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C&C TD - Italian translation


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Hi all,


I'm trying to translate Command & Conquer - Tiberian Dawn (latest english version, no unofficial patches) in Italian. Text was not a problem... but translation of text in icons is being almost impossible. I've already extracted, and translated, all SHP icons in TEMPICNH.MIX using XCC Mixer and OS SHP Builder (patched), but I've a problem in regenerating MIX file. I've made different attempts:

  • removing all files from original MIX and replacing them
  • creating a new MIX file, specifying TD in options, and adding all files

Both techniques do not work: if I start the game, it crashes as soon as an icon is loaded.


But, something works: if I remove ONE file from original MIX, and replace ONLY it, all works: the new icon is used as expected.


So, wat is the correct way of modifying this file?

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hey! Cool idea, hope u get that done :D


You should just copy one of the existing .mix files, then open it in XCC and empty it, that's better than creating a new one


why don't you try to use the patched version of the game? it allows you to create a real language pack as addon, so you don't need to replace any files


you can find some language packs as example here:


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Creating a language pack for the patched version would make it "specific" for it... t would become "a language pack for a mod of a game". I want to be "generic": make "a language pack for the game", which can work with ANY version, even unpatched.


But the SHP problem is weirder than it seems: I've already tried replacing only two files, but the result is the same: it works only if I replace ONE file.

Also, I've found another issue, perhaps related: if I

  • open MIX file
  • replace a single item
  • compact and close file
  • reopen it

item descriptions disappear. If I replace a single item, file works well.


Could it be an editor problem?

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im not sure if that language pack will work with the version that everyone is using online :P too many files are modified


it's normal that the descriptions disappear, it will be still working then


when i was creating the spanish and russian language pack i was using MS-Paint to create the pictures, then i converted it from PNG to SHP with XCC. OS SHP Builder was always broken, it made corrupted shp files .. but i never tried any patched version of it tho

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I'm trying, but XCC Mixer doesn't allow it:

  • opened TEMPICNH.MIX on left pane
  • removed first 3 files
  • opened folder containing PNGs on right pane
  • right-click on first PNG on the right (image is shown correctly, so file is OK)
  • Option "Copy as SHP" is disabled


What I'm doing wrong? I'm using XCC Mixer 1.46, but it doesn't seem to work.

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It works... IT WORKS!!!


The problem was creation of SHP files... it must be done with XCC Mixer, and not with SHP Builder.


I've tried to replace TWO files, and it works perfectly.


I've tried installing patch, in order to determine how much work would be necessary for creating TWO language packs, one to be added to patch bundle, the other for "standard" installations. The amount of work for converting one into other does not seem too much, so I'll try.

But patch doesn't seem to work on my PC... it has some video problems (my screen resolution is 1366x768):

  • If I do not enable C&Cn5 DDraw in options, in-game screen fills all monitor only in 800x600; otherwise, screen behaves in a weird way, for example in 1024x768, the right part of the screen is displayed twice
  • If I enable it, screen is completely black

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Sheesh, will no one just tell this guy to use XCC MIX EDITOR instead of XCC MIXER? Mixer sucks at bulk mix writing operations.



There's a complete translation guide here, by the way. My patch supports actual language packs, and, to be honest, I doubt anyone still plays the unpatched game.



Oh, and if you're worried about it not being official... the EA C&C community manager gave me C&C4, and now the whole Ultimate Collection, as thanks for my patching work, so this is as official as you're ever going to get. The fact there is only one unofficial patch for C&C95 also helps. My patch fixes so many crashes and bugs that it's simply not a good idea playing the unpatched version.


But patch doesn't seem to work on my PC... it has some video problems (my screen resolution is 1366x768):

  • If I do not enable C&Cn5 DDraw in options, in-game screen fills all monitor only in 800x600; otherwise, screen behaves in a weird way, for example in 1024x768, the right part of the screen is displayed twice
  • If I enable it, screen is completely black

Did you try... reading the FAQ in the patch manual? :roll:


Q: The high resolution doesn't work correctly! When I start the first GDI mission, the map is simply put in a small box with black around it.

A: Increasing the game resolution does not magically make the missions bigger. The first campaign missions are simply smaller than the high resolution. This gives a few odd graphical bugs, but if you just touch the side of the screen with your mouse cursor, and then open and close the main menu, most of these errors will disappear. Since C&C missions get bigger as you progress through the campaign, these problems will be completely gone after mission #3.


Q: I see the whole playing field twice in the first mission! why does this happen?

A: See the previous question.

And if it bothers you THAT much, you can just play in 640x480 or 640x400, and the game will play exactly as it always has.


I suggest you read through the whole thing.



On a related note, it still baffles me how people NEVER seem to notice that the double screen thing disappears when they inevitably open the menu TO ABORT THE MISSION  :ranting:

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Ok, no problem for videos position... let's go further with the translation. I've made a first attempt, it's attached here. I think I've followed all directions written in the translation guide, but if I choose "Ita" from CConfig, if I start the game it crashes with an application error. What's wrong?


I'm using the Ultimate Collection version, with the unofficial patch for TD. I've also tried to uninstall and reinstall all, but nope.


