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Guy who knows how to draw the game


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To funky.


I played the above game this morning.
I was sov, he was allied.
At ebd of the game , Im  pretty sure I won and  about to finish the game.
He suddenly disconnected but the ladder said somehow draw.

It's very serious issue that some guys know HOW TO FOOL THE LADDER AND MAKE THE SCORE NO COUNT.

I have a question, can funky see the detail starts of the game which shows nothing but "shake hands" on the ladder results page.

If so plz make my match result proper score.


Oh I forgot to mention this, this is not the 1st time I got cheated like this. Crush often did this.

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Here are the stats:



Looks like you had the advantage but it wasn't that big of a difference, not sure how much money was left on the map though


It was probably a connection issue between you two, doesn't look like either of you two lagged

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There was no ore left.

This stat looks a big advantage to me.

If sov has a advantage in  the no-ore-situations its hard to beat sov.

Ops, I had about 10k. He had nothing I guess Im not sure of course but it looked so.

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