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  1. I had to cancel the trigger, which constantly acted, turning the sniper into your property when exit the IFV (inside the IFV, it cannot turn into your property). this often caused an reconnection error. So, you have manually send it to IFV now. + made it impossible to earn money by building and selling infantry in a clonator (in RA2 mode). Added new map file.
  2. Bobble, what i have to write in map file? ; Heavy Tank [HTNK] UIName=Name:HTNK Name=Rhino Heavy Tank Cameo=BEAG Primary=120mm Strength=400 Category=AFV Armor=heavy Turret=yes IsTilter=yes TargetLaser=yes TooBigToFitUnderBridge=true TechLevel=2 Sight=8 Speed=6 I tryed. It doesnt work.. Nothing changes. Can you post example?
  3. Thanks there seems to be no way to get a red cameo. When using the line image=, in-game image of the unit in a tight bundle with a cameo.
  4. I used Hornet to make new unit. But it has damaged cameo. Is it possible to change or disable it?
  5. I want to have another V3Rocket with changed next parameters: (is it possible to make in map file?) [General] ; V3 Rocket control ;SJM V3RocketPauseFrames=0 ; How many frames the rocket pauses on the launcher before tilting V3RocketTiltFrames=60 ; How many frames it takes for the V3 rocket to tilt to firing position V3RocketPitchInitial=0.21; Starting pitch of the rocket before tilting up (0=horizontal,1=vertical) V3RocketPitchFinal=0.5 ; Ending pitch of the rocket after tilting up; now it fires V3RocketTurnRate=0.05 ; Pitch maneuverability of rocket in air. Adjust by trial and error. V3RocketAcceleration=0.4 ; This much is added to the rocket's velocity each frame during launch V3RocketAltitude=768 ; Cruising altitude in leptons: at this height rocket BEGINS leveling off V3RocketDamage=200 ; Exploding V3 does this much damage (at center of explosion, presumably). V3RocketEliteDamage=400 ; Exploding V3 does this much damage (at center of explosion, presumably). V3RocketBodyLength=256 ; The body of the rocket is this many leptons long V3RocketLazyCurve=yes ; The rocket's path is a big, lazy curve. V3 yes. DMisl no. V3RocketType=V3ROCKET actually i need to change this parameter: V3RocketPitchFinal=0.5 ; Ending pitch of the rocket after tilting up; now it fires I want to have 2 types. Standart and modified.
  6. you can build from the oil derrick to the corner. there is enough space
  7. 1. Players still can sell Tanyas and other allied units for making money. Solution: [TANY] Soylent=500 etc 2. YuriPrime still can capture 10 units Solution: [SuperMindControl] Damage=1 3. There is no animation for the V3 elite rocket explosions and elite dreadnought rockets explosions. So, the missiles simply disappear without any visible animation. Needed to add the MININUKE animation to art.ini. Same thing with the Libyan kamikaze truck. All this things easy to do. Will somebody solve this? @Grant @RaVaGe @dkeeton
  8. Thanks Image file is big. But i found out that maximum size of map file which can be transmitted in cncnet is 896KB
  9. - - - BLACK SEA - - - Great little map with elements of politics and diplomacy. For games in 2v2v2v2 format. It's hard to believe, but its size is slightly smaller than the Tsunami map. The battles on this map are always intense and interesting. And not as long as on the Oceania map. A protected fortress in the corner of each island gives you the opportunity to take refuge there when your main territory is occupied by the enemy. Do not play this map in 4v4 or 2v2 format. The concept of this map is in a 2v2v2v2 game, politics and balance of power. Now official! You can find it in the "Mod Maps" section. [8] Black Sea v2.5 (CCCP84).map The above pond is contested by the following sides: In the lower left corner there is a totalitarian mordor, the embodiment of universal evil and the bloody devourers of children - damned communists: In the neighborhood there are simple guys, lovers of bavarian(*i mean beer)) and sausages with stewed cabbage: Above right is a shining empire of kindness and justice, which carries the rays of democracy and love to the rest of the unenlightened world: In the topleft - Greenpeace: In the center of events - Crimea, which with by easy movement of the artist’s hand turns from a peninsula into an island ) Speсial thanks to McPwny
  10. Do you know, how to make unit to get into IFV by himself when game starts?
  11. Thanks a lot. Problem was in my fa2. Other version works good. I did it )
  12. I already tried, but doesnt work... I mean for multiplayer
  13. Now I see that the D button is very necessary. It is very convenient to lay stones behind the rocks. How I used to live without it ...
  14. Thank you friend. I really put a lot of work into my maps. All details and rocks are always made by hand without automatic tools that work poorly. Of course, my most laborious map is Oceania. An absolutely insane amount of labor was invested there. Although Australia contains more labor, as this is Oceania + additionally a lot of work. Oceania is a very interesting map for the game. There war episodes are played out in separate sections of the map.Now I do not want to play anything else but this. I dont know what is with slopes. Maybe it damaged in my FinalAlert? i have version But all slopes work good. I tested all.
  15. I created new map, placed slopes and pressed D The same happend.
  16. what does the d button do? dont press it. We played this map. All works ok. No problems. Played long game with 8 players. Rocks are there to prevent landing there paratroopers. Its very hard to deploy base there, but its possible )
  17. What the images are these? In my map, all the slopes are normal. Maybe you opened the map with the wrong editor? I don’t know anything about slave miners. I play red alert 2
  18. - - - TREASURE ISLAND - - - (Sea version of Diamond Quarry) [8] Treasure Island v1.1 (CCCP84).map - - - DIAMOND QUARRY - - - [8] Diamond Quarry v1.1 (CCCP84).map Diamont Quarry is inspired by Rush2 map. [4] Rush2 (Shivp).map This is a very good map. It was more popular than Tour of Egypt on the Russian server. Unfortunately it has some slope problems. Strange, but on CNCNET it is completely unknown. Although, in my opinion, it deserves to be official.
  19. It spreads to 3 cells very rarely. In 95% of cases, it spreads no further than 1 cell.
  20. gold does not accumulate and does not spread. before it used to work fine and online too.
  21. Everything is very fair and everything is in equal conditions, only the game does not work as it was intended. It's broken. And this creates a lot of inconvenience. For example, as I already wrote, gold does not accumulate on an abandoned island. The value of the island does not grow with time. it is uninteresting and wrong. Previously, the game worked as it should. Someone broke it. If you like the whole game of poking miners, this is your problem. I want to play. And I pay attention to this CNC team. Although, it seems, everyone does not care ..
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