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  1. Does anyone know how to preview RA1 maps into picture files???
  2. NOTE: This map has been made since 2020 but it's stopped until today (06/02/2021)... INTRODUCE THE REMAKE OF MY FIRST 3 PLAYER COOP: Briefing: The Soviet are discovered the New Prototype of Chrono Technology in the German Secret Warehouse and sending an counter-attack to remove their threat. This make USA has to put them in defending potision. 06/02/1982, the attack has begun. Objective: Defend the Warehouse which contain Chrono Prototype It also include COOP features which will automatically select waypoint, color & faction, this features are from here: WARNING: DO NOT SELECT WAYPOINT 4 THE ORIGINAL MAP HERE: Any error or bug please comment below... DOWNLOAD LINK: allied1thelastmcv2020.map
  3. Try this: [TERROR]Owner = Alliance, French, Germans, British, Africans, Arabs, Confederation, Russians, YuriCountry, AmericansRequiredHouses = Alliance, French, Germans, British, Africans, Arabs, Confederation, Russians, YuriCountry, AmericansPrerequisite = BARRACKS The Engineer also use Prerequisite = BARRACKS type. Though, they have different voice...
  4. Mental Omega Multiplayer Battle Map (Yes, it's Mental Omega map on Red Alert 2): -Map names: Mental Omega: (4) Battlebase Quartus -Author: Mental Omega -Convert & remake by: NHGVN(N_HuyGamingVN) / [VN]NHGVN *Note: All belong to Mental Omega, the map is convert and remake by NHGVN(N_HuyGamingVN) / [VN]NHGVN Download link: mobattlebasequartus-convertbynhgvn.map Also the map renender is not perfectly renender due to map style of MO (Mental Omega). But it look like normal in the match. Don't worry about the Neutral Unit & Defense. The Neutral Defense is already offline and the All Neutral Unit is in Sleep Mode
  5. Check out my new Coop Editor Features topic: I still working on this topic with some updates in the futures
  6. Warning: This only work for Coop Games, not for other Multiplayer Games.... (100% Real) Yeah... After my first Coop-Info tutorial. I continues to research more features for Coop Editor... and it's take a years to find what it does and can it work for Coop Editor. Finally I complete some features that work, some other still need to be done. Welcome to More features for Coop Editor UPDATED Some text are colored that you need to know, here is some of list: Blue: The Lines (or Codes) that already written or already existed (Mostly the [Basic]). Yellow: The Lines (or Codes) that need to write to work. Before go down you must write this code in [Basic] lines: [Basic] IsCoopMission=yes ; This is the important thing that you must add to the lines. It also turn all player team into A team (Which mean you cannot switch team) Here is list of new features that can work well: 1.Locked Side & Color: -Locked Side: Locked Side: The most important thing appear in Coop Mission. It's locked some Side that don't need to appear to prevent from switching to them. If I want to locked the Yuri, Korea and France Sides, here is example: [Basic] IsCoopMission=yes DisallowedPlayerSides=1,2,9 ; Write this lines into the [Basic] Lines (Make sure the IsCoopMission=yes is in the [Basic] Lines). If work it will locked the Yuri, Korea and France Sides How it work?: This one is easy, write this DisallowedPlayerSides= lines into the [Basic] (Like the example does) then write the number you want to disable the Side. Here is the list of number (total is 10): 0=Americans ; America 1=Alliance ; Korea 2=French ; France 3=Germans ; Germany 4=British ; Great Britan 5=Africans ; Libya 6=Arabs ; Iraq 7=Confederation ; Cuba 8=Russians ; Russia 9=YuriCountry ; Yuri (Hmm...) -Locked Color: Locked Color: It's the same as Locked Side but it lock the color. It only useful for locking the AI Color to prevent from getting same as them. Here is the example: [Basic] IsCoopMission=yes DisallowedPlayerColors=1,5,7,3 ; Write this lines into the [Basic] Lines (Make sure the IsCoopMission=yes is in the [Basic] Lines) How it work?: Write this DisallowedPlayerColors= lines into the [Basic] (Like the example does) then write the number you want to disable the Color. Here is the list of number, (total is 8 Colors): 0=Yellow 1=Red 2=Blue 3=Green 4=Orange 5=Periwinkle ; a.k.a Light Blue 6=Purple 7=Pink 2.Adding Custom AI to the games (Updated 7/11/2020): *I can't take a picture so.... If you already locked the Side and Color but you can't do it because the AI do not work with the Coop. Here is the solution: [Basic] IsCoopMission=yes EnemyHouse0=9,6,4 ; Write this lines into the [Basic] Lines (Make sure the IsCoopMission=yes is in the [Basic] Lines). 