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  1. My log clearly is one of the top pts logs, and has been, bullshit detected. I'm not going to be trolled into replying to the rest of the irrelevant drivel that you continue to post. Mods, can we please fix this issue with smurf logs on the ladder? As well as enforcing warnings/bans for accounts that derail topics or solely use the forums to talk trash. The forum has become a cesspool, is this the sort of content you want players seeing when they try playing ts for the first time?
  2. calling 1 reffing with a harv bomb (the only thing you can do to scrape a win) is "wrecking" vs someone who plays far less frequently than you is the mark of a moron, then proceeding to get on 2 more logs with no points after getting off your main that i was "farming noob pts" from, you do the same lame shit. Using more than 1 log isn't "tactical", it's deceitful, which seems to be a characteristic shared by you and the remaining pool of players now. the ladder doesn't accurately represent what its intended to (skill/effort in playing many matches) if fools like yourself try to slither in on 3450 logs just to try and take pts off other people. and you don't see issue with it, or other underhanded gimmicks that you pull, but once a cheat always a cheat i guess. In no other rts is one of the units that's used to mine resources capable of destroying a main building, and having such an obscenely strong unit that squishes base defenses and can't be attacked without losing a main building so early is ludicrous (getting one in someones base before even a 4th ref can be completed), and the fact that you resort to it and call it owning like you actually did something to control/actually outplay your opponent speaks to your own inadequacy. I realize that I posted this off topic, but this will be the last time i do so, to follow up on mola's derailment, that's all.
  3. Yet another possibly productive topic derailed by trz' moronic lies and unrelated bullshit. Might as well close or the mods should do a better job of moderating.... Why is there such an abundance of inflammatory and irrelevant commentary allowed on these forums?
  4. Can we actually make it to where people cant get on smurf logs for the ladder in attempts to take points off of others with higher pts without risking their own on higher ranked logs? There will always be someone (mola/trz) that will attempt to win the ladder by cheap methods like this.... seriously one log is enough to participate in the ladder.
  5. Almost exactly what I said in my first few comments in this thread.
  6. Can we make it to where people can't have more than x number of names on the ladder per month? That way people can't be trying to snipe points off others using smurf logs, instead of having to risk their logs with high numbers of points. Also, we need to relabel these airfix maps, because i just died thinking it was TL VS BR, when in fact it was BL vs BR. These names have to be redone...
  7. TRZ, number one- this video was clearly just an example of what i stated. when were you asked for your two cents on how you would have played vs a good bl gdi in long game, especially when i'm not the one to be needing tips, much less from you. you have to try and twist and talk negatively about whatever you can and it's rather old, so how about chime in on what the original poster actually asked or don't spiral this thread into another one of your toxic vortexes.
  8. Def. not the case lol. Feel free to test that theory with me, I'm on today.
  9. BL vs BR is still more fair than cross positions. TL vs BR is highly unbalanced as soon as TL attempts to expand to LM, the distance from TL to even it's first expansion outside the cliff is massive in comparison, and going from LM to the middle is again a much further distance. Horizontal spawns are THE most fair way to play terr and a welcome change to how 1v1 is done on the map for ladder.
  10. Definitely not. There's far too much to address in your post for me right now, but this video is an example of that:
  11. BL vs BR has far less advantage given to BL than the standard cross-spawns....regardless of the distance between BR/BL, BR has more main tiberium than any other spot, has the fastest expansion to both it's first exp and the middle, and is more guarded via the cliff. Are you really complaining about balance on terrace when BR vs BL/TR vs TL are the most "fair" ways to play it. As much as I appreciate the challenge of playing from any disadvantaged position on terrace, this is an asinine argument, when everyone has known since TS's inception that this is not a balanced map.
  12. On the maps I suggested, all diagonal spawns are fair for the most part, which is why I chose those specific ones. Edit: They're also more of a variety, as opposed to all being short-distance, long-distance, totally barren and flat, etc.
  13. forest fires, pit or plateau, river runs near it, tunnel training, tib forest
  14. Definitely not the reason. Terrace is highly imbalanced itself, but it's one of the few maps that allows for short-game and long-game play, and doesn't limit what tactics can be used, as well as having a great amount of tiberium and no map hazards.
  15. all official maps (non-vet), The Pit, Tib Forest. And by non-vet, i simply mean non-veteran, the air/glitch fixes are fine.
  16. I am curious as to whom decided what maps should be put on the ladder, because .... Giants.... vet maps.... christ. As much as i abhor mods, if they're at least fair to both factions I can sympathize.... but nod isn't even touchable on giants for anybody who actually knows what they're doing.... what an awful idea.
  17. I've been trying to log on the ladder, and it says an email has been sent to be but I never receive it. Is there a way to remedy this?
  18. I was asking the 9lives person. I was playing mods or just starting official maps during the time you were playing, but thanks for all these screenshots. I miss that lobby and the player numbers back then :/.
  19. Omg all those screenshots and names bring back memories. Lol @ the ss with Ray and pigs. Third party programs are unable to be used on this server, aka mappers, minimappers, tech cheats, etc. And reconning isn't able to be done intentionally anymore as well, you may just encounter people disconnecting. There are a lot of new features added to cncnet as well that WOL/XWIS didn't have, aside from clans (which I've asked for any sort of estimate on a possible cost to get this to be a feature, but I've been dodged at least 3 times by the admins in regards to answering that question.) Sidenote: How the hell was Acyz in sharks..... that guy had a big mouth and was awful.
  20. I repeat, there is no energy/money imbalance among the factions. GDI and NOD both require a lot of power for their high-tech buildings, the reason NOD sams go offline when on low power is because nod can spam them much faster than gdi, and nod sams are more accurate than gdi's sams. Again, you don't play enough with decent players on official maps to have any sort of understanding of it, so you can't say why you think there are fewer nod players on terrace. Nod is a much harder faction to learn and be adequate with than gdi, and its not because of your presumed imbalance of energy/money..... Maps like Tib Forest, Pit or Plateau, River Runs Near It, or even the official map version of your beloved giants- Night of the Mutants.... among many others are all viable alternatives, and yet ALL official maps are better than that long-distance, one entrance, 3453530 power from one power plant, 2350235235 money from a lone load of tiberium, stealth-sam-bans and imaginary rules, piece of trash map....... speaking as someone who's been playing for 20 years on both official and mod maps, past and present..... And "proving intelligence"...... what are you even talking about? You're just not going to get it.
  21. No, giants does not fix anything, in fact it makes things worse. Making a map with a single narrow entrance, close to infinite power for one power plant, and enough money from one load of tiberium for any person who's never played TS before to not go poor, just makes for an awful game. There is no money/"energy" imbalance between the factions, and there's a reason us "old" players use Terrace, and I'll break it down for you since you seem to be completely unaware of basically everything.... Terrace is a medium-range map that has open terrain, which makes it a great map to utilize both short-game and long-game tactics. There aren't a whole lot of maps that allow this flexibility, although there are other good maps to play that are more balanced and terrace constantly does get boring. Also, you're playing TS, not RA or TD. The reason you don't see many people migrating from TS to those games is because of the lack of depth to them when compared to TS, it's far from a "skill" factor, as I'd be willing to bet you've never played a game on TS with people who know what they're doing.
  22. Is there anybody able/willing to answer this question? As much as we appreciate the continuous support, it would be great to have clan functions. If this is not something that will ever happen, if explicitly stated, nobody will ask about it again.
  23. 9lives, you have 0 relevance in the online community and you come out of nowhere complaining about something that has a gigantic impact on the meta. you have not played anywhere near as much as me or the others in this thread, nor are you anywhere near an adequate level of understanding to where you can have a logically sound opinion. I am actually what you people call a "pro" and have been for god knows how many years, yet you want to try and argue that your inability to watch your units trumps what me and many others have been saying regarding an actual glitch that decides games.... rather than spouting off maybe watch some of the "pro" youtube videos or spectate some games online and gain some perspective to learn WHY others who have been playing for decades are saying what they're saying, before coming in demanding that a recent change be made, when that said change actually screwed with the way ts has been played for 20 years. Side note: ION CANNONS (AN INSTANT EMP KILLING DEVICE) SHOULD NOT BE AN ATTACHMENT TO A RADAR
  24. I repeat from the other topic, you have no idea what youre talking about.
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