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$$$$ BLACK VS TRZ $$$$


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Black/Ninja talks so much shit on TS and outside of TS how much $ he has and is ready to talk shit about personal income. I challenge this noob with 6 watchers the max allowed to a best of 7. Any ww map. Fair. Original no vet if he wishes. 50$ a game winner takes all.


Who is ready? Shouldnt be hard to say yes for mr $/awesome at TS.

200$ Ill put my $ up. 

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Sounds good, i am ready to spec that one! You would need to exchange the $ tho, and that would require non-privacy. I doubt he wants to do that. 

I guess the normal rules would apply (no multi fac, no firestorm, ...) - what about short game tho? On or off? What about some crazy situations, when both of you cant die (= draw)? What about bugs in game (lag usage for instance)?

You both should have the right to chose 3 maps, the 7th map should be chosen by you both i guess?

I hope that this will happen, would be awesome :D.

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I only enjoy 1v1ing ppl I like. 


But it I would be interested in 2v2 challenges. You can get a partner of your choosing and I’ll get one of my own. 10-20$ of per game or w/e your willing to lose. 

I can’t give you a definite time frame tho as I don’t give a shit or play consistently anymore.

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