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"New missions" menu disappeared


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if the new missions menu is gone, that means sc-001.mix was removed or is somehow inaccessible to the game. The menu is triggered by only one single thing, and that's the existence of a file called "expand.dat", which is normally inside sc-001.mix. Though I'm fairly sure the sc-n64.mix and sc-psx.mix I added contain the file too since they also require the new missions menu.


The C&C95.exe in the actual patch hasn't been updated since 2012.

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do not use the cncnet package for singleplayer/lan in the original game menu! it was never meant to be used for that


download the full game from nyers site if you like to play SP:



the cncnet version is a completely stripped down version for multiplayer and the cnc95.exe was never tested in SP


singleplayer = c&c95.exe

cncnet = cnc95.exe




The reason why cnc95.exe wont show these menus is the fact that it cannot read sc* mix files, the cncnet files should never interfere with the original game installation and therefore the name of the mix files has been changed to sa*.mix


e.g. "sa-ext-sb.mix" (this file is for the extended sidebar, it would break your original game installation if we would use sc* files)


so, in other words ... if you like to test around and use the cncnet cnc95.exe in SP you must copy/rename all your mix files starting with sc* to sa*

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