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What are some good single player maps?


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Hello everyone,,

I had a great time playing a few of the new campaign missions. They were really cool with the scripted spy planes and unit arrivals.

What are some cool single player maps that are scripted like that? I heard the winner of a previous map-making competition was a good one, but I've lost the link to that one....reverse image search email checker port checker

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Personally I found lots of the community single player missions suck they're either way too hard or even impossible I recently played SCB258EA - A little Skirmish by Toaster from the Chimas mission pack and your supposed to capture a Advanced Communication Center when it's a uncapturable structure so I destroyed it instead and failed the mission.

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On 1/3/2020 at 12:21 PM, MattAttack said:

Spy planes? Are you speaking of Red Alert or Tiberian Dawn?  If you mean TD, my campaign "Tiberian Dawn for Pros" is full of them.  Or try anything by Nariac or Darkstar-- iirc they have lots of cool scripting.  Have a nice day!

Matt Attack's missions are inspired, diversified and modern (eg difficult). A must-play.

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