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Unable to install Red Alert 3 from DVD



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Hey there!


Today I tried installing Red Alert 3 from DVD several times and it didn't work. After starting the installation, the progress bar quickly went to about 33% and then got stuck. Sometimes I could hear the DVD drive doing something, but the installation didn't progress anymore. When I pulled up task manager, it showed that the installation was taking up almost no memory and CPU capacity, so it probably wasn't doing anything at all. I also ran the installation as admin and it didn't help. Cleaning the disc was no use either.

Another thing I tried was activating the game on Steam, hoping I'd then be able to download it instead of installing from DVD. However, that didn't work because Steam doesn't accept my key. Maybe my version of the game is too old.

I'm using a notebook that's ancient(from around 2012), but meets the technical requirements. My OS is Windows 10 64bit.

Does anyone have an idea how I can make it work?


Have a nice day!

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Hi, RA3 DVD uses SecuROM as DRM and that isn't supported on modern Windows. So you need to get RA3 as part of the Ultimate Collection on Steam or EA App. Maybe contact EA support I have heard some people getting access to TUC on EA App based on proven ownership of games.

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Thanks for your reply. I tried contacting EA support but it didn't quite work. So I looked up The Ultimate Collection on Steam, which was currently on sale, so I just bought it. Case solved, I guess.

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