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C&C 2 (Red Alert) Problem!


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Hi there,


i downloaded the latest FullRA+ v3.03 version here. the map editor runs without any problems,

but when i start the game and try to play a skirmish, the screen freezes and it occurs an error

("ra95.dat does not work")

have you any suggestions what this is all about?

i use win7 and did the whole RA54.lcf replacing/renaming, but the game always ends a few minutes

of playing skirmish.


maybe i started this topic in a wrong / not fitting subforum, but help would be great! :)


merry x-mas,


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Let's face it, chronology is a mess in the C&C Universe(s) :laugh:


Translations are another matter, the titles are sometimes very weird - I remember browsing French C&C fansites some time ago, and Firestorm turned out to be called Missions Hydra or something in French for some inexplicable reason. Also, I think the German add-ons to RA1 are called Gegenangriff ("Counter-attack") and Vergeltungsschlag ("Retaliation Strike"), something I've always found a bit confusing (in respect to which is which) since both words have this idea of counter-attack, while Aftermath is quite a bit different thing.


[Edit] Whoa, just read in the German Wikipedia that Red Alert: Retaliation is called Alarmstufe Rot - Gegenschlag. Now that's a parade of synonyms, I say! ^_^

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