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ra 3 wont boot


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hi there,

i realize this post may be in the wrong place, but i'm kind of at a loss for what to do. i have recently bought the TUC for some sweet nostalgia, and well i've hit a wall. i can't get ra3 to boot. i have scoured forums and reddit and tried most if not all the common fixes that posters have put up. so far nothing has gotten this game to boot. i was having trouble with ra 2 as well, but i found the cnc net installer and that got the game working, so perhaps whatever that installer fixes may be a common problem for me. just speculation at this point. 


please see my original reddit post for more details: https://www.reddit.c...ztgk0l/ra3_tuc/


this is also a link to short video i made of what happens when i try to boot the game:


any help would be appreciated. i'm pretty annoyed that EA sold a game pack without tooling the games to at least work on modern systems, but i guess that's EA. 

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