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TS blog reaches 100k pageviews


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So, the TS blog I set up in 2013 is on the verge of 100,000 pageviews. I haven't touched it in many years now, but I've kept it open as a way to help people find cncnet and xwis (back when TS on xwis was 'a thing').

Back in 2006/7, I went to university and wasn't able to play TS while living in halls. As the game was on a notable decline, I decided to spend my time writing a player guide to help new players get into the game. I remember getting quite a bit of flack for writing it back then from the typical TS trolls (name no names), but persisted nonetheless, and made an updated version in 2013, which I turned into a pdf that you can download from my website. To make the content more accessible to a wider number of players, I also put the content into a blog site, which is the same site still available today: https://cnctiberiansun.wordpress.com/

Where next?
I did go back to the site briefly a few years back to publish a few 'spotlight' posts, and add some info on Forest Fires to help players I met in-game. However, I didn't get much in the way of feedback from anyone (other than Wuss and Trz) so left it again. 

However, I'm now 35 years old and I haven't played TS in many years. I don't even do PC gaming anymore. As such, I figure I might just delete it and let the whole thing die. 

What do you think? Is it still worth keeping? Does *anyone* new play TS these days? 


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If it isn't a burden to you or doesn't cost you anything in terms of pricing or data, then I voted for keep it.

There are still 2 or 3 players that believe there is relevant competition still going on, and your guide may give them the 1up!

I could be wrong but if cncnet do not currently put this out on the ts chat of the server then it could be worthwhile for some people playing the game, there is a fresh wave of players that are still playing and what we would call relatively new. Shout out to my GSO and giants crew!

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Well, it's not really a guide for 'pros'. The idea was to improve those early starters who get completely swamped when they first start. The sorts of players who spam cyborgs, or who don't know how to manage their economy, or wonder why their partners get annoyed at them for doing silly things. 

If there are genuinely still new players coming into the game, then I will keep it up. I just figured that after 20+ years it might seem a bit pointless ?

[Out of interest, does nodrescue still play?]

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Probably just delete it tbh... I’ve been saying for 5 years that there is no point in advertising or working on any other client project until clans and multi player rank ladders are implemented. Nothings been done in 5 years, nothing will ever be done in the future, and I got suspended and post restricted for just bringing the issue up.

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On 1/29/2021 at 7:05 AM, Mole40k said:

What do you think? Is it still worth keeping? Does *anyone* new play TS these days? 

Yes, please keep it.

There are still new players joining. Some of them even stick around a while.

Having the link now, I would offer it to the new players to help them out.

Thank you for the guide.  and it is good to hear from you every once in a while. :)

If you ever decide to close it down, I would find a place to host it, with your blessing of course..!


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Thanks Amokk. If you're going to do that, then I would perhaps link to the WP site, rather than my own website -- just in case the link changes etc. 

If anyone has any content they'd like to submit for the blogsite, do please send it my way :)

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haha i remember doing the interview and podcast thing, but thought it was via this or xwis forum?
dunno maybe im wrong -_-

and as for the grays comment.

Heres how you should look at it
was i the best player? absolutely not
if you had pros like ray, dachs etc jump into mods and grind, at the time, they would demolish myself and any of the "top modders" at the time, because as we all know now, pros at WW destroy pros at mods.

In saying all that, they didnt play grays, they didnt play mods....i had some competition (sm0kn comes to mind) but otherwise I was untouched for the most part.

When I left to learn WW maps, it actually made me realize how little I actually knew, and made me so much better.

But at the time, for the players who only played on mods, I had very little competition.

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100k overall or last year? I'm assuming the first one. 

Keep it
update the content to 2021
look into SEO and rank it for a keyword
place adsense  (or an affiliate if you find a suitable one)

I run cncmaps.net (shameless plug) and I've made enough in the first year and a half to buy myself a (low end) Drawing Tablet, pay for hosting and domain (for two years) and still had left over for a case of beers or two (on 200k views). And I mostly still don't know what I'm doing when it comes to SEO.  And in your case it costs you nothing to maintain the site, so it's all positive income. Not to mention if there is a remaster of TS in the future, it will be an increase of traffic to such sites if ranked high enough. The players guide section has high search potential if that happens!

If you decide to delete it, I'd buy it from you for "a case of beers"  ;)

p.s.: I can provide a link to your blog on my website if you're interested. If you link back to my site aswell of course. 


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