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C&C Onslaught (Campaign)


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C&C: Onslaught



C&C Onslaught is a campaign expansion to Tiberian Dawn, following from its GDI ending. Both GDI and Nod will recieve at least 12 new missions each. Only the first 3-4 missions shall be posted of each faction until the full release. I'd like to note that these missions are intended to follow a storyline and not just random fun missions.


Onslaught has been developed on the C&C 1.06 patch by Nyerguds and using CCMap map editor.


ATM all missions are playable through the "New Missions" menu, but eventually I might try and make into something bigger and replace the original missions.



1995. GDI has seemingly won the war against the worldwide organisation, the Brotherhood of Nod. Nod's European forces have crumbled to GDI and their headquarters, the Temple of Nod in Serajevo has been destroyed, along with their leader, Kane. This has lead the breakdown of Nod forces resulting in global military chaos.


After the victory in Europe, GDI reassembles and pushes to attack Nod controlled Africa. With communication and leadership breakdown within Nod, the Brotherhood fails to protect itself and quickly loses large territories to the Initiative.


GDI is winning the fight.


Installation Guide

To "install" the maps simply drag the contents of the zip files into your Tiberian Dawn directory and then choose New Missions in the main menu. There you will see the title of the missions (eg, GDI: 01 - Cleanup) which you can just select to play.


GDI Campaign


While playing the GDI campaign you are a Commander who served under General Shephard before his disappearance. You are receiving orders from a General Hudson; a stern General who cares little for Shephard and your past achievements. (At least that would be true if there were cutscenes :P )


Mission 01 - Cleanup

GDI is in mid assault on Africa. In this mission your goal is to take out a small Nod base. In the rest of Africa, other GDI commanders are equally destroying Nod.



Our campaign in Africa is going well, Nod has collapsed and its grip is decaying as we speak. There is a small Nod base in your area thats foolishly holding up; take it out. Our forces are spread thin so you must use what you have but it should be enough.

Good luck.




Mission 02 - Raise the Heat

In retaliation to their heavy losses, Nod attacks that which GDI swore to protect: the Civilian population. By doing this they distract GDI's military operations against Nod installations, bidding them some time.



Those bastards! Just when they're losing they swing a cheap punch. Nod is destroying civilian towns - burning and looting everything they find. There are also reports of these sick freaks taking civilian prisoners! Because of SAM support we cant send in much, but if you destroy the SAMs we can use our own fire. Teach these motherf*ckers a lesson and send them crying back to Kane.




Mission 03 - Heart of Fire

While most of GDI is taking care of the damaged civilians, you are assigned the task of destroying a heavy installation which must be the cause of the recent attacks.



Intel has reported a large Nod installation - the cause of recent attacks on civilians. Taking out this installation is critical. Establish a base and make a full frontal assault. Beware, they are capable of building flame weaponry.





C&CO1t.png  C&CO2t.png

(taken by Tore)

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well, since it feals so much like the cnc campaign already, i suppose they are at the perfect difficulty, its just that the first cnc missions were more for training, and had little story, "nod has secured a beachead here and you must recapture it, this is mostly grunt work, altough we will allow a gunboat for this mission" and that was almost the only mssion of 4/5 that you get them on your side. still tough, good work! :whenitsdone:

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Installation Guide

To "install" the maps simply drag the contents of the zip files into your Tiberian Dawn directory and then choose New Missions in the main menu. There you will see the title of the missions (eg, GDI: 01 - Cleanup) which you can just select to play.

You know, 1.06c supports campaigns as one item in the New Missions menu, by using the EA/EB/EC/ED/EE / WA/WB/WC/WD/WE / XA/XB/XC/XD/XE suffixes of the misssons ;)

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Hi Ice,

You drop it there, then you run the game and open the New Missions Menu. The last mission in the the GDI list is the On Slaught mini-campaign. It's there.


(Given that you are using patch 1.06)


Estou com preguiça de traduzir o que foi escrito em Alemão. 

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Chimas: You didn't change the Name= of the first mission to the campaign name, though ;)


That's not definitive, it's just to let him play the campaign.


do you have nore campaigns for me ?





Yes, here: http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=1786.0


As far as I could see, all missions you provided in the other threads are released in the collection of the link.

But, thanks for trying, I'm vigilante to anyone bringing more missions (from the basement or wherever).

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