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Installed Tiberian Sun and FIrestorm but the units are too small


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Hi there, I had just installed tiberian sun to play again on windows 10, however the units appear small on my screen. Is there anyway to stretch the screen size or increase the size of the unit?

Thanks a lot for the help, pc noob here.

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On 5/18/2020 at 3:25 AM, heymanitstheiking said:

how about is there a way to choose the  units in cncnet 5 tiberian sun when starting a skirmish game

for that u need to do some modding. Open a map file you like to play, paste the content of this mod in there: Start with hijacker.ini

U want to change AllowStartMultiplayer=no to yes to the units u like to start with. In this mod, hijacker is set only as '=yes'. And Mcv gotta get back to yes as well.

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