9=Yuri, 6=Purple, 4=Waypoint 4 How it work?: This one can be complex if you not read carefully. Write this DisallowedPlayerColors= lines into the [Basic] (Like the example does) then write the number of each you want like this: DisallowedPlayerColors=<Side Number>, <Color Number>, <Waypoint Number> List of <Side Number> (total is 10): 0=Americans ; America 1=Alliance ; Korea 2=French ; France 3=Germans ; Germany 4=British ; Great Britan 5=Africans ; Libya 6=Arabs ; Iraq 7=Confederation ; Cuba 8=Russians ; Russia 9=YuriCountry ; Yuri List of <Color Number> (total is 8 Colors): 0=Yellow 1=Red 2=Blue 3=Green 4=Orange 5=Periwinkle ; a.k.a Light Blue 6=Purple 7=Pink About <Waypoint Number>, write the number of waypoint you want from 0-7 Warning: Do not take the AI waypoints, it will cause a bug 3.Forced Options: Forced Options: It's use to prevent from getting messy with rules of the options. Anyway, here the example: [ForcedOptions] ; This is the new important Lines chkShortGame=false ; Disabled the Short Games (Also Locked) chkRedeplMCV=true ; Enabled the MCV Repacks (Also Locked) chkCrates=false ; Disabled the Crates (Also Locked) chkMultiEng=false ; Disabled the Multi Engineer (Also Locked) chkIngameAllying=false ; Disabled the Ingame Allying (Also Locked) chkNoDogEngiEat=false ; Disabled the No Dog Engineer Kills (Also Locked) chkBrutalAI=false ; Disabled the Brutal AI (Also Locked) chkDestrBridges=True ; Enabled the Destroyable Bridges (Also Locked) chkDisableSuperWeapons=false ; Disabled the Disable Super Weapons (Also Locked) chkSuperWeapons=false ; Disabled the Super Weapons (Also Locked) chkBuildOffAlly=true ; Disabled the Build Off Ally CY (Also Locked) chkRA2Mode=false ; Disabled the Red Alert 2 Style (Also Locked) chkNoSpawnPreviews=false ; Disabled the No Spawn Previews (Also Locked) cmbCredits=5 ; Start With 10000$ (Also Locked) cmbStartingUnits=10 ; Start With 10 Units (Also Locked) How it work?: Write the [ForcedOptions] first then write the any lines the you want to do (Like the example does). Here is the list of lines: chkShortGame= ; Short Games (Write true/false) chkRedeplMCV= ; MCV Repacks(Write true/false) chkCrates= ; Crates (Write true/false) chkMultiEng= ; Multi Engineer (Write true/false) chkIngameAllying= ; Ingame Allying (Write true/false) chkNoDogEngiEat= ; No Dog Engineer Kills (Write true/false) chkBrutalAI= ; Brutal AI (Write true/false) chkDestrBridges= ; Destroyable Bridges (Write true/false) chkDisableSuperWeapons= ; Disable Super Weapons (Write true/false) chkSuperWeapons= ; Super Weapons (Write true/false) chkBuildOffAlly= ; Build Off Ally CY (Write true/false) chkRA2Mode= ; Red Alert 2 Style (Write true/false) chkNoSpawnPreviews= ; No Spawn Previews (Write true/false) cmbCredits= ; Amount of moneys (Write number) cmbStartingUnits= ; Amount of units started (Write number) 4.Unshown Waypoint (W.I.P): As this list still W.I.P; there would be no example or How it work?.... 5.Coop Map Editor Tip & Trick Using Final RA2YR (W.I.P): As for this tab, you may check some @YosefAnan Tutorial Videos. Here is the list of Map Editor Tip & Trick Videos that work for Coop: How to make infantry go into a building. How to give a player the ownership of a base. How to delete team members after they exit the map. How to create reinforcements by amphibious transport. How to reveal the whole map and re-shroud it. How to make a trigger that gives you a structure or reinforcements on destroying a building. How to destroy buildings with triggers. There will be more list soon.... If you want share more features, write below. (You can share coding or map editor tip & trick, but only for Coop Games)
  7. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Red Alert 1 & Tiberian Dawn (or C&C95). I gonna put this simple challenge. Try to do challenge with ANY MEANS. Good Luck.... Copy this picture to do the challenge
  8. lol also the weird thing is how the unit call rolling droid came from???
