bugs" when you lose even though there aren't any of these so-called "bugs" that you speak of, and you just refuse to accept that you're not playing optimally, along with just having a horrible attitude and skewed game perspective, which is why I never even give you the time of day with a response, but for the sake of further clarifying a very easily understood concept, I'll bite: YES, it does force people to play the game the way they want it for anybody who wants to play the ladder, every single map is a vet map, every single one. I've even asked for half vet/half regular maps to be brought to the table but that idea was rejected. So, again, and for the final time, YES IT DOES. If I cared a single iota of what you thought, some random new person that has 0 knowledge of the history of this community/game aside from the... what, 1/maybe 2 years you've shown up to say things that are twisted and factually inaccurate, I would go back through the forums and pull out quotes of me thanking those who are involved with fixing ACTUAL bugs/glitches, such as the old jj bug, and giving the rest of us a place to play this 20+ year old game. My "2/3 mememe" post was pointing out how it's illogical that I'm somehow hurting TS when I've been the main one helping out the community for decades longer than those like you who show up to post nonsense. Consider this the only time you'll get attention from me.
  3. Ollie, negative attitudes from people who have nothing to offer to the game, sorry what? Who has been literally the only person taking brand new players from absolute scratch and going through the process of teaching them, including yourself, for longer than YOU have even been able to 1 shot with a disruptor? How many topics have I created offering my advice and allowing my games to be spectated so that players like yourself have more people in the long run to be able to play with? What you and most seem to completely disregard or haven't seen is that on MANY occasions, I stated that TS isn't completely balanced and I would have ideas for my own improvements, but it would be my own modded version of TS for others to try and not force it upon the increasingly small player base that exists. That is what none of you seem to comprehend. This is the absolute last time I will repeat myself and have anybody cherry pick things I've said and take them out of context to make me and others out to be the enemy of perceived progress. Do any of you honestly think that the only person that cared enough to put over 14 years into training others and helping foster the competition of this game really doesn't want things to get better, seriously? "These people opposing Vet are simple minded stubborn elitists who are taking their stance out of bitterness and resentment. It is very clear by reading the private message corpsmakr posted that his problem is not with the patch itself but a personal problem with the individual who made it. " Um excuse you? The ENTIRE reason personal problems exist between me and those people is BECAUSE of this mandate on all competitive play. Just because I don't agree with with how those people think they're helping, that makes me a hater, nasty, elitist, foul burden to the game, what kind of f*cksh*t is that? It's clear that you're going to keep drawing up inaccurate conclusions about me and my stance on this, and I won't subject myself to any more of this circular, pointless discussion. Enjoy.
  4. yeah, not here for your bs. it would be great if someone looked into those logs please, pretty certain some of those are his.
  5. Alright, so mola having at least 4 active logs on the ladder and constantly alternating them to prevent chance of point loss on higher point logs is against the rules, correct? (Which is the reason one name on the ladder is sufficient). (Snk, wpx, versus, triggered, downshift, k2, however many others there are)
  6. So, only 3 logs are allowed on the ladder, correct?
  7. lol @ all these replies directed at my response to PUNKER. There's hatred spewed and ignorance in abundance that just pours over the forum and in game. Just because it's not AS MUCH as other games, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist in surplus here. I could go through so many forums and game chats and quote everyone who decided to address me (which is unnecessary considering my post was directed at Punker), saying extremely foul things about one player or another, and not even referring to game play. The amount of foul things said about others' personal situations, whether its their children, a substance abuse situation, racism, relationship issues, or other assumed personal information is demonstrated every single day excessively. Now I honestly don't care, since words from idiots on a computer game have 0 effect on my life, but there many players who actually do and want to make friends online, and get discouraged because of this reason. But to make this actually relevant to the topic, if you want to make another player analysis-type thing Punker, go for it, but 1. The player pool is increasingly small as it is, and 2. You'll have to ignore the people that will be quick to start arguments in what could be a productive effort 😉
  8. Admins mind warning/deleting spammers?
  9. So... what happened to all of the ladder games I played this month on my xxcomxx log?
  10. If you would want to take on something like this yourself, Punker, you would just need to be ready for the onslaught of flaming that would ensue. On another game with a less toxic community, yes, this could be a fun idea.
