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N3tRunn3r's C&C1 Mappack - Latest Update: 2013-08-26 V1.02


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An updated mappack for you has arrived, Commander!

To play them on skirmish/multiplayer offline-mode just extract 'scmapsn3.mix' out of the RAR or ZIP file and place it into your C&C root directory (where C&C95.exe is included).


RED-ALERT.net is down !!!

Download the RAR and/or ZIP archive as an attachment from the bottom of this post! (cc95-n3-maps.rar/.zip & scmapsn3.rar/.zip)




Informations & Screenshots:


Latest Update - 2009-06-16 V1.00 2013-08-20 V1.01 2013-08-26 V1.02 [Year-Month-Day]

Next update (V2.00) has been planned for ~ 2013-07-01, please stand by.


Many Thx to Nyerguds !!


This C&C1 Mappack includes:

(Made by N3tRunn3r)


  • scm171ea: [N3] Suited (4p)
  • scm172ea: [N3] P4 Limited (6p)
  • scm173ea: [N3] Iron Cross (4p)
  • scm174ea: [N3] Desert Island (4p)
  • scm175ea: [N3] Central Escape (6p)
  • scm176ea: [N3] Forgotten Land (4p)
  • scm177ea: [N3] Vales Of The Templars (4p)
  • scm178ea: [N3] Tiberium Passes (4p)
  • scm179ea: [N3] Tiberium Passes (6p)
  • scm180ea: [N3] Ten to One (4p)
  • scm181ea: [N3] Ten to One (6p)
  • scm182ea: [N3] Secondary Tiberium Impacts (6p)
  • scm183ea: [N3] Crossed (4p)
  • scm184ea: [N3] Crossed (6p)
  • scm185ea: [N3][C] Discovery (6p)
  • scm186ea: [N3][C] Inspecting Tiberium (6p)
  • scm187ea: [N3][C] Capture the Center (6p)
  • scm188ea: [N3] HJK6 C&C Edition (6p)
  • scm189ea: [N3] Canyon Paths (4p)
  • scm190ea: [N3] Canyon Paths (6p)


scm170ea: [N3] Symmetric Field (4p) might be re-added soon.

Map number will be reserved (is still free)!!



  • Latest Additions:
    • [N3] Suited (4p)











To Play C&C1 Online up to 6 human Players, patch your C&C1 game with

Nyerguds' V1.06x UPDATE and download the CNCNET CLIENT to connect online with other players!







How to play Crate Maps in C&C1?

[C] = Crate map!


Setup your game settings:

  • Start with MCV only (notice: AI needs at least 1 soldier or game aborts immediately!)
  • No Credits
  • TechLevel to lowest
  • Enable Crates


Do this ingame:

  • Build up your MCV to a CY
  • Sell your CY
  • Search with your troopers for crates
  • Collect Crates (Money/Units/maybe a MCV or a nuke?!  ;))


Eliminate your enemies and/or create alliances as well.


Have Fun!!






To-do list:

* scm175ea.png: +8 more blossom trees. I forgot to add em... crap.




Thanks for downloading my scmapsn3.mix for like 600 times in a total here @ www.cnc-comm.com! (Download hosted by Nyerguds' counts excluded, so let's say about 1000 times in a total).

Since CnCNet v5 has supported non-mix files to read multiplayer maps, I am going to delete these mix files. Also I have to update them.


Updated: scmapsn3.mix

Have fun, Commander!


Attachment: RAR-files and ZIP-files contain the maps.





















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Thank you, Riseofbane. I have changed some amounts and spots of tiberium so blossom trees. 2 maps have been completely re-done and one map has been deleted out of my collection. All of my other maps have got minor tweaks. Maybe this or next week, I will add 2 brand new maps. Today, I have updated my mappack again. I have got nice support and reviews in-game, so I changed some thingies again. Maps have been upped to CnCNet v5 already. Type /restart inside CnCNet v5 to update them.


Please test my updated maps and give some positive or negative feedback until this weekend so I can change some things again, if needed. Maps will be updated within my maps additons as mentioned.

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hey.. these maps are classic! I think some of the changes are good.  I like in 'Secondary Tiberium Impacts' how the southern craters have all been connected.  However, I miss the choking overabundance of tiberium on that map as well as 'Ten to One.'  It really made you have to harvest wisely to be able to expand your base. 


I believe that in Nyerguds' current incarnation of c&c the Advanced Communications Center is not capturable in multiplayer so this may present problems in 'Capture the Center'


When I compiled the Mega Map Pack, I removed civilian building v31 from all desert maps as it caused periodic ion cannons on the northernmost player.  I vaguely remember p4 having one that I removed so I would recommend not using that building; if you even did.


Why did you remove 'Capture the CYs?'


Anyways, welcome back and thanks for some awesome maps!

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I'll check this issue about the ACC with Nyer.


Is the AI (civilian building v31) shooting periodic ion cannons? If yes, Nyer has to fix it I guess. Did a human player shoot the ion cannon to the most northern player maybe? ^^


Capture the CY's was a map without any sense. I will re-do this map on anytime, but better.

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Yes, I disabled ACC capturability because it was a completely unfair advantage that one of the sides' superweapon could be captured but the other couldn't, and I'm fairly sure it was a bug produced by the Nod mission 12 logic.


As for the civilian buildings, yes, don't use them... them firing superweapons is a result of me attempting to fix the bug where a power balance of 0/0 meant having low power, which made all civilian buildings decay for no goddamned reason.


I fixed that by making all civilian buildings produce a tiny amount of power. This, in turn, seemed to have the effect that those civilian buildings that overflowed into normal building IDs in the Prerequisites check (because, 32-bit program, so any ID higher than 32 got its highest bits cut off) and ended up with the IDs of the Temple, ACC and Comm Center got those buildings' special effects too. Most notably the superweapons. The nuke one isn't a problem since only a Temple can launch it, but the ion cannon... yeah. Big trouble.

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I should really look into it, but the logic for making a bit mask out of the ID is not one unified function as far as I could see -_-


I doubt the CPU command to do powers (in this case 2^[buildingID]) does NOT have a second register as overflow... even normal multiplication has that... so it should be perfectly possible to have a 64 bit prerequisites mask...

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For Red Alert it's called in HouseClass::AI(), the function that's called is BuildingClass::Take_Damage(). I just checked for about 30 seconds for C&C95 and I think in C&C95 it's the call at:


.text:0044AD91                call    dword ptr [esi+0B8h]


In RA95 it's:


AUTO:004D4614 0D0                call    dword ptr [esi+0C0h]

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