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We should make something clear



Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say that we need to start putting up a sign that says "you need to download the V1.0.6 build OF THIS GAME in order to play online." I have met two new people now that were having strange issues with their games not working or not being able to get online. Always after about 10 minutes of troubleshooting they tell me that they are playing the first decade or whatever or the original off the disk. I have no idea how this is happening but I guess it isn't clear that the CNCNET.EXE only works with a FRESH install of v1.0.6 R2 found on this website. I just think we should make this more noticeable. Thankfully I was around to guide the two nice fellows who were terribly confused. I bet I'm not the only one noticing this.


Thanks guys. Much love keep playing




(No maps for awhile sorry :( )

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When I started playing TD it was much more complicated to play online than it is now. I'm talking about 1 year and a half ago, more or less.

At that moment I've created an online toolkit, but since hifi and others had turned things far more simple, I've abandoned that almost completely.

The only set of files I have to take care now is GC mappacks updates and the overall game itself.


Well, one idea could be the CnCNet Checklist. The link could stay just below the CHAT in the page list.

And also, in the first time you choose CHAT in the CnCnet homepage it would ask if you have set it up.

After you've checked it, you wouldn't have to do that again for a while.


I might be wrong but the CnCNet.exe perform some tests already, before connecting. That could be another possibility.

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Something like that can be implemented, if hifi want. Nyerguds would also need to put a .txt file in next patch with the current version. A way to detect the game version is:


- Open the file using fopen()


- Read the file into a buffer. Then convert the string to an INT. (or just use the string :P)


- If (version != current) {GetTheHellOutOfHere;} else {Continue;}




The main problem is that CnCNet can run in any verision of C&C95, even v1.04a. That would break its compatibility. :P


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