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Destroy soviet convoy trucks - soviet 10a reloaded


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Inspiried by the russian convoy trucks moving to east-ukraine, I created a short mission where need to destroy a truck convoy. but in response to some criticism on that topic I changed the theme.


It's a modified version of soviet 10a - you play for the allied side here and must destroy the convoy trucks. If at least one truck makes it through to the other side of the border in the west, the mission will fail.


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So, adapt the mission idea to the game universe and explain in the end of the text the correlation to the actual world as the inspiration to make the mission.

And you could change the thread's headline, because headlines are naturally biased to be out of context - everybody will misunderstand it.

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Jacko, it exactly was the main object here to have a direct reference to the real scenario, otherwise the satirical context isn't given anymore. But in the end I can understand that it's going very far to add a scene from a real, actual conflict in a strategy war game.

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