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53 minutes ago, Weaponx said:


1) 100 % agree. There are too many (vanila) terr bots. We have so many fun maps, so interesting set-ups on all these different maps. Its a shame they arent able (lack the intelligence) to adapt.

53 minutes ago, Weaponx said:

My personal view on tiger, based on gameplay of ladder (I wasn't impressed by his ladder 1v1 skills with over 50% lose rate), 2v2s and 1v1s.
He seems to only be able to play terrace and Gdi, and fails hard at the rest.

2) No question about it: You win all the time against him, even on vanila terr. He has a superb mk control and good diss rush attacks and adapted well to your nod at right side with using a tit rush, which got you some games. But he simply loses too often to you.

53 minutes ago, Weaponx said:

We play vet GDI v GDI (I hardly played gdi until this month).   He have no valid reason, not to like vet gdi v gdi especially since, IT makes no difference short game, or in any games we played since i don't get STAR MK (value to get it original 10xkill value, vet 7xkill value) and i don't make ion cannon. All other units remain the same, since none of use wolverines. So as said NO VALID reason to complain about it.

That said he also fails to understand VET fixes for NOD.

3) Ppl use all possible things to complain, but this is redicilous. If Gdi vs Gdi without Star Mk, Ion or Wolves, its exactly the same as in Vanila. So its just blattently lying, if someone says that these games "dont count".


53 minutes ago, Weaponx said:

Cyborgs, stealth tanks are a tiny bit better but never used in pro matches, fact.

4) Call them Arnolds ;). And na, Arnolds are much better: But thats good and FAIR. Gdi has endless op units, and they cry when nod gets a decent inf unit, that is still ez for their tits, rpgs or bombers? Lolz. With stealth tanks: They can be a good weapon in middle or long game... :D 

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