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  1. The problem is that the player will have to check every 2 minutes to see if the miners have collected all the gold, and if they have stopped. Otherwise, the gold begins to be lost while other players collect it, every 2 minutes again sending miners to collect it. Do not keep an eye on miners = lose money = lose in game. And keeping eye on miners all the time is not interesting. Instead, I want to play, and not waste time on stupid, regular, monotonous actions. The problem is very unpleasant.
  2. seems and sure these are 2 big differenses, as we say in Odessa ... How?
  3. thanks Are you sure? What version of game do you use? Does it work the same in multiplayer?
  4. I remember very well how before the ore was accumulated in the quantity in which it was mined by drill. Individual pieces of ore became larger with time. The ore field grew larger and could become huge. Now this is not. Pieces of ore now never increase. And the ore rarely spreads far beyond a radius of 1 cell. There are very rare exceptions, it can spread to 2 or 3 cells, but at the same time the ore layer remains thin and pieces of gold are not enlarged. Obviously, something is broken here.
  5. Based on these notes, the developers(or modders) themselves did not fully understand how it all works : ; This may also be ore - DB ; This might be ore, I'm not certain - DB
  6. I don't know anything about programming at all. But changing all these parameters, I found that nothing changes in the game. I just found how to increase the speed of ore mining. But it still does not extend beyond 1 cell. If you have tested it, say, which of this is gold from RA2/YR? 0=Riparius 1=Cruentus 2=Vinifera 3=Aboreus ?
  7. All this shin dont work also: ; ******* Tiberium Varieties ******* ; There are various kinds of tiberium. This lists their number and ; particulars. [Tiberiums] 0=Riparius 1=Cruentus 2=Vinifera 3=Aboreus ; Name = display name ; Image = image to use [1=small, 2=large, 3=vine] ; Value = credit value per 'bail' ; Growth = growth rate ; Spread = spread rate ; Power = explosive power per 'bail' (def=0) ; Color = display color of the Tiberium ; Shard = crystal to fly off when chain reacting (def=none) ; This is Ore [Riparius] Name=Tiberium Riparius Image=1 Power=0 Value=25 Growth=2200 GrowthPercentage=.06 Spread=2200 SpreadPercentage=.06 Color=NeonGreen ; **WARNING**: If you change this color, notify Bret_a ; These are Gems [Cruentus] Name=Tiberium Cruentus Image=2 Value=50 Growth=10000 GrowthPercentage=0 Spread=10000 SpreadPercentage=0 Power=0 ;10 Color=NeonBlue ; **WARNING**: If you change this color, notify Bret_a Debris=CRYSTAL1,CRYSTAL2,CRYSTAL3,CRYSTAL4 ; This may also be ore - DB [Vinifera] Name=Tiberium Vinifera Image=3 Value=25 Growth=2200 GrowthPercentage=.06 Spread=2200 SpreadPercentage=.06 Power=0 ; 10 Color=NeonBlue ; **WARNING**: If you change this color, notify Bret_a Debris=CRYSTAL1,CRYSTAL2,CRYSTAL3,CRYSTAL4 ; This might be ore, I'm not certain - DB [Aboreus] Name=Tiberium Aboreus Image=4 Value=25 Growth=2200 GrowthPercentage=.06 Spread=2200 SpreadPercentage=.06 Power=0 Color=NeonBlue ; **WARNING**: If you change this color, notify Bret_a Debris=CRYSTAL1,CRYSTAL2,CRYSTAL3,CRYSTAL4
  8. with this parameter, yes or no, it does not grow beyond one cell in any case
  9. did you change to "no"? And what was going on?
  10. It seems that all these parameters were needed only in TiberiumSun and earlier games. In eaelier games, ore grew on its own without any drills. In RA2 / YR, these parameters have no meaning. They do not affect anything.
  11. Fixed a bug with Yuri Prime in RA2 mode. Made the bay on lower left more natural. Made a place for the Soviet barracks in the upper left on the corner island To simplify deployment there. added map file v2.9 v2.8: v2.9:
  12. The production rate can be easily adjusted with this parameter: But this is different. This does not affect the spread radius and the thickness of the layer.
  13. No, it doesnt spread at all. You can wait forever. Nothing will happen. Rearly some drills can spread for more far distance, it can happen very rearly. And ore layer never will become thick. It always will be thin. And in 95% cases only in 1 cell radius. But i remember, before it worked normaly. ~4 years ago it worked. Now its broken.
  14. I looked at the map of Hidden Valley. This is completely different. Ore is mined there quickly, but it also does not spread over long distances. It remains in the limit of radius 1 cell from the drill and lies in a thin layer. A few years ago, pieces of gold became larger over time, gold began to spread over a large radius. And over time, a large field of gold was forming. And the gold on it acquired the form of concentrated gold, as in a large cluster it always has a look. Now, never does gold looks like this. Because the ore growth algorithms are now broken.
  15. Here, most likely, this update did much harm. Now, if the ore is not collected by the miner, then the drill simply does not bring new ore. = loss of money. It is not right. I remember, earlier, playing on the tsunami, the value of an uninhabited island grew with time, and the island became desirable because a lot of gold was accumulating there. Now island is always empty, because drills do not work. Nonsense. Are there people on the cnc team who can solve this?
  16. I remember good, that on tsunami ~ 4 years ago it worked good. Later it stoped working. Something happened(even on version 1.006, not CNCNET). V1.006 was changed??
  17. There is a very big problem with CNCNET's RA2 / YR. Ore does not accumulate as the drill operates. It accumulates only in a radius of 1 cell from the drill. Such a problem did not exist in the original RA2 / YR. In the original game, the ore did not disappear if the miner did not collect it. It accumulated and formed large fields of gold. In the case of CNCNET’s RA2 / YR, the ore simply disappears when the cells in radius 1 are full. This sucks and shit. So it should not be. This is absolutely wrong. At some stage in the modification of the game, someone killed the correct ore accumulation algorithm and since then the game has been a little bit broken in this aspect. I am extremely convinced that this is one of the priority tasks that needs to be fixed. Just copy original algorithm from original RA2 v1.006(not modificated) or earlier version. There are many other problems with game. Nobody tryes to solve them... Its very pity. @Grant @RaVaGe @dkeeton
  18. Why not? oceania- australia. You understand connection?
  19. i can see, you have a lot of free time to make maps. Can you make naval map? whith islands? i like playing naval maps.
  20. No, all this dont work. Its other... I think, problem is in "harvesting rules".. Where are they? In what file? Need to make harvester detect rafinery in a fixed radius. Maybe it is an easy way to solve it. But maybe its not so easy. I think problem can be in coordinates. Bad coordinates system in ra2 and yr. Doesnt support big maps. Or bad harvesting rules.
  21. Thanks. i will try. But i think, this problem has to be solved by changing game files. Admins, look for this problem pls.
  22. I have discovered a problem. On large maps, when placing refineries at large distances, miners dont move to the nearest rafinery, but to the far refinery across all map.Something is wrong in the game code. (if far rafinery is not reachable by land, on island, isolated by water, problem doesnt exist) Can anyone solve this problem. Final Alert reports the following: I think it is about this problem. Why they didnt solve it? Some problems with the coordinates, apparently. Can somebody look on this "harvesting rules"? This problem appear on different maps. And make impossible to use big maps.
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