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Anyway to override the Ally Skirmish to make enemies harder


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I know this is done is skirmish with the paranoid=yes thing, but for some reason this doesn't apply in online games so i'm wondering if it's possible to either choose which cps ally or have them all ally for a harder lan match against AIS


I tried adding







Doesn't work... yet:




works ;=)


Thanks for any help!!



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Funky you should disable paranoid. It's quite useless with predetermined alliances support.


No WAY! Paranoid works differnt that predetermined allys!!! When paranoid is on that gives human player some delay before all AI will rush to his base and you never know how fast they will destroy one of each other or maybe it will be one of the human! I just tried to play funkys RA and paranoid is not working for me(despite irans paranoid fix command is yes) =( Paranoid is much better that predetermined AI ally despite the last one is also very nice options. Please make it work again.


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