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About the future of the Command & Conquer Communications Center


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As the Command & Conquer Communications Center and CnCNet continues to grow the bandwidth usage has sky rocketed. Hence the common bandwidth limit exceeded error at the end of each month. This is because our host has pulled out of the web hosting business and is unable to provide the amount of bandwidth they once provided.


So what options do we have?

- Continue to exceed the bandwidth limit each month

- Finding another host*

- Supporting our current host to allow them to provide us with more room to grow.


*This could prove difficult due to our high disc and bandwidth usage each month seen below.


Site stats

Disc space usage: 4511.27 out of 5000 MB (5 GB)

Bandwidth: 448115.84 out of 453000 MB (453 GB)

Unique visitors this month: 14831 (cnc-comm.com and cncnet.cnc-comm.com)


As I've always considered this site a site by the people rather than my site I want you to have a say in how we approach this issue. Without you this site would have been another chapter in the book of dead and forgotten C&C fan sites and I'd rather not have that happen.


So...any suggestions?


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I agree on moving the downloads away.


I can host the new cncnet.org completely when we finish it. Though that still means cnc-comm.com stays where it is.


This way cnc-comm will only be a community site with this great forum and info about the games.

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What we can do?


- Block the Image attachment. if we have a 1mb image in a page, and 1000 peaple see it, it is 1GB!


- Block the Bigs attachments.


- Move everything out (games and those bigs stuffs)


- Clean your private directory. (do you think we don't know it's hosted here? :P )


i'm thinking... if i remember anything else, i will post here.



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Try go daddy. com  $6.00 USD a month im sure people will help with some change they got laying around every month 4 a year


150 GB Space

• Unlimited Website & Bandwidth

• 500 Email Accounts2

• 25 MySQL Databases (1 GB ea.)

• FREE $100 Google® Ad Credits†

• FREE $50 Bing™/Yahoo!® Ad Credits3

• FREE $50 Facebook® Ad Credits4

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