  11. This will be the only time that I respond, because clearly what I said hasn't been received. Glitch fixes- good, new maps- good, forcing alterations to unit functions on anyone who wants to play ts competitively- bad. Unit changes and bug fixes do not have to coincide in the same patch/maps.
  12. Just thought I would share this conversation so everyone could understand the two polar opposite points of view on this spectrum. Feel free to add your input if you would like to have more of a say in what happens, because I am quite tired of repeating myself honestly. I also understand that I'm not coming off very politely, but given that I've been badgered about this an excessive amount of times and that I didn't even want to get into this in the first place, I think it's definitely warranted. Regardless, I've changed the color font for the more important/relevant parts of the conversation, if you want to have a long read, this is here: (9) [01:18 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> btw congrats on winning last month (9) [01:18 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> hope he sent u a nice pc (9) [01:18 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> (9) [04:10 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> if you have legit feedback on vet patch other than 'ww didnt do it' i would be glad to listen (9) [04:10 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> assuming you know the actual changes (9) [04:11 AM] <c0rpsmakr> there's nothing to say, ts isnt yours to screw with for everyone else, and the fact that anybody who even wants to attempt the ladder competitively HAS to play on humblefied ts is ridiculous. (9) [04:11 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> im not the only one that made vet (9) [04:11 AM] <c0rpsmakr> im done chatting with you about this (9) [04:11 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> tons of players helped with feedback (9) [04:11 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> your choice (9) [04:11 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> as always, no actual feedback, just blanket statements (9) [04:11 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> but im fine with not discussing it, no point actually (9) [04:13 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> maybe you should be playing default ts on xwis with all the glitches and 52 fps and standard buggy maps if you like it so much ... (9) [04:13 AM] <c0rpsmakr> i read all the alterations ages ago. ive specifically stated things that i would have done if i were to make my own mod for ts and not force it upon everyone else, like you've so generously done (9) [04:13 AM] <c0rpsmakr> this was addressed MONTHS ago (9) [04:13 AM] <c0rpsmakr> im not a parrot and repeating myself (9) [04:13 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> i remember you stating something about power plants, half price or something? (9) [04:13 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> (for nod) (9) [04:14 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> or was it double power production (9) [04:14 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> i really think either of those would make nod way more op than what vet does (9) [04:15 AM] <c0rpsmakr> i literally said to reduce powerplants by $100, that's the only thing im going to repeat. (9) [04:15 AM] <c0rpsmakr> and ONLY IF IT WERE MY MODIFIED TS FOR OTHERS TO TRY (9) [04:15 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> you know you seem to always have a really poor and aggressive attitude, even when people are trying to be polite with you, i hope you realize that (9) [04:17 AM] <c0rpsmakr> when people dont recognize that their selfish behavior negatively affects an entire community and refuses to understand/care about that, and keeps attempting to drudge up old topics and cherrypick statements that they "think" i said, or listen to what others incorrectly quote me as saying, then im not going to be polite (9) [04:17 AM] <c0rpsmakr> i dont want to speak to someone that does this. (9) [04:17 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> last game i asked you if it is true you said those things, i did not accuse you of saying them (9) [04:17 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> how else am i supposed to know if it is true or not (9) [04:18 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> you know there is a reason so many modders like giants all go nod, so many new players want to play ts and want to be nod, and basically get told they have to be gdi and pump titans and get depressed and turn to mods (9) [04:18 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> you dont see me playing nod, and yet i have no problem on vet... gdi is still stronger faction in most cases (9) [04:19 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> its a joke that 1 bomber can take out multiple deployed tick tanks, that they should be so weak when deployed, and its a joke cc cant hit any moving targets, two 800$ non tech titans rape a cc that is expensive, requires tech and ton2 (9) [04:20 AM] <c0rpsmakr> if you want to have a dialogue on gdi vs nod fairness, that's fine. but to completely overhaul the game in the way you see fit with input from a handfull of people, and force people who want to play the ladder to do so on your perspective of how the game should be is quite fucked up (9) [04:21 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> default ts has no quickmatch, doesnt have all these maps, doesnt have all the