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Mobile Gap Generator

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Actually, the 'rules' was the first thing I checked. The data is supposedly stored in two specific variables.


I changed them both to zero. No bananas.


My suspicion is these values are hardcoded.


By the way, would either of you happen to have Iran's hacked RA.EXE that supports your latest desert thearter? The download link is dead. 



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GapRadius= is the radius of the fixed Gap Generator in cells. NOTE:This is also used by Reveal Around Waypoint # triggers for mission. Max is 12 if I recall right.


GapRegenInterval= is how fast the gap generator recovers the area around it as listed in GapRadius=.

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I mashed together a truck that hauls a Flame Tank. Basically, I dumped the FTNK on the bed of the MGG. In a mission I'm working on, the player is

supposed to intercept and destroy a convoy of these things. Problem is, in spite of their new purpose in life, they still do as nature intended.


This is what the convoy looked like rolling down a dirt road.



I promptly decided the MGG was not the vehicle for me. Next I decided to use the APC as the dummy for my convoy truck. I later found out replacing

a smaller shp with a larger one causes tiny little imperfections and artifacts to appear in-game.




Pretty annoying. So, new plan! Would anyone know how to completely remove shroud from the game? So far I've recolored all the 'shadow.shp' frames.

Too bad it's only for the shroud edges. Any ideas?


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Sorry man, I had many of the same problems when making my mod, you just have to juggle the units until they fit close to the stock RA/AM ones.

Yeah, I think arda has fixes though... I do love arda, but now it seems to have less and less tech support. I do hope AlexB finishes it.


And yeah, I've had to leave the mobile GAP out of my mod also. It causes all sorts of unwanted problems.

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NOTE:This is also used by Reveal Around Waypoint # triggers for mission.

...wow. They recycled that for the reveal trigger just because it's also a radius around a point? That is so fricking dumb.

That setting is also used by other code, stuff that requires a decent radius mostly.

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