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  • Is there any way to put your own customized cameos on your map?
  • If it is possible, it wont be counted as a modded game because it's just a map file.
  • According to:



If FrameHeader.Flag have second bit set, compression is used.

if (info->flag & 0x2)
  // with compression code
  // without compression code

First method:
The first two bytes of the frame data indicate how many bytes are in the line (that is, how many bytes of the frame data represent a whole row of pixels). This count includes the two bytes that say how many bytes in the line (for example if the value was 8, there would be 6 bytes of pixel information until the next line).
After this, there is a series of bytes indicating which index of the PAL file the colour is. In any case where the colour is 0x00, then the following byte indicates how many pixels of colour 0x00 (transparent) are to be written. For example, a line might read:

 07 00 00 09 53 00 9C

This would be 9 pixels of transparent colour, colour 0x53 in the pallette, and then another 0x9C pixels of transparent. This format repeats until all the lines in the image have been accounted for."

This doesnt tell you about cameos but it should be used as other purposes aswell. What do you think guys?

I think this is possible to make your own customized cameos on your map. You create a cameo image edit,it and then link it's bytes to your map. References will be bytes of pixels 

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ive floated the idea of letting cncnet read maps from dedicated .mix files which would let an author pack in small assets like a few voxels, cameos etc, art.ini to the cncnet dev(s) and we all know its possible since the chinese already use a similar idea in their multiplay maps, but the cncnet codebase in maintained by like 1 guy these days and that same 1 guy also works on other community projects.

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