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  1. Just making a new mission for the Campagin. But when I make the third mission there is a bug. All my soldiers cannot order to attack anything (even hold ctrl attack, and they can automatic attack enemy nearby). I try to fix it but in result it failed (only some Grenadier can attack like normal) but also make them completely useless. Did i do something wrong or... Here the files:scu01ea.ini THANK YOU (AGAIN), NHGVN
  2. Thank you, i forgot to put the tutorial.ini file in other folder. Im just trying to make new campagin in Red Alert 1. 👍
  3. When I startup this mission it normal, but a while the game just crash and it say Red Alert crashed at address 0x0050546d. Ask in the CNCNET forums for more information Also here is the file:crash.rar THANK YOU, NHGVN
  4. Can someone find music.ini for RA1 to me I try to add some music but i didn't find any ini files yet..... THANK YOU, NHGVN
  5. My XCC Mixer doesn't show the graphic of the shp files so can everyone help fix this??? Thank You, NHGVN
  6. I upload this post for the reason i found another version of The Destroyer in my map editor. Original Red Alert 2 Soviet Mission 6 there are the Green Destroyer the patrol around the sea near the Allied Base and the name it call Coast Guard Boat The Coast Guard Boat is the same version of The Destroyer but don't have any voice (only select voice is can) and their armor are weaker than the Normal One Any question??
  7. *Tutorial for Coop Editor: Coop Editor want something that lock the multiplayer buttons (Maybe) so i made this -Getting Started: You need a basic map like "example.map" +Open the map file with note and look like this (Note: I use WordPad) +Then type "[ForcedOptions]" like this -Add the rules: Now, I want to lock the Short Game Button so let's do this +Type "chkShortGame=true (or false)" under the "[ForcedOptions]" +Open "CnCNetYRLauncher.exe" then goto "Skirmish (for testing)" then find the map you edited Here you go, the Short Game button is lock and enabled -I will code more for this because it not finished yet.
  8. so if flag destroy, nuke strike onto your base but did nuke get big damage???
  9. *New Update Fix: allied1thelastmcv.map allied2enterthewrongway.map
  10. I update a little bit of this 2 custom maps *Download Here: allied1thelastmcv.map allied2enterthewrongway.map *HINT: These map are from this topic:3 Player Co-op For RA2 Allied Mission
  11. Someone help me how make Ai attack in Final Sun Singleplayer Mission
  12. I wish if Red Alert 2 have naval battle only so i designed this map and it call "Naval Battle" The rule map is simple: *Every MCV(any side) will deloy into barracks *The basic infantry(GI,Conscript,Initiate) cost 1000 and can swim *The barrack can create money so you have to defend them Download: naval battle by nhgvn.map HINT: This map can only play multiplayer
  13. This is the images of the map The Last MCV: Enter The Wrong Way
  14. New Fix Mission Enter The Wrong Way: allied2enterthewrongway.map
  15. allied1thelastmcv.map Name: Allied 3 Co-op Mission: The Last MCV Task: Defend the Allied Construction Yard until time out. Story: The Soviet has been destroy out base also Construction Yard. We have to get a data copy to make another one but Soviet realize we are doing like that so they going to attack us. Defend the Construction Yard until data copy work as well. GOOD LUCK!! Setup: Player 1: Allied A 1 (Control Construction Yard and ruins camp & defense) Player 2: Allied A 2 (Control Barrack Camp near Player 1) Player 3: Allied A 3 (Control War Factory Camp on the top right screen) Player 4 (AI): Soviet B 4 (Enemy Invasion) Unit Count: 0 No Crate No Short Game No MCV Repacks (Because will fail mission) allied2enterthewrongway.map Name: Allied 3 Co-op Mission: Enter The Wrong Way Task: Easy, destroy all Soviet Base!!! Story: We are going to attack Soviet Base because they have Nuke Silo and capture other place. They use for plan nuke strike on London City. Good Luck!! Setup Player 1: Allied A 1 Player 2: Allied A 2 Player 3: Allied A 3 Player 4 (AI): Soviet B 4 Unit Count: 0 No Crate No Short Game *Update, Fix: No SuperWeapons for mission Enter The Wrong Way
  16. Hello, I am newbie and today i was make new map is: SUPER EXTRA SMALL MAP !!! Well, this is the most smaller map i ever make. It short but you can download here. superextrasmallmapbynhgvn.map
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