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C&C Ultimate Collection...from Steam


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This is more of a log of my findings regarding buying the Ultimate Collection from Steam.

We all know that the Ultimate Collection contains "17" games.
When purchasing the Ultimate Collection from Steam. You will see only 12 games.
Do not worry.

Covert Ops is included with C&C95.
Red Alert has its 2 additions included as well.
Tiberian Sun comes with Firestorm.
And Yuri's Reveange will automatically be installed with Red Alert 2.

What went well for me?
What didn't?

First and most important fact. I had 2 games in my wishlist. And the Ultimate Collection was cheaper right away than each individual game in my wishlist. I start with those. Yes, it is C&C 3 and Kanes Wrath.

C&C 95 and covert oops
The complete C&C red alert, with aftermeth and country on strike

Both work without any problem!!!

C&C 3 and Kanes Wrath.
Both start at their lowest graphic settings.

First adjust the resolution.
Let the game reload in order to get the resolution.

Then adjust all the other graphics.
I played a game. It all works splendid.

Tiberian Sun and Firestorm.
It starts at its lowest graphic settings.
You can adjust without trouble.
Blimey!!! I played a game.

Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Reveganism
Red Alert 2 seems to be playable with ease.

Yuri's Revebleh however can only be opened through Steam.
The menu of Yuri's Preveange seems to be a bit slower.

Imbaness reincarnate!

Generals and Zero Hour.
2 individual instalments.
Both crash due to asking for Direct X 8 or higher.
Windows 10 and 11 users can work around this by searching for, and deleting the following file, twice:

The loading screen will be exceptionally slow.
Damn, I missed this game.

1: Renegade.
2: Very fast instalment.
3: It loads the introduction.
4: It is...unskippable.
5: It throws you back to your desktop.
6: Then it will load the introduction again. Claiming it made adjustments to get it to work. Goto 3.

Yet to try:
- C&C red alert 3
- C&C red alert 3 uprising

- C&C 4 (yuk)

This so far concludes my findings. I will update this post accordingly. Feel free to be helpfull or point fingers for laughs.

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