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It seems that for lang_ita.mix, you forgot to switch the mix file type in XCC Mix Editor to Tiberian Dawn before saving it. This is one of the reasons you should use XCC Mix Editor rather than XCC Mixer; XCC Mixer doesn't seem to have support for creating new C&C1 type mix files. The game WILL crash when trying to read a TS type mix file.


It also seems you didn't use the correct Desert palette for the Desert icons, by the way.


Some other things:

-"hrepairita" is longer than 8 characters. It's advised to keep filenames (not counting the extension) below 8 characters, since I don't think C&C's filename encoding system can handle longer strings.

-The multiplayer names should be added to the end of miss_ita.ini

-the icons contain animated and illegal colours. I should probably release some conversion palettes to make correct icons more easily.

-There were some oddities in your line breaks. Please edit with either Notepad, or an application that can actually give you the correct text encoding, like Editpad Pro


I'll see if I can launch it after some quick fixes on those issues :)


Oh, and I think the ini based translation system (text_ita.ini) doesn't work yet on 1.06c revision 3. I'll do a quick conversion of the strings file for you to fix it, though.


The system that actually works now is adding a "StringsExt=ita" line in the language ini file, and including the strings file in C&C strings file format, as "conquer.ita". I'll do it for now though, since the conversion takes some work. But for your information, the converter/editor for the format can be found here. It should be put in the font "Terminal" to see the special characters correctly.



...I REALLY need to release revision 4 -_-

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One more question... is that [si'] meant as substitute for [sí]? Because that can be done in the game ;)


All of these characters are supported by the game without any edits to the font (except for the Mission accomplished/failed text)... and if needed, I CAN do font edits ;)




There also seems to be a line with just "282" in your text_ita ini that shouldn't be there.




Hmm... I experimented a bit with automatic conversion to a custom colour palette with XCC, but it doesn't seem to work as it should. It keeps including the #0 color, which should never be used in C&C1 icons.




Dumb thing only does it correctly from high colour PNGs -_-

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Wow, 3 posts in a row, I'm on a roll.


Anyway, I fixed it all up, and here's the final result.


Changes I made:

-Converted the strings and briefings files to DOS 437 text encoding, and replaced a' e' i' etc. by the actual characters á é í etc.

-Added the multiplayer map names to the briefings file

-Cleaned up colours in the icons

-Fixed transparent areas and incorrect special colours in the pips and sidebar button SHP files

-Added black shadows to the "Ready" and "On Hold" sidebar text

-Removed some errors from the text_ita.ini file, like an empty line with just the number 282, and the number 112 pasted onto "Eliporto"

-Replaced the country area info in Square Miles by the KM2 versions from the French strings

-Converted text_ita.ini to conquer.ita, and added the ini line "StringsExt=ita" to make it work on v1.06c r3

-Expanded "Barra Later." to "Barra Laterale" (I hope that's correct), since the longer string fits perfectly on the button.


Another small hint: C&C can't read the last line of an ini file if there's no line break behind it, so always make sure there is an empty line at the end of your ini files.





Another question: could you give me the full strings for EVERYTHING you shortened?


There's no need to shorten these things:

-unit names

-anything that's only shown on tooltip labels

-Message box messages

-most of the user interface strings in the options menu (they are right-aligned against the thing they label)


These should generally be short to fit the screen:

-score screen text

-map selection animation text

(please do give me the full strings of everything though, so I can maximize it)


Notes on the translations:

-Music Factory is a bit of a joke. It's not a musical instruments factory

-Why isn't "Chemical Trooper" translated?

-what is the Italian word for It's needed for the country info. In french and spanish it's "milliards"

-You translated all music track names... was that intentional?

-"RICERCA COORDINATE"/"DELLA PROSSIMA MISSIONE" is too long; the "ONE" remains. Could the "della" be left off?




Added a version with expanded versions for all abbreviated strings I could translate



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Ok, I've fixed remaining translation string issues. The only problem I've found is using the uppercase "à" character used in some words like VELOCITA' (i.e. speed), which does not exist in DOS table, but it's not a big problem. There are only some wrong plurals in expanded version, but most of your work was OK. Some info:


"billions" in Italian is "miliardi". Its abbreviated form is "MLD".

"Chemical trooper" missing tralslation is intentional. For example, in C&C3 there is an untranslated "Zone Trooper" in Italian version.

Translation of music track names is intentional... if it's not a problem for game engine.

"DELLA" can be left off without problems from "RICERCA COORDINATE PROSSIMA MISSIONE". In italian, "della" is the translation of "of the".

Yes, "Barra laterale" is correct.


About "Music Factory", I admit my ignorance about it. I thought that label was a building name, i.e. a factory producing musical instruments. What exactly is "Music Factory" in the game?


The attachments contain the previous RAR files with the corrections.



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If all text translation is now OK, I have a new question: how can I add subtitles to movies seen in the game? I see a "subtitles=0" option in conquer.ini... so, can a subtitles text file be used? Or that option has another purpose, or it was never used? Or I must physically edit frames, and add subtitles manually to them? If so, how?


Last question about this... where can I find a transcript for every movie (including the long introductory one)?




After this, the last challenge will be in-game speech... it must be re-dubbed, of course. Options are two: take Italian audio from other games, or using an Italian speech synthesis engine. But... only after having subtitled movies.

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