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[Bugs] unsolved Red Alert bugs/crashes


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I collected a bunch of bugs here which are still unsolved in the latest game version of 303p.


- Helicopter (Hind and Heli) rotors stop rotating when the chopper fires a tesla weapon

- If an allied player capture a soviet airfield but not a soviet Helipad, you'll get message "new construction options" again and again and again and your side menu will reload each time. O_o

- the GNRL unit will flee from the map when loaded onto a transport helicopter. That's the most annoying "bug" of the game...

- When abort a mission and start another mission, some ini setting will not be reset: example: map 1 has a truck armed with a rocket launcher, then you leave that map and start another game, so the truck will keep its weapon.

- If you use the name= tag in an ini file and in a map too, the map won't override the ini setting


is it possible to fix that?


Here's a crash dmp file (while unloading a Mad Tank from a transport).

Sometimes the game crashes too when Explodes=yes is set to the QTNK and it's been destroyed.


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Likely can't be fixed. This is a likely the game lagging when it has to load and draw the tesla weapon .shp


Likely won't be fixed for online games. You can edit the rules.ini. On the [HELI] make the Prerequisite=tent,hpad On the [HIND] make the Prerequisite=barr,hpad and for the [YAK] and [MIG] make the Prerequisite=barr,afld


Already fixed in online games. Add EvacInMP=no to the [General] of your rules.


Know bug and likely won't be fixed for online games. You may be able to fix this by adding Primary=none to the [TRUK]


DO NOT USE Name= IN THE RULES AS IT WILL CRASH YOUR GAME! Go to http://ra.afraid.org/html/downloads/utilities.html and download the Ingame Strings Editor. Use it to edit the names listed in the conquer.eng


The Mad Tank has number of odd things about it and best to not mess with it.

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Cool, I'll take a look on it. :)

Already fixed in online games. Add EvacInMP=no to the [General] of your rules.

Is there a way to add this for offline/single player missions too?

In map's [basic] section there is a CivEvac= flag which could intend it, but changing this does nothing.

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Too many of them will crash the game, which Allen was having problems with when making Red Dawn.

1 or 2 of them is ok though.


Found the name= bug way before Red Dawn. It was back in 2003ish. I only use Name= in a few missions.



It would be nice if that could be fixed or the ants be given away to be listed in the conquer.eng so they can have a name. It not something really need as many won't be using ants for anything but would be nice one day to have.

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