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Need help for Cameo Creator


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How to use bawlscola cameo creator? Its essentially a template with copying and pasting. It has a lot of good 64x48 backgroundz. You just have to paste your unit over it, and paste your text which the font is also provided. Over time you memorize the pixel font.

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You have Paint Shop Pro so this should help.


Step 1

Open the Cameo Creator template with Paint Shop Pro. Now click on the Selection Tool (1) and put a box around the Example Cameo (2). Copy the Example Cameo and Paste "As New Image." (3).


Step 2

Now go to Color - Increase Color Depth - 16 Million Colors (24 Bit) (1). Next click on Create Layer (2).


Step 3

What I do is google up the unit you want to add. Once you find the pic you want save it on your computer and open it up in PSP. (1) Now Resize it and paste it on Layer 2 you created with Step 2 (2) Now lower the Layer Opacity (3)


Step 4A

Now erase or cut around the icon as show.


Step 4B

Now since the Layer Opacity has been lowered you can see "Cameo" and the darken area along the bottom.  Click on the Selection Tool and drag a box Cameo" and the darken area along the bottom.


Step 4C 

Now drag Layer Opacity back to 100% for Layer 2 (1). We are going do darken the area in the box (2)


Step 5A

Things are looking good! Now for some letters. Next click on Create Layer  (1)


Step 5B

Re-open the Cameo Creator template if you closed it and now with the Selection Tool drag a box around the leter you want (1) and paste it on to Layer 3 (2)


Step 5C

Now erase or cut the blue out around the letters and you Cameo is done! Save a back up in .PSP format than save it in a format the XCC can use so you can convert it to .SHP










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Ture but with out doing so. Layers can't be done so no letter copy as paste. The resize quality drops to only a Pixal reize. Darken for the text can't be done. Lastly PSP dose a bad job taking a 16 Million Colors (24 Bit) and making it a 256 Color (8 bit). I use XCC Mixer with Pup Pals to make it a .SHP. This avoid the black dots.

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Psssh. I do all of that manually with my own palettes, so I can also avoid water colours and blinking red in my cameos :P


I haven't ran into the water colours and blinking red a lot. I see the water some times with sky colors. I think I have seen the Red only once or twice.


Thanks for this one Allen!  :D now I can modify my cameos for my mod. I'll just have to modify a few sound effects, then cameos, then build up animations, vxl to shp units, and add some units like Chemical Warrior.


Just make sure to use the RA1 Purple Palet when you make the cameo. Otherwise your cameo may have some holes in it when it is used in game.

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The blue on the Cameo Creator? You can't since it is 256 color image. You need to use the Selection Tool and put a box around the Example Cameo. With the box around it go to Edit and click on Copy. Now go to Edit, pown Paste than "Paste as New Image". If my pics are not showing up down load them.

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