  9. But i solve the problem by using SHP Builder. It has export tab
  10. NOTE: This is the custom mission map that from MO (Mental Omega) and in it will change in RA2/YR style. And it's still WIP!! It features some replacement of the areas and also the different style. The first thing is the start of the Allies, rather than MO, you don't have the reinforcements at start but you will get a lot of Engineers. The second thing is the Soviet (enemies) with lack of lot of firepower. The third one is the Monster Tank, they can be to hard to change the house due to the complex trigger coding. The final one is the Spy will replace with a Technician using C4 make more harder to deal with enemies. Im starting my own idea that try convert one of MO mission into RA2/YR map and finally the first MO map was convert. The terrains and the bridge is still remain (other are remove from the coding so im has going to redesign). The maps is not completely finished. The map is full of Soviet army and it will take a time to complete. The Monster Tank is the main problem, rules is okay but the trigger is . About the Spy in the South Village is replaces by Technician using C4. I will end the word here... there is more thing to do RA2/YR Style: MO Style:
  11. I think since this video is 2 years ago but it still best moments In Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge - Tournament Players (by Yosel Anan) at 34:51 it the most funny thing to watch these Rocketeer running around, also this comment in the video: πŸ˜… Here the video: "Never see me doing that"
  12. New Rival 1vs1vs1 sovlbs.MPR This map is my first Custom Mission also the first Skirmish Map ever. This also get spawn points bug for no reason (Some player spawn randomly). Monster Tanks Return 1vs1vs1vs1 (2vs2) cavemonster.MPR The second map plus with some rule editing. This map still get spawn points bug for no reason. While you attack your opponents, you will also face other units (Black Color) and especially Monster Tanks (These unit are appear in AM mission and they the strongest unit in the games); also you can capture some of the Black Building to access some AM units and a MT. BONUS: Ore Wars 2vs2 OREWAR0.MPR This is my first-early map. All unit will get some addition buildings also with a big space to build, have fun with it XD.
  13. Look like it 2020 and my maps got one hundred downloads. I will remastered this one more better than the original one. It will took a days to complete this 2 masterpieces
  14. Me too, I think the reason is because the it take a while to load mod in.
  15. I think the time my custom Campaign is now release in the Demo Version, it include 3 custom Soviet Missions. The Campaign still W.I.P so it not finish yet. -Last Bation is a custom Campaign for Mega Compilation. The Campaign have 3 side: Allied, Soviet (Rebel), and mostly Nod,... The story take place after the defeat of the Soviet in Moscow, the Soviet (Rebel) has begun to again the Allied once again. Meanwhile, Kane plans his plan to steal the most technology before control the world; make both Allied and Soviet (Rebel) starting confusing in the battle. -Here the download:LB-Demo.rar -Also it need Mega Compilation and the original RA1 to play. -In the futures there will be more mission for all side and also some bonus mission. List of the demo mission: -(LB) Soviet Mission 1: New Rival -(LB) Soviet Mission 2: The Flipped Ways -(LB) Soviet Mission 3: Slient Hill To play to drag into your RA1 folder (also Mega Compilation), also here is the link fixing of the first Mission: cmu800ea.ini
  16. Just making a new mission for the Campagin. But when I make the third mission there is a bug. All my soldiers cannot order to attack anything (even hold ctrl attack, and they can automatic attack enemy nearby). I try to fix it but in result it failed (only some Grenadier can attack like normal) but also make them completely useless. Did i do something wrong or... Here the files:scu01ea.ini THANK YOU (AGAIN), NHGVN
  17. Thank you, i forgot to put the tutorial.ini file in other folder. Im just trying to make new campagin in Red Alert 1. πŸ‘
  18. When I startup this mission it normal, but a while the game just crash and it say Red Alert crashed at address 0x0050546d. Ask in the CNCNET forums for more information Also here is the file:crash.rar THANK YOU, NHGVN
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