patches and glitch fixes and features (9) [04:21 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> it is also 52 fps, this is obviously not vanilla ts (9) [04:21 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> in vanilla ts, you cant even expand out of tl without glitching or toggling (9) [04:22 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> if people want to play the quickmatch in a fair and balanced environment, they are welcome to, if they want to play default maps they are also welcome to (9) [04:22 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> yo know it takes between 30-60 hours to make a map for ts? (9) [04:22 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> you* (9) [04:22 AM] <c0rpsmakr> they're not, every single map on the ladder is vet. (9) [04:22 AM] <c0rpsmakr> every one. (9) [04:22 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> exactly, no one is forced to play it (9) [04:22 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> default ts doesnt even have a quickmatch (9) [04:22 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> or any of these maps (9) [04:23 AM] <c0rpsmakr> so again, people are forced to choose between not playing the competitive ladder and having to play your version of ts. (9) [04:23 AM] <c0rpsmakr> prior to this there were default maps on the quickmatch. (9) [04:23 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> not my version, many others versions (9) [04:23 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> the quickmatch was originall released with vet maps (9) [04:23 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> then it for a while had vet / standard and also mods like giants (9) [04:23 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> which is when it completely died (9) [04:23 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> it has been more active in the past 3 or so months than it has ever been, by far (9) [04:23 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> tons of mid skilled players have been active on it (9) [04:24 AM] <c0rpsmakr> and i can tell you, it wasn't because the standard maps were there... (9) [04:24 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> the goal is to bring more modders playing ww style maps, and not just giants (9) [04:24 AM] <c0rpsmakr> if giants is on there along with other clearly faction biased mod maps, that's whats going to happen (9) [04:24 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> you obviously have the option to set standard terrace, which is your choice (9) [04:25 AM] <c0rpsmakr> and that's fine, but again, the entire point of this is that veteran maps should NOT be the default choice for the entire game's competitive scene... (9) [04:25 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> the game wouldnt have a quickmatch or all these maps without people putting tons of time into it (9) [04:26 AM] <c0rpsmakr> there should at the very least be options for people that want to play standard ts maps on the ladder. (9) [04:26 AM] <c0rpsmakr> obviously, and nobody is bashing the work for fixing glitches or investing time into new maps (9) [04:26 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> there are no standard ts maps that are even balanced, other than a couple firestorm ones, that wouldnt even work without tweaking the crystals to work without firestorm mode (9) [04:26 AM] <c0rpsmakr> its the goddamn overhaul of making every single map a veteran map and pushing them all onto the ladder (9) [04:26 AM] <c0rpsmakr> that's literally all. (9) [04:27 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> look, its obvious we dont see eye to eye on this, but we dont need to be hostile with each other because of it, and soon i am going to update the vet patch with some tweaks that i think you might like, if you are willing to discuss things with me and help me tweak certain things, while trying to be somewhat flexible with me, it could be a good thing (9) [04:28 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> for example, we increased the sub health by 25 so a mk cant 1 shot it, but obviously it also makes it slightly harder to defend eng attacks, so i plan to put that back to default (9) [04:28 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> it is a lot of work to update the patch, i have to manually update each map all at once, so i would really (believe it or not) like some of your feedback before i do the next update (9) [04:28 AM] <c0rpsmakr> humble, most players dont want unit health, firepower, range, armor, etc changed. (9) [04:28 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> because i probably dont do it again for a while (9) [04:29 AM] <c0rpsmakr> and most people dont want those changes forcibly implemented on the ladder (9) [04:29 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> tick tanks are the same, unless deployed, when deployed the default armor is concrete, which bombers 1 shot (9) [04:29 AM] <c0rpsmakr> at the very least, half of the maps should be standard (9) [04:29 AM] <c0rpsmakr> at the very least, if you REALLY want to be "fair" about things (9) [04:29 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> other than that, deployed tick tanks have +50 health (9) [04:29 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> do you honestly think that a bomber should be able to 1 shot a deployed tick tank, all other things aside? (9) [04:30 AM] <c0rpsmakr> tiberian sun isn't mine, yours, skylegends, or anybody or collective of players' property to change for everyone who wants to play competitively (9) [04:30 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> the extra 50 health aside, just the armor being concrete while deployed (9) [04:30 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> if no one changed ts, we wouldnt even have a quickmatch to play on, default ts on wol/xwis was more than broken (9) [04:30 AM] <c0rpsmakr> im not interested in discussing specific unit aspects with you, ive stated what ive said all along (9) [04:31 AM] <c0rpsmakr> let me make this perfectly clear. (9) [04:31 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> im aware of what you have said, but you have an opportunity to affect the vet patch, even if it were only 50% of the maps on the ladder it would still be there in that example (9) [04:31 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> you really should consider discussing unit aspects with me, why not, what do you have to loose? (9) [04:31 AM] <c0rpsmakr> quickmatch- good, glitch fixing-good, changing unit armor/firepower/range and forcing everyone to play it who wants to play the ladder-bad (9) [04:33 AM] <c0rpsmakr> my time, and again, its not my place to affect ts for everyone else negatively. (9) [04:33 AM] <c0rpsmakr> everything is opinion, im not fucking with it for other people (9) [04:33 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> if you think its so negative now, why not make legit suggestions to make it 'less negative' (9) [04:33 AM] <c0rpsmakr> becuase it shouldn't be done in the first [email protected] (9) [04:33 AM] <c0rpsmakr> jesus (9) [04:33 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> cc can hit moving targets better: takes 3 properly Qed titans to kill it, rather than 2, and it can harv hunt better (9) [04:33 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> is that really so bad? (9) [04:34 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> in the next update i am returning the sub health back to normal, so you dont have to worry about that (9) [04:34 AM] <c0rpsmakr> there's a reason cc cant hit things that are moving half the time (9) [04:34 AM] <c0rpsmakr> but again, im not getting into these things with you, as i have 0 interest (9) [04:34 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> well enlighten me then, why should cc be so bad at hitting moving targets (9) [04:35 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> thats really in my opinion the biggest change in vet patch as far as nod goes (9) [04:38 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> however much you dislike me, you have an opportunity right now for your feedback to be seriously taken into consideration as far as the vet patch goes (9) [04:38 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> even if you dont play the ladder, people obviously set the maps, and you obviously will be playing them time to time (9) [04:38 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> why not have your feedback taken into account (9) [04:39 AM] <c0rpsmakr> this is literally the last time i will say this to you: TS is NOT mine, yours, or anybody else's to force unit armor/firepower/range, or any similar alterations upon (9) [04:39 AM] <c0rpsmakr> i will not contribute to that. (9) [04:40 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> in that case there shouldnt be cncnet, quickmatch, new maps, new server, any of this, and all games should be 52 fps, etc (9) [04:40 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> but since you refuse to discuss anything with me ill stop pestering you, have a nice day (i really mean that) (9) [04:40 AM] <c0rpsmakr> none of that changes units or buildings, etc (9) [04:40 AM] <c0rpsmakr> none of that (9) [04:40 AM] <c0rpsmakr> i cant make it any more clear (9) [04:43 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> 60fps changes the game more than anything honestly (9) [04:43 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> and the patch that makes harvs go out of wf straight to tib also, which i was against and had no control over (9) [04:43 AM] <c0rpsmakr> all that does is force people to think/play faster (9) [04:43 AM] * [CoCo]Humbl is away (In game with: Shredded Tigerr Str0hk0pf Killernav [NME] [S-N-F]_07_) [Terrace[Ally][Vet.2.46]] (9) [04:43 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> it also limits the amount of micro that can be done at once, and changes how people play depending on how fast the game is (9) [04:44 AM] <c0rpsmakr> as i said, i tforces people to think/play faster (9) [04:44 AM] * [CoCo]Humbl is away (In game with: Shredded Tigerr Str0hk0pf Killernav [NME] [S-N-F]_07_) [Terrace[Ally][Vet.2.46]] (9) [04:44 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> at 52 fps there is a lot more time to thin and react to things, which is why a lot of players have a harder time on cncnet (9) [04:45 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> black told me u been playing on a smaller monitor than the one he sent u, but he didnt tell me how small, but i play on a 22.5 inch monitor and it makes gameplay so much better than my old montitor (9) [04:45 AM] <[CoCo]Humbl> so i hope the one he sent you makes your gameplay more enjoyable
  13. So how is this prize going to be claimed/distributed?
  14. Hello everyone, I'm compiling a list of map suggestions from anyone that currently has or may have an interest in playing ladder matches. Please list 5-10 of your favorite maps that you believe are balanced between the factions, as well as between the starting positions. Everyone's input is welcome.
  15. I have a single name on the ladder, you have 3 with nearly double the amount of games I do. K...
  16. There is nothing more to say on this, you clearly have your mind made up and made this topic to fight with people rather than actually see peoples' perspectives. Everything I've said remains valid and won't bother with this circular discussion anymore.
  17. As mentioned above, they're very difficult/impossible depending on the bo to stop them early enough in the game, as mobile units would need to meet them outside the base to prevent them from destroying half of someone's base. It's very easy for the person using the harv bomb to do a bo that allows for the loss of however many harvs to use as harv bombs without affecting their econ much. They can literally be made and sent to an opponent as soon as they have their first ref.... that's impossible to keep outside of your base without going 1 ref mech units or spamming rpgs. If they're not kept out, the player falling victim to them will have one/two main buildings destroyed, or a ton of smaller buildings. In short- it's overpowered and cheap.
  18. Appreciate that objectivity MJ
  19. Firstly, noob2, I'd like to thank you for donating your time, money, and energy into something like this, regardless of the outcome. This is quite an undertaking and committing to it alone for the good of the game is something that I hope everyone appreciates and is willing to contribute to in whatever way possible. Secondly, if you would like any input I would be happy to give whatever support I could lend.
  20. Please post links to these said wins vs me that you have. Also, I will be on Thursday so you can attempt to study my patterns and eventually beat me every game.... 🙃
  21. Frz, since you want to suddenly be a foul little hobbit, I'll play: you've never been anything more than "okay" in the entirety of TS, nor will you, even after me attempting to help you approximately a year and a half ago, which is astounding since you're "so much smarter" than I. The ONLY time I can even recall losing to you in any 1v1 was on a map I had played less than 3 times, which was tournament rift, as nod, not that any of these fucking anecdotal game stories from anybody mean anything whatsoever, since I'm willing and able to demonstrate my abilities vs ANYBODY on this game as both factions and on any map. Aside from the fact that there are barely any even decent players left, which makes all of these lists cringeworthy, it's really hilarious to me how extremely biased and subjective they are based on if the person likes someone or not. Very few are actually able to legitimately give an opinion based on observation, rather than an emotional perspective, but this doesn't come as a surprise. There are fewer than 6 players that even know what to do in a long game anymore, which by the way takes far more skill, patience, and understanding of the game than any 5-10 min all out balls-to-the-wall ko attempt before expanding. So regardless of whether any of you find it "boring", the fact is that it requires far more macro and awareness, as well as actual strategy, as opposed to controlling a few units and relying on early game surprise. There's just so much more to fucking do AT THE SAME TIME and know how to do: watching your harvs so they're not being hunted while attacking this section of your opponent's base, controlling your cash flow, planning when the most opportune time to use your emp is/where to use it, controlling this group of units over here while doing so with others in another location, continuing to expand to the next patch, middlefighting [which is a whole beast in itself], knowing how to control the tib patches or take control of them from your opponent, all of these among many others, along with the sheer speed, attention, planning, and skill it takes to do all of these simultaneously. That's why the best players on other similar games such as Starcraft aren't the constant cheesers, they're the ones with strong mechanics and can anticipate their opponent and play the game at any point in its duration. Players that are able to transition from short game to a solid long game are impressive, and there are almost NONE of those left. Aphrodlte was a major twat, but he was able to do ridiculous rushes and transition into a very strong long game. The 3 most notable best players in TS history after the meta was established and the game was figured out were all econ-based players- Mega, Schaf, and kapa. If people maybe took the time to actually learn how to play long game (especially since I'm always willing to teach others), they might find out how intense and enjoyable it actually is. This is the last I'll say on this topic.
  22. I actually made a few maps, probably 10 years ago. There are many decently made maps available now, but ones with severely skewed options such as 10000 power off one powerplant, $21304235 from one harv load, large maps with one entrance and creating rules to prevent expanding really don't help anybody.
  23. But you're not, that's the thing. "Skill kiddy unable to play other games", way to make an assumption... "Crumble if they run into something that they haven't encountered before", yeah, no. Unnecessary to respond any further.
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