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  1. Hello all, I wanted to start a thread that focused on methods to record games. it would be great to be able to share that epic game or go back and watch it Please share you ideas and experiences. 1 Screen capture utilities come to mind first Which ones work best for you? 2 Anyone know of a utility that can capture to a file what is being sent to the monitor 3 would it be possible to have the client record the game like warhammer dawn of war does my guess is that it just records the inputs from the players and client recreates it.(very small file it makes) and you can save them (those would be easiest to post and share) and play them back this would work best as you could watch what is going on anywhere not just what the person recording is watching at the moment ---------- and if you thought someone cheated you could look at it after and know for sure ---------- or see how they worked you, lol I expect it would take a lot of the drama out of the playing experience especially tournament/ladder games 4 any other suggestions
  2. Welcome back commander, come play, we are having fun playing TS login and enjoy with the rest of us older players and those new to it life's too short not to spend it playing TS miss it no more!
  3. Tiberian Sun Installation Tutorial "How to install and play Tiberian Sun online for free" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xyZNOdsFoA&feature=youtu.be Please let me know what else needs to be covered Comments encouraged (constructive ones preferred) anyone who would be willing to do voiceover please contact me Thank You
  4. the kane to gdi commander quote in your posts reminds me of this Orwell quote "Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past." George Orwell It strikes me that Kane is the archtype of the force of evil. I would expect similarities specific to certain people from all cultures and ages as the nature of people the archtype represents transcends discrete periods of time and culture
  5. 'cause we are 'bad' and we belong by ourselves in the corner....
  6. type at the lobby command prompt to install /get amokk-maps or /install amokk-maps reboot the client and there will be another map category amokk when you host a game they were popular they are fun variety is the spice of life. all of them zipped at the end ~Dream_Team~_8_N_vs_S_~nodrescue~.mpr 2_v_2_Groundwarz_~nodrescue~.mpr 2v2v2v2_killing_spree_by_AWWURDEAD.mpr Another_Visc_Layers_E_W_8_DeathByCC_V3.mpr Another_Visc_Layers_E_W_8_DeathByCC_V4.mpr Another_Visc_Layers_E_W_8_DeathByCC_XXL.mpr AST-YF~1_2.MPR Attacks_On_The_Middle_6+2V._2.0.mpr BattleArena6_PaintballBunkersByCoOlLiNk9.mpr Big_Bluntz_8_-_ast_1.2.mpr Big_Bluntz_Green_4_Original.mpr Big_Bluntz_Green_6_Original.mpr Big_Bluntz_Green_8_Original.mpr Big_Game_Hunters_6-8_By_Neo__Owlgdi.mpr Big_Gamer_Battle_8_nodrescue.mpr carnage_3v3.mpr Clan_V_Rest_NoMods_2-8_nodrescue.mpr Conflict_for_4_2mcvpp=4x.mpr Conflict_for_6_2mcvpp=4x.mpr Conflict_for_8_2mcvpp=4x.mpr
  7. 1 of my favorites rrrrrrrufff....lol from way back in the day when I was in 'bad sector' jan 2005 so who remembers that map??? that's a great pic grant,...
  8. amokk


    hear hear!! well said. I remember quite a few decent fellows from every corner of the world, and have forgotten many more, who had a kind word or a bit of advice, and that's why my memories of ts are so fond. nice of you to offer the advice. you have a lot more experience, and kindly offered advice, if you like, is usually better received playing with other decent human beings is what I have enjoyed about ts all these years I try, i win, I lose, and I enjoy and I enjoy and I enjoy.
  9. Hello, I have experience uploading videos, video editing and cgi graphics (mainly with bryce 4-7.1 but I play with anything I can get my hands on.) I have experience in graphic design and a little bit of a lot of things. I would be happy to discuss my personal and professional experience in more detail if you are interested. you can reply here or pm me on cncnet. My nick is amokk.
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