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How would you tweak Apocalypse Tanks for MP


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Apocalypse Tanks are very powerful in head-to-head combat. Infact, they are probably the most cost efficient among all conventional tanks in the game. However, they are seldom used in competitive MP mostly because they lack the versatility/speed/spamming potential of Rhino Tanks. So my question is: What changes would you do to them that would make them more useful in MP (without making them OP).

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apocalypse tanks have the same speed as battle fortresses except they accelerate slower and also they have a turret which means they aim slower, too. buffing their ROT and acceleration would be good i guess, but nerfing the ROT and acceleration of battle fortresses would be even better

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Here are some initial thoughts 


-Can’t be mind controlled, I’ve thought about this and maybe it’s a bit op. Maybe they can’t be mind  controlled by yuris and they take up 2-3 slots on a mastermind?

-maybe give them an ability for Boris to ride in them as an extra gun(anti infantry, more damage to tanks/bfs, Boris apoc can’t be controlled) ...talk about anti Yuri units

                       ^side note, maybe put Tesla troopers into Tesla tanks kinda like Tesla coils?

also mustache had some good upgrades in one of his mod modes, but I forget what they were.. I think one was shoot as it moves


I think those would be nice features 



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11 hours ago, rocker219 said:

Deso+apocalypse = gg no re even yuris right? So why change them.

As Allies, Battle Fortresses filled with 4 GGIs + 1 Seal (or Sniper if playing as Britain) will beat them.

As Yuri, Masterminds and Floating Discs should probably beat them. Discs (with good micro) can kill Desos while avoiding most Apoc's AA fire. Then Masterminds will claim the Apocs as their own.

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