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  1. I repeat, there is no energy/money imbalance among the factions. GDI and NOD both require a lot of power for their high-tech buildings, the reason NOD sams go offline when on low power is because nod can spam them much faster than gdi, and nod sams are more accurate than gdi's sams. Again, you don't play enough with decent players on official maps to have any sort of understanding of it, so you can't say why you think there are fewer nod players on terrace. Nod is a much harder faction to learn and be adequate with than gdi, and its not because of your presumed imbalance of energy/money..... Maps like Tib Forest, Pit or Plateau, River Runs Near It, or even the official map version of your beloved giants- Night of the Mutants.... among many others are all viable alternatives, and yet ALL official maps are better than that long-distance, one entrance, 3453530 power from one power plant, 2350235235 money from a lone load of tiberium, stealth-sam-bans and imaginary rules, piece of trash map....... speaking as someone who's been playing for 20 years on both official and mod maps, past and present..... And "proving intelligence"...... what are you even talking about? You're just not going to get it.
  2. No, giants does not fix anything, in fact it makes things worse. Making a map with a single narrow entrance, close to infinite power for one power plant, and enough money from one load of tiberium for any person who's never played TS before to not go poor, just makes for an awful game. There is no money/"energy" imbalance between the factions, and there's a reason us "old" players use Terrace, and I'll break it down for you since you seem to be completely unaware of basically everything.... Terrace is a medium-range map that has open terrain, which makes it a great map to utilize both short-game and long-game tactics. There aren't a whole lot of maps that allow this flexibility, although there are other good maps to play that are more balanced and terrace constantly does get boring. Also, you're playing TS, not RA or TD. The reason you don't see many people migrating from TS to those games is because of the lack of depth to them when compared to TS, it's far from a "skill" factor, as I'd be willing to bet you've never played a game on TS with people who know what they're doing.
  3. Is there anybody able/willing to answer this question? As much as we appreciate the continuous support, it would be great to have clan functions. If this is not something that will ever happen, if explicitly stated, nobody will ask about it again.
  4. 9lives, you have 0 relevance in the online community and you come out of nowhere complaining about something that has a gigantic impact on the meta. you have not played anywhere near as much as me or the others in this thread, nor are you anywhere near an adequate level of understanding to where you can have a logically sound opinion. I am actually what you people call a "pro" and have been for god knows how many years, yet you want to try and argue that your inability to watch your units trumps what me and many others have been saying regarding an actual glitch that decides games.... rather than spouting off maybe watch some of the "pro" youtube videos or spectate some games online and gain some perspective to learn WHY others who have been playing for decades are saying what they're saying, before coming in demanding that a recent change be made, when that said change actually screwed with the way ts has been played for 20 years. Side note: ION CANNONS (AN INSTANT EMP KILLING DEVICE) SHOULD NOT BE AN ATTACHMENT TO A RADAR
  5. I repeat from the other topic, you have no idea what youre talking about.
  6. you have 0 idea what you're talking about. it's how the game is played, as the best repellant for an mk is another mk, it is THE standard way of playing. there's a difference between an mk being able to automatically shoot anything it lands near (which is a bug) and not being able to pay attention to or control your units.... that is your own issue.
  7. you're also not part of the community that has to deal with this issue constantly on official maps, it was a very big issue for us that affected nearly every game. as for the changes that you said it helped with, that just means you'll actually have to pay attention to your units now....
  8. c0rpsmakr

    5 TS Mods

    because the word "official" means that it was released by/directly associated with the entities that have ownership of the franchise, which makes people actually want to try and play them, rather than some random people making what they think will be good alterations. it's a very important word.
  9. no, it shouldn't. ion cannon can be an instant game changer if used right. nod has to tech up just as much as gdi does in order to get its "superweapon", gdi just has to keep its tech while nod doesn't, which is one of the very few advantages nod has over gdi.
  10. c0rpsmakr

    5 TS Mods

    What makes these "official" mods? Just curious, and 3 extra factions with a decent amount of extra units, wow.
  11. "But player C beats player A , 7 times and have issues with player B. " This is not a thing with the top tier of players. Everything in my post still stands, like i said, as far as 1v1s go. Nobody is improving at more than a snails pace to the point of being able to really compete with the players that have been at the top for YEARS besides Tigerr and Toprush. Aside from those two it's been the same people.
  12. This isn't rock, paper, scissors. There is a clear higher echelon of players and it wouldn't be hard to find statistics as to who beats who far more than the inverse, ie Player A beats Player B 7 times for every 3 times they lose to Player B, at least as far as 1v1 goes. However using one or two maps as the metric is stupid. But well done Lurker for necromancing a dead topic that should stay dead, as the same players have been at the top for almost 10 years and will continue to be until they quit because there is little to no improvements from the current player pool.
  13. Thank you for bringing this up Sol, the new change drastically changes the meta allowing for people without decent control to be able to do things they shouldn't just by targeting the ground with mk.
  14. c0rpsmakr


    Happy New Year! xwis has been gone as far as the ts sector for years now. come on cncnet , but dont fall victim to the giants map games, its the new version of battle day8 but so much worse.
  15. c0rpsmakr


    Wow, welcome back!
  16. Yes, in fact this is the exact opposite issue I have at the start of the game, where I'm Q scouting and several of the clicks dont register and I have to redo a bunch of them over again for multiple units. Also, several ts players, along with me, experience units continuing in the same path after we command them to go elsewhere, as if we never told them to change course. This next issue is something that TS has had for decades, but it would be cool if cncnet created a fix for it. When selecting a group of units, especially planes, regularly 1-3 of them don't travel along with the rest of the group when commanded to do so. It typically happens with 6+ planes.
  17. What information is needed? Its a recurring issue with multiple players where commands arent listened to by units. What needs to be noted for the next time it happens?
  18. No response in this topic? Got it, thanks.
  19. There seems to be a lot of problems lately with commanding units to do something and it not working. Is there something that can be done to resolve this, as it's really not fun to play, especially when you're forced to click multiple times to do the same command. For instance, when controlling infantry today, I commanded them to go somewhere, but they continued to go in the direction that i previously told them to. It's not just me that this is happening to.
  20. c0rpsmakr


    I already said this, but welcome
  21. c0rpsmakr


    yeah, you dont need to do all that now. when you log on cncnet, go to settings, then tiberian sun, and you can change your resolution right there in the lobby.
  22. Yes, bring jake back lol. Yeah I do, i play it a couple nights a week, but there are quite a few that still play
  23. c0rpsmakr


    lol Joe, yes. Tight4lif (using redrumurder), cambriaaa, avan, mola, t0nyblair, and others still play
  24. c0rpsmakr


    Lol wow, welcome back teddy
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