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There is one thing that would help alot the gameplay be a bit better : activate the veterancy system of C&CG (units get promoted after killing foes, and get better attack power and auto heal at vet 2).


After playing mission 1 I found it annoying that the feature wasen't included even if it's not 100% old school.

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I will look into doing some adjustments for infantry or aircraft since they are the weakest armored units in the game... I did have the regular veterancy like it was in Generals, but I took it out and made it harder for units to gain veterancy in favor for old school gameplay... and players before could easily have access to a mob of fully ranked units which would make the missions way too easy in contrast from their originals.

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Gauge balancing tweaks more. In skirmish I used a nuclear missile on a GDI base and destroyed his construction yard, two adv powerplants, two MCVs, and a barracks. I don't think that was possible in the original TD. The construction yard, at least, should have survived.

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