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Mission Map : Weathering the Storm (Soviet mission)


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21 hours ago, McPwny said:

oh sure enough. maby i should have phrased it 'weight shouldnt be more than max or less than min' but oh well. its a pretty self explanatory system where all weights of all teams are combined, and then the individual weights of individual teams are used when the AI picks a team to make... 

like if you have a only 2 teams, a weight 400 team and a weight 100 team, theres would be a 400/500 chance for the 400 weight team and a 100/500 chance for the weight 100 team.
if you take the time to add 'success' actions to your team's scripts and set min/max weights then you can add an extra layer of complexity to your AI, but to be honest you probably wouldnt notice unless it was a really badass AI.. the feature saw a lot more use in TS than it did in ra2 because tiberian sun actually had by far a more complex AI in terms of sheer AI trigger numbers. in my opinion max= on the team is easier to regulate the ai's team production

Oh right thanks for explaining that, I guess one of the keywords I read into it was 'Lottery', implying it was more down to chance that Ai when it came to creating teams. However now youve given me a much better idea of how it, 'should', work least it gives me more insight and a rough idea of how I should be translating an idea with the editor. Once again thanks.

Completely off topic ive discovered that Event 2 Spied Upon fails to work in RA2 as does Event 53 and 54 respectively Spy Entering as House and Spy Entering as Infantry..... both would of been fun to work with,  but Ive found a work around. As an afterthought, can a building be modified so it can be entered by a Spy but not an Engineer?

Spyable=yes Capturable=false would this work or do both spy and engineer use the same capture logic when it comes to entering a building?

10 hours ago, McPwny said:

can you create an example that proves it?

Your asking RaVaGe, about the Weighting not working Im guessing here.

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some of those old actions and events are completely obsolete. most of which have been completely obsolete since before tiberian sun.. why they are included in the editor is beyond my comprehension. especially considering there are fully working actions that arent included in the editor. anyways, im almost certain that action 2 is a useless relic from older games. 53 and 54 too, probably

i did a quick test and capturable= false + spyable=yes worked.

the reason i asked ravage to prove it is because i already know the ai weight system works just fine. the problem with ra2 ai being that theres not many team per house and also that they set minweight way too low for some reason. 

i dont think ra2 team knew what they were doing with the ai.. but the ai system was made by the tibsun team after all haha

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This gets more and more interesting. I ought to run a side project of test each and every trigger so there's an example of what does work in RA2 and what does not. Is there a list of these working actions that aren't in the editor? (Unless your refering to the YR ones of sending tanks to Tank Bunkers, Units to Garrison ect?

Thanks for the quick test, bit of an afterthought after I wrote a disable/enable trigger for my objective. Least the building does not exist trigger works. I only ever used Finalsun editor once. It kinda killed it for me not being able to add texts at the time. There was a mission kicking around, I wrote.

At the moment my Ai seems to be building teams in order. it has a preference for terrordrones though.

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that reminds me that i never added yr script actions to my post... 
trigger actions 94 and 43 are both unlisted and work. i think the descriptions will come up if you manually type the numbers into fa2.  all of them are listed in my ppmforum post, even obsolete ones.

by the way i ran a few tests to be sure. event 2 and 3 dont work, even if you add the old-school obsolete tags that would have caused the triggers to fire. 
53 and 54 DO work, but the description in fa2 is wrong. they trigger when the spy enters a celltag, not when it enters a building.

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13 hours ago, McPwny said:

the reason i asked ravage to prove it is because i already know the ai weight system works just fine

You'd better explain how it works then seeing as my Ai keeps using just Engineer+flak track team instead of rhino tanks and terror drones no matter what I set the weights to on any of the teams. 

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I have finished this mission. Here is my review:

  1. the map is vast, but clunky. the base has too much trees (inteded I know). I wish it was easy to go to the lower floor for faster ore mining but thats ok. I could only go down from the left side due to the angle.
  2. the water is too far and too tight. one of my subs got stuck.
  3. the AI attacks are not strong at all. I only need 2 apoc tanks to intercept the way; they dont even need to be promoted to stop all attacks. the attacks are usually just 4-5 grizzly tanks. very easy. the paradrap is easily stopped with 2 flaks.

all I did was make 6 apoc tanks+ 20 V3 launchers and game was in the bag. when I have naval, AI storm it sometimes. otherwise he will always storm war factory.

I slowly marched into their territory and captured all their buildings. When I captured their warfactory, AI  stormed it instantly, I couldnt even make a hellecopter xD

anyway, AI rebuilt that war factory and I captured it again, gaining acess to spy satelite. I did not need anything else. No Iron Curtain, no Nuclear silo. I was expecting map to expand from the buttom so I did not capture weather control device until the very end of the game. it turns out map did not expand.


Edit: I forgot to say I played this on easy because I lost so many times in wolves of the winter 😠

I guess I must try this on